Third Autistic person on Autism Speaks Board - Robyn Silber

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18 Apr 2018, 3:24 pm

She was appointed to the board last month. She was diagnosed two years ago. She recently earned her Masters from George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is now Software Engineering Intern designing virtual reality apps for Autistics

Her article "Surviving College as a Student with Disabilities"
In this article, she describes her setbacks applying for supports and offers advice

Good Morning Washington Interview with another Autism Speaks member
Robyn's part begins at 2:08

Robyn Silber linkedin page

She has a number of Youtube videos about programming

If Robyn if you are a member of Wrong Planet I would like to congratulate you on your appointment and wish you success at Autism Speaks and in your software career. If you have the time you can offer your services to Alex Plank the founder of this website as this site needs help(LOL)

This is not directed at Robyn as it was her first interview. Since this is the media representation shame on the TV station for broadcasting a pure propaganda piece for Autism Speaks.

This is a very interesting appointment. First of all, it allays my fear that Autism Speaks might have said: "ok, now we have autistic board members, no need to do more". She is very young to be on a board of directors of a major "charity". It does seem to indicate Autism Speaks feels it lacks Millennial perspective and knowledge of today's technology and communications methods.

Many have said the resignation of CEO and founder Bob Wright, the appointing of now three autistic board members, the dropping of "cure" from its mission statement is an elaborate hoax in order to fool everybody into believing they are not a hate organization dedicated to the eugenics elimination of Autistic people. Maybe so, but if that is true that they would feel the need to pull off such an elaborate hoax is a testament to the influence of the neurodiversity movement.

10 years even 5 years ago Autism Speaks was a pure horror show, as far as I was and am concerned they were the enemy of Autistic people. There remain many significant problems I still have with Autism Speaks. I am not lighting it up blue anytime soon. I am very much against that that they through their lobbying they have made Applied Behavioral Analysis therapies a monopoly on treatments for autistic children. I am against the message in the interview of getting babies diagnosed earlier and earlier, toddler behaviors can mimic autistic behaviors, let kids be kids etc. I have a problem with their MSSNG project. The name is offensive and it does not allay fears of eugenics. Many of us autistics have problems adjusting to change and it is always easy to have an evil enemy to focus you. But I can't ignore that there has been more than one change and that they are significant ones they should not be ignored.

How significant these changes are yet to be determined and we won't really know until somebody finds out where all their money is really going.

Having the biggest most well known powerful Autism organization be better or less evil for whatever reason is a good thing.

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18 Apr 2018, 7:15 pm

The report and your post are extremely interesting. Thanks.


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19 Apr 2018, 4:38 pm

As an aspie who also works in the field, I find this very interesting as well. Thank you for posting.

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