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30 Jan 2018, 9:19 am

Bohemian Verses Hipster, where i live;
not the place for either one, officially;
but yes, Bohemian
i am as far
as the ‘qualifications’
for that go. Seriously, one study suggests that the LA Lower Alabama
Pensacola Florida Metro Area of the Panhandle is Number Four Ranked in Several
Variables that assess the so-called Pejorative of “White Trash”; not my Term; the term
of the Study and not only that in another Study; while the Town’s Folks disagree in someways
per the second link of evidence below; yes, the Pensacola Metro Area was listed as the Number 1
place that Hipsters are going to find it very hard to live in, still. Not only that but this area was once
noted as holding the Record for the most Churches per Square mile per, locality; and of course, we have
Several Military Bases and folks are relatively not so Socio-Economically Advantaged; particularly, as
one moves up into the Northern Farms Spreads of the Metro Counties as one gets closer and
closer to the Border of Alabama; also, of course, this is Red State Haven for those who
love ‘the Trump’ with all their might. Additionally, in this place as a Youngster
in an area, where the symptoms of Malignant Patriarchy ruled back in the
early 70’s; threats of Violence not only occurred if you were African
American and went into Communities in the more Northern
Parts of the County; if you dared to smile and were a Boy
at the City Park; and or the Halls of Middle School the
so-called Christian Onward Softball Playing
Bully Boys would threaten one with
bodily injury; just my fortune;
additionally, very androgynous and
mistaken for a female at age 12 at McDonald’s.
Things are; now that i live the life of a Bohemian with
reams of evidence of that at hand and many links too;
doing basically whatever I please and yes muscle bound flexible
somewhat now around 6 Footer plus and 240LBS now or so; I do not
have to smile as I just finished 8800 Miles of Public Dance everywhere
I go in Public while my wife loves to shop; me, retired since age 47 and
she retired at age 33; both medically and the such as that; me with the “Happy
Disease” as some Bohemians tend to ‘inherit’ too along with Asperger’s too as
my Sister shares that gift for what both me and her see of it these days now that
she no longer works being retired and does whatever she wants to, too. I Highly, Highly
Recommend a life of Leisure and all Pleasure doing stuff like Nude Art just for fun full blown
and the such as that dancing with 18 to 21 years olds; like I personally have for the 198th Week
Straight of doing that too. What else; oh yeah, writing 7 Personally Named Poetry Bibles reaching
past 5.5 Million Words in the same 53 month Period of time as the 8800 miles of Dance; but true
when you get the Autism Spectrum Burn-out syndrome for 66 Months in your Bedroom with 19
Medical Mostly Stress related Disorders in a personal Hell of real; when you recover you Naturally
go the route of Bohemian as once you’ve been to Hell; you may decide you’ll Do Heaven instead
for all the Lies that suggest that being a cog in a machine is great and if you touch yourself
you’ll go to Hell and all that Jazz. Yep; I even do a slow dance in the Back Row
of Catholic Church; only go to sing even if the more conservative
tint of folks are afraid to hold the Metro Village Dancing
Guy’s Hands. Things is, are, when you are truly
undomesticated; finally Wild
and Free; it’s kind of like
what the Cat does all limber
just cause he can for life feels good that way.
No, I am not that limber but I do dance in spirals as such.
And as in all of life people are different and same wherever one goes, too;
As According to research by Social Scientist, Jonathan Haidt, this Conservative
and Liberal tilt is built in genetically for those now more apt to roam than sit still.
The Liberals consider me a legend at least in their words after video taping me with
their smart phones and sharing me around their world on Social Media; still ongoing doing
that now. The Conservatives; they go the other way and keep their heads down mostly and
when a large enough group of the ‘red neck’ persuasion as I really do not wanna use the
term ‘WTT’ these days; I give them a long Fred-talk and it goes without saying they
never come my way again, to ask me, WTF am I doing again. The Bohemian way
of Moving Meditation grows grey matter in all the areas of the Brain
except for the Amygdala for fear as actually studies show that
even still Meditation decreases that ‘grey area’ of the brain for
it is true, unless one is now totally fearless away from illusory
fears, the Bohemian life of Heaven now within in the Kingdom
of that is almost impossible for a Camel to take a walk through
the eye of a Needle still; hehe. True too; scans of 50 year old
Brains look 25 when one achieves a Yogi-like way of Bohemian,
now too. This Country is based on the Declaration of Independence
for the Right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; doesn’t say
you have to conform and be a blue or white collar worker now. Seriously,
the System is not hard to figure out and ‘beatnik’ once one becomes Fearless
now and Strong enough with Will and Love to just get the job done. Considering,
I was a shut-in, additionally, with the down side of the “Happy Disease”, chances
are if a Canary who once lived as a shut-in in a Coal MinD at Home can do this now;
Perhaps, you
too will one day
do the Freddie Mercury
Bohemian Rhapsody for real.
Yes, there are Hipsters around this area.
I don’t tend to fit in with them; as although I am
extremely Bohemian and Liberal inside; on the outside
as noted by others; particularly, with the expensive shades
I must wear night and day from the remnants of Trigeminal
Type Two Neuralgia; more often I am confused for Law Enforcement,
Military; or oh Lord, even some conspiracy theorists notes of Secret Service too
and the such as that. Perhaps that is in my blood as my father did a stint of
46 years Long Law Enforcement in the Florida Area too. True; me too with a
Long Head and ‘stache like that Bust up front on the Burial Grounds Crowd of
that most famous (infamous) Beatle’s Sgt. Pepper’s Album Cover too. But true; I did not
get it from
him when
the McDonald’s
Cashier confused me
for a Girl at age 12 and
Vickie in the Back of the School
bus taunted me with, oh Look at his
pretty eyelashes; they are just like a girl’s
eyelashes but hehe; perhaps she was just jealous;
like the more down home folks when the women come up
to get selfie autographs with me at the Bohemian Dance Hall Still;
yes; and in the Aisles of Super Walmart too. Oh Lord, if only I was
this Brave Before I reached the age of 53 and now Dancing/Singing toward
58. But still, it’s never too late to live a Bohemian Life style of Heaven now, too.
My wife; not so much; but I give her credit for not minding all the Bootie Dances
Forced on me by the age 18 to 21 group at the Metro Dance Hall. No, she is not
a Bohemian but a Bohemian or Peter Pan as such enabler; or generally Speaking Pan
of the
enabler; now true.
Anyway. Bohemian wishes
to y’all too One Day A Call of the
Wild Free away from the domestication
of calls to quiet hands and feet and make
sure you do not touch yourself and don’t take
your diaper off again; Sit in the stuff and such as that too; yuck.
Ha! And people say they are civilized these days. It’s like Domesticated
Wolves; they kinda ‘S88K too when they live Domesticated too; Wild and Free the way to be.
And true while most of the Hipsters and the other Bohemian-like folks here down South
do plenty of drugs and the alcoholic beverages too; I do none for it is true when one
masters a moving meditation, all fearless as such; particularly, for 8800 miles in
53 months as our emotions and senses of course run through our body
along with many ways of Nerve pathways too along with mucho
Neurochemical and Neurohormone reactions too; the
bio-feedback of the Body becomes one with
the Mind and Voila; one can and will
be as happy as the Mastery of
that comes now starting
basically with one’s left foot balanced
with the right as both feet become a Balance
and Tai Chi-like Force of one; No woo here. Yogis
who do it up on the Mountain who go by ruleS, unlike
Bohemian me, who does it all Free Verse, are measured by
Science in steaming heat off their bodies in icy pools with
robes on and controlling their brain waves as such as i can easily
do too; just the sweet spot ‘tween alpha and theta to stream consciousness
deep of free verse poetry around 30K words a week still now. And true too all
that New Fountain of Youth Grey Matter in my Brain does not hurt either and
of course that applies to the rest of my body as fully documented too. Things
is and are; when one is a Bohemian in the Kingdom of Heaven that is real now and
all scientifically documented in case study way; it’s kinda hard to keep it to yourself
as really
why wouldn’t
one wanna live in
Heaven other than one
that’s my word;
Wild and Free are two more;
And sure, the Balance of Grace and the Strength of Love too. Have
A Nice day; Bohemian Rhapsody will do as a theme song with all of this too.
Enjoy; take Fuller Advantage of Joy’; only can’t does not do one’s best to be
Happy Now As per P. T. Barnum and that “The Greatest Showman” Movie,
says; “No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else”;
As Charity Barnum stated, “You don’t need the whole world
to love you; Just a few good people.” And finally the
Quote at the end of that movie by PT Barnum,
“The Greatest Art is to Make Others Happy”;
Oh yeah, and PT Barnum’s,
“The Show must go on”.
True, Freddie
Dances and Sings aBout thAT TRutH iN LiGHT too..:) ... s-america/

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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30 Jan 2018, 9:50 am

To me, there are very few similarities between Bohemians and hipsters.

In the 1950s, a hipster was sort of a shady criminal type who used the “hip” lingo of the time. Some were drug addicts.

What is a 2010s Bohemian, anyway?

My vision of a Bohemian is one who enjoys discussing esoteric subjects over wine, cheese, and experimental sorts of music. Their orgies tend to be of the Tantric variety. Elegant decadence.