Red China thanks Trump for making China great again

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22 Aug 2018, 5:38 am

The fattest pig becomes bacon

‘Thanks Mr Trump’: state media mocks US President for helping make China great again - Broadcaster’s English-language video lists all the ways Donald Trump’s trade war has helped China improve itself

The English-language footage, uploaded on YouTube on Monday night, takes the form of a letter to Donald Trump that thanks him for all the things he has done for China, and highlights many of the country’s concerns in the ongoing trade dispute.

It is one of the few occasions that state media has personally targeted the US president since the start of the trade war, with most reports taking a less confrontational tone.

The footage, released before Trump was embroiled in the latest controversy concerning the guilty plea of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen and conviction of former campaign chief Paul Manafort, appears designed to promote China’s cause before the latest round of US tariffs are expected to take place on Thursday.