any neck deep fans or fans of emo music in general

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Emu Egg
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15 Jan 2018, 8:51 pm

hi im really into neck deep hollywood undead beartooth etc

trying to find like minded individuals on here

HMU if you're into that kind of thing


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16 Jan 2018, 9:01 pm

I'm not sure that's emo, unless emo has become an utterly meaningless term**. :|

I'm into bands like Planes Mistaken For Stars, Small Brown Bike, Saetia, Pg.99, reversal of man, Orchid, Heroin, Indian Summer, Thursday, Moss Icon, Four Hundred Years, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, Raein, etc. I like some Texas Is The Reason, Jawbreaker and The Juliana Theory, but that sort of stuff isn't something I listen to often.

**It's been a meaningless term for 15-20 years now, possibly longer. Basically it started as hardcore punk (not metalcore, although that was another sound that emerged around the same time), mellowed down a bit with introspective, personal lyrics. Then that sound split into poppier stuff like The Juliana Theory, Sunny Day Real Estate and Jawbreaker, and an increasingly harsh, chaotic sound like Heroin, The Swing Kids, etc. Some of the poppy bands started to get media exposure around the late 90s and by '01 or so media was calling all sorts of unrelated rock bands emo, even though pop-punk about girls is just pop-punk, and angsty metalcore had been around for a decade or more and rarely crossed over with the harsher side of emo, since they actively rejected the increasing metal influences that had taken over most of hardcore. Converge would be an exception, they somehow blended emo-y lyrics, really abrasive metalcore riffs and the chaos of some of the mathy/jazzy emo-ish hardcore into a band that could play with tough guy metalcore bands one night, emo and crust bands another night and 'scene' metalcore bands another night and never really feel out of place, and get respect from metal purists who weren't always open to metal meets hardcore crossover unless it was thrash.

Further confusing things, some of the bands that helped bring the genre (or at least it's name) to media attention had abandoned that sound by the time they started getting bigger (Jimmy Eats World, At The Drive-In (if they ever counted at all)). Basically since then it's been applied to all sorts of alternative rock, metalcore, hardcore and pop punk bands that share little in common with what the sound described.

It's not a matter of the style evolving either, since the two main styles are still around, and further evolutions of those sounds still exist (but not really any more popular than it ever was), it's really just a matter of the term being watered down until meaningless - kind of like what would happen to metal or punk if suddenly every rock band with loud guitars were to be called metal or punk.

I like lots of metalcore, hardcore, punk, crust, thrash, etc too.

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