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22 Jun 2018, 4:08 pm

I just got a co-morbid ADHD diagnosis today. It actually was sort of by accident. Back before I got my diagnosis as an adult I thought I might have ADD for a time. Then I got misdiagnosed as borderline and finally I got my autism diagnosis. Now, I am seeing another doc for some other health issues and I told him about my daytime sleepiness despite getting tons of sleep. So he prescribed Adderall to be used as needed. Voila! A transformation, I actually can think and not get overwhelmed about things and my husband is happy that he has seen a change in me.

Fast forward to today and i am seeing my psych for my usual meds and I told him that I got the Adderall for the daytime sleepiness. He said how do I feel on it and I said great. Like my mind feels clear but I feel calm at the same time. So after more talking he said yup the hat fits. I was like whaaaattttttt. Anyone else get an ADHD diagnosis as an adult?

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23 Jun 2018, 6:53 am

I have ADHD inattentive type.

I was working full time and my supervisor accused me of being "on drugs" because I didn't seem alert or with it enough to do my job properly. I was a forklift driver.

Plus I had two car accidents in quick succession, both due to me not paying enough attention to the traffic. I got fined for these.

I went to my GP because I was scared to drive (both my car and at work). He asked a bunch of questions pertinent to ADHD and I felt like yes this is me to all of them and I asked my doctor, how did he know?

He sent me to a psychiatrist who did more in-depth testing and prescribed me dexamphetamine (no Adderall here in Australia unfortunately). I found it much easier to keep my mind on work when I was there and my supervisor was happy that I seemed more alert. Nowadays I don't drive without taking my medication first.

I was diagnosed at age 27 in 2004. And I'm still on the same dose of dexamphetamine.