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12 Sep 2018, 10:26 pm

Hi, all.

So I had an idea maybe year or so ago, and I was wondering if it would really work or if it would simply be fruitless.

The idea would be a graph with three dimensions that would combine three core aspects of music; complexity, tempo and volume. Of course, all values would be average across multiple pieces to comprise each artist.

The goal would be to align similar artists on the graph, and I suppose the use would be to allow others to see the graph, pick out artists they know and see which are alike.

I haven't thought much on it though I know there are a few issues, a couple being that music is rather complex to quantify and chart easily, and that artists that align on the graph may actually be greatly varied in ways that the graph does not account for (for example, Beethoven may be as loud and complex as metal, and may align as a result of this. This is an obvious problem).

If anybody has any ideas on how such a thing could hypothetically be perfected, the advice would be appreciated.