Fanfix/Story Issues and IRC Channel Issues

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24 Jun 2005, 9:38 am

Hi, I have been having issues lately again and it first started with my stories and fan fiction where I have had someone from here working with me on a story project, but then when I have ideas for this from some dreams that I had, the person working with me appeared to not being coming around much anymore and at one point was getting a bit annoyed.

Also, I was also talking to someone about doing a movie script from something I was writing, and was just starting to look at that, but don't know if I could get started.

And now, recently, I left an irc channel I have OPs in due to someone who was recently banned from the channel for posting offensive spam links, being allowed back in channel and OPed on top of it. I was annoyed and hurt and that stopped me from working on something else I was working. And on top of that, I can find anyone to talk to that would be helpful, which I am close to setting up a whole new chatroom or requestion a forum for this about stuff like this being neglected and run in properly.

What else happened is that I am feeling like I am being declared war or SHUN against and it is like declaring war on that alien dude on the front page of this website, and would you allow something like this to continue? I hope to have some serious discussion about getting back on track and whatnot.



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