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15 Nov 2018, 5:40 pm

I really not know where to put in "Work and Finding A Job" or in the Health category :mrgreen:

Is it difficult to obtain a C + E driving license (for a heavy truck) or pilot license if you have an Asperger Syndrome?

Is it difficult to obtain a C + E driving license (for a heavy truck) or pilot license if you have an Asperger Syndrome?

In part because in my country both professions are very prestigious (maybe the truck driver is not necessarily ;-) ) but both are very well paid in my country.

But I have Asperger's Syndrome, and when I was a small child I had epilepsy, from 5 to 11 years old, after an accident while playing with an older cousin, he let me down and fell on my head, I had a concussion :-(
I do not blame him for it, it just happened.

But in my case, even if you have epilepsy even completely cured, it disqualifies the given person from the possibility of obtaining a professional driving license, and completely from the possibility of obtaining a pilot license, even the PPL (Private Pilot License) class.

Once I talked to my first contact doctor, she was a very nice woman, she told me that she did not see any obstacles to get a passenger car license that the files show that the last, quite small, epileptic seizure, I had when I was 11, currently I am almost 33 years old, almost 22 years of difference, and that the MRI examination I had when I was 17 shows a healthy brain that there are no pathological changes in the EEG, a normal healthy result, which I had to do due to insomnia.

She said if she not seeing any problems my having a driving license, just for a car, she can give me a proper certificate, but before that she would have to send me for neurological consultation because I had epilepsy in childhood and our Polish law imposes this obligation on her, although in her opinion it is only formality in her opinion

She said that she would send me for consultations for psychomotor examination by transport psychologist, because of my Asperger, if they both agree, she will write a proper statement to relevant driving school and city communication department that she does not see any obstacles to drive a car.

She said that I can forget about professional driving license and pilot license for that matter, but not because of Asperger, but because of epilepsy medical history, she said that I had luck in unluck, that I had epilepsy at that young age, because of my age brain totally regenerated itself, and brain it best computer we ever had

I joked what if I just went to the transport medicine doctor, because they are the ones who make the final decisions about the driving license and did not mention autism or that I had epilepsy as kid: -)
Or if I went to the medical examiner of the aviation medicine, our Polish Civil Aviation Authority, and did not talk about my past diseases

The doctor told me that nothing would happen simply commit a serious crime, that if I was driving a truck and had an accident even through no fault of mine, then such an accident would be thoroughly examined by a permanent commission for transport accidents at our Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport , and if the investigators came to the point that I concealed some serious illness,

I would have serious legal problems and I could forget about insurance money, as I would be considered by the law to be the perpetrator of the accident, the same applies to aviation which has much more stringent medical standards than road transport in the whole world.

She said that if I had lied or concealed a disease with an ordinary B-class license, I could get document valid 15-years , but if I had an accident, I would also have serious problems that I can tell the truth and with a certificate from her, have even though renewable only every 5 years driving license, and not have to worry about legal problems in the event of an accident and that the insurer will not pay compensation: -)