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19 Jun 2018, 9:46 pm

I just found this on KYM.

TL;DR: RizzyDraws is an Indonesian internet user who was trying to keep his personal identity a secret for a long time. This is understandable, as he uploaded pro-LGBT comics to the internet, which is a big no-no in Indonesia. Some of his comics are also critical of the Homophobia which exists in literalist Islam.

Someone discovered his real name and reported him to the Indonesian government. After that, he attempted suicide, but was ultimately unsuccessful. A controversy has popped up because nobody is sure who doxed him, and for what reason … though some people suspect that he was doxed by Western liberals, who perceived him as Islamophobic. This happened recently, and so we will likely see new developments.

What does this mean to me? I think that, because of this, we need to think about what and what isn't Islamophobic.

I hate it when people argue "Islamophobia does not exist." Some common criticisms of Islam are not valid. When people spew invalid criticisms of Islam, this promoted hysteria and lowers the overall quality of intellectual dialogue. For example, some fundamentalist Christians and Jews will argue "The Bible and the Torah teach you how to love. The Quran teaches you how to hate. That's the difference." I've always despised those sorts of excessively simplistic generalisations. You have to ignore some big parts of the Bible and the Torah if you want to classify them as "books of love". Similarly, you need to Ignore several Islamic texts if you want to classify Islam as a "religion of hate".

The Bible, the Torah and the Quran are actually very similar in terms of what they teach. There are a few differences between these books, but these books share a lot of strong messages.

The Bible teaches us many things, but here are the three strongest messages in the book.

1. Polytheism is evil and leads to human rights abuses.
2. The shallow pursuit of wealth will destroy your soul.
3. Only "normal" sex is good sex.

The Torah and the Quran teach the same thing.

Therefore, it is irrational to portray Islam as a Satanic inversion of Christianity (as some conspiracy nuts do) but Islamic texts to contain homophobia. That cannot be ignored. Pointing that out isn't Islamophobia.

Also, accusing a gay man living in Indonesia of Islamophobia is a dick move. Don't do that.

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