Anyone here fascinated with lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chain

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13 Feb 2018, 3:17 pm

Anyone here fascinated with lawn mowers, leaf blowers, chainsaws, weedeaters, and vacuum cleaners? I'm pretty fascinated with Dysons and Roombas.

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13 Feb 2018, 8:45 pm

I have extreme hypersensitivity to that kind of noise and would like to live somewhere where completely free of these noise assaults which disrupt my ability to think and concentrate in painful ways. Jackhammers and chainsaws are probably the worst. If you have never experienced this pain, you will struggle to understand how it affects those of us for whom these are extremely painful and distressing. I am not fascinated, I loathe them. Especially when neighbours rudely use them very early in the morning, disturbing neighbours' peace and sleep, especially their AS neighbours, though they may be ignorant of that factor.


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24 Feb 2018, 1:51 am

I'm generally not fond of noisy objects with sharp, rapidly-moving blades where one slip can turn you into into raw hamburger in a second. 8O

One exception is a blender, although I still find it loud.

Speaking of which, did you ever think the reason lawn mowers are so loud is to drown out the screams of the grass while it's being cut? :lol:

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24 Feb 2018, 2:49 am

chainsaws are fascinating thingies, i wish i had a use for one.

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24 Feb 2018, 9:38 am

Growing up on acreage when I was little and having to take care of the land. I want nothing to do with anything needed to maintain a lawn... It doesn't bother me as far as sensory, I just don't want to do it and I am mildly allergic to grass.