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22 Apr 2019, 1:52 am

Any Autistic who is a neo-Nazi is a fool.

Racism against Germans is a thing.I like to flirt. Don't take it seriously. ;) Many on the left of politics disrespect critical thinkers.

Down with big business!...Truth may be inconvenient but it is never politically incorrect...The Oracle of Truth has spoken...8)


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22 Apr 2019, 5:05 pm

Smiles; Now that I don't work; and the 'Wife'
Takes Care of 'all those other details'; Now
Lasts Forever; Voila; Heaven is Now;
Note: i do not
have to plan it;
it Just Happens Now,
Cause i'm most always
in a Good Mood; i Flow that's enough for me;
i am Extremely Blind to Time; do realize if you will (you likely know) that some
Folks 'Study' 'Work' all their Lives in the Future and Past; and Never earn the Present; the Gift of Now.
Hehe; it obviously irritates the Dude in the Video; he 'Hates People in Heaven'; haha; it's real when it is the Present Now.
True; it irritates my Wife too; Life is Give and Take; i'm Happy and she is living in the Past and Future; someone has to do it; i guess; some folks; that's all they know, missing the Present; Ya wanna Make a Preacher or a Pastor Angry; Just tell 'em Heaven is only Now the Present and watch their Old Testament Face go Awry; Just basically Looking Forward to Dying.
A Biggest Crime of the Future is Heaven; sure, hell too; 'they' have something in common in the future; they never
come now; True; the Neo-Cortex Creates the Illusion of Time; but not all folks have to Time Share it later; hehe;
my Cat Sure Didn't; he rested Peacefully in Heaven forever now until he never knew he died; Yes, it is possible
for Humans to live this way; just live now forever now; that Takes Practice but it is Real as Cat Heaven Present too.

i went to a Southern Baptist Dinner on the Grounds (Family Obligation Thingie) a little Child Came up to me
and asked me why i was so Happy; i said i was in Heaven; Children used to not ask that Question; things have changed;
There is no longer Just Imagination in a Playground forevernow; there is Digital Hell to Hold the Future and the Past Before and after Heaven now, in bits and bytes of 0's and 1's; even for Little Children; that's beyond sad for the Child has no way to be Reborn if they never live now; but sure there is always a First time for Now, i guess.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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