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01 Apr 2019, 12:33 am

Public urged to view autism differently in awareness campaign

A new awareness campaign encouraging people to view autism as a development difference rather than a disorder has been announced.

The Scottish Government is working with the charity Inspiring Scotland on the campaign to publicise autism as a different way of thinking rather than a condition that can be cured.

The campaign will also highlight the strengths of people with autism ahead of World Autism Awareness Week which starts on Monday.

The government also announced the national autism implementation team will work with Queen Margaret University to improve diagnosis and care for children and adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental issues, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Further steps include the government working with Scottish Autism to improve support for newly-diagnosed autistic people and their families and moves to update the autism resource available to schools.

Mental health minister Clare Haughey said: “We want Scotland to be an inclusive society in which everyone can play a full role and we are absolutely committed to changing attitudes and to showing the positive contributions that people with autism can make.

“These next steps will build on the work and progress we have made since the Scottish Government published the first Scottish Strategy for Autism in 2011.

Celia Tennant, Inspiring Scotland chief executive, said: “These steps aim to increase society’s understanding of autism, to move away from stereotypes and to make clear the many strengths autistic people bring to society.

Dr Alison Rennie, who sits on the Scottish Government’s children and young people’s mental health taskforce, praised moves towards an assessment based more on needs and less on diagnosis.

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16 Apr 2019, 4:30 am

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