How likely is it for a fully straight woman to become fully

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24 Jun 2019, 10:15 pm

I'm not against LGBT people at all. I'm interested in this girl and she's bisexual. She may possibly more attracted to women more than men. I've heard she became bisexual after she experimented in her early adulthood. Has anyone here ever went from being straight to being fully homosexual? (Not bisexual) and could it still be likely that she can fall in love with a man? Do you think she's more likely gonna become fully homosexual? She also suffered sexual abuse by a man not very long ago. Could that affect it?


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25 Jun 2019, 10:29 am

Nobody can "become bisexual" and more than being bisexual can be "cured", they either are or they aren't to begin with. They may, however, discover their bisexual nature through experimentation or deep introspection. They may even simply grow into the realization!

There is no obvious cause for any specific type of gender-identity. Sexual abuse may induce a sense of misandry or misogyny, but a person's gender identity is not induced, it simply is.

Note: If anyone reading this is part of the LGBTQ rainbow, and you think that I am in error, then please correct me.

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25 Jun 2019, 11:14 am

Here is my take on bisexuality, though I'm not one.

I can eat beef or fish. If I move to Kansas it is likely that I'll just eat steaks, since good beef is plentiful there. Or, if I moved to some island in the Caribbean it is likely that I'd just at fresh fish, since importing beef is expensive. Since I've acquired a taste for high quality food, it is unlikely that I'd eat lousy fish in Kansas or tough beef in the Caribbean. I'd rather go without and just eat the good food that is available.

Translating this to sexuality. I think it is entirely possible for a bi woman to be satisfied by either a high quality man or woman. She has to ability to choose.


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26 Jun 2019, 2:36 pm

People are innately straight, gay, or bisexual, but due to our cultural and religious backgrounds, we might not always know or accept our sexual identity.

As Western society has become more progressive, people are often discovering (or admitting) their true identity later in life.

I am bisexual, but I didn’t acknowledge it when I was younger because it was not an option in the strict religion I grew up in. Admitting such a thing would’ve led to immediate ostracism.

Sometimes when a bisexual woman has been abused by a man, it can make her prefer women (not, technically, homosexual), but that certainly doesn’t always happen.

You just need to test the waters and see how it goes.

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30 Jun 2019, 9:58 pm

If she says she's bi then she's bi. If you want to date her then ask her if she's interested. If she is, then it's pretty unlikely that she'll one day decide she's gay and can't continue her relationship with you. It happens, but it's uncommon.


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18 Aug 2019, 3:57 am

I'm bisexual though I found in my experience and a couple of my friends who are also bisexual do tend to lean towards a gender of preference.

Myself I'm in a relationship with a man but I would say I mostly aim towards women my current partner is the exception.


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18 Aug 2019, 3:32 pm

I wonder about this too. I know a girl who was really into boys when she was a teenager. She had a few boyfriends, then got rather besotted with a boy and was happy in the relationship, until they broke up. And after they broke up, she missed him and was heartbroken, and kept bringing "those good days" up for months. She couldn't even listen to songs that reminded her of when they dated because it made her cry and long for him. She described him as "the cutest and hottest lad she had ever kissed". So she must have had true feelings for him and felt a romantic connection. She had a few boyfriends after that.
But now she's 24 and is a true lesbian. Everybody was surprised when they first heard she was a lesbian, because of the way she was so into boys as a teenager and enjoyed sexual relationships with them. Now she wouldn't date a man if you paid her, as she's into girls. Her relationships with girlfriends don't seem to last either, but she's still happy with having sexual relationships with girls.

So it doesn't look like she was in denial in her teens, because of the way she naturally fell in love with boys and got heartbroken when they broke up. Now she naturally falls in love with girls. It's just odd how her sexuality went from one extreme to the other.

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19 Aug 2019, 5:43 am

I sense that the above person might be “going through a phase”—or is truly bisexual.


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05 Sep 2019, 12:32 pm

there's a cultural pressure to be heterosexual, like, you don't see homosexuals in media so the possibility of being anything but straight just doesn't occur to you, you might see and encounter homophobia, etc. and that causes a lot of homo-/bisexuals to get in straight relationships, until they discover their true sexuality. some people might even be homophobic towards themselves.
no one can turn straight, or bi or gay. sexuality is pretty much a given. some bisexuals might decide to only pursue relationships with one sex, but they're still bisexual.

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05 Sep 2019, 8:34 pm

I self-identify as Bi, but I would rather not discuss my female related sex life, minimal and aggravating as that is, so I can not help the OP that way. The real question is:

Why ask the question the way you asked it?

It shows fear. Fear, I am guessing, that is based upon your possible love partner changing. Perhaps not of anyones fault, certainly, but changing so that she does not find you attractive and then has to move on.

I agree with the general gist of Fnord's comments (the LGBTQ+RF species of decent H. Sapiens congratulates you), but here is what also needs to be said.

Love freaking hurts. It hurts soo bad. My Dog died. Pain. My nephew commits suicide, pain. There will be loses and loss, if not for you, then for someone else who loves you :heart: That is a simple, estimable, reality. So you have to ask your self one question:

:?: Is it better to have loved her and then lost her, or is it better to continue without her love this very moment and seek it in another? :?:

Call it the Modified Tennyson. Add in Yoda about Do or Do not and you have it...

If the answer is yes, then throw everything you've got into making it work. And it will be work. And tears, and happiness, and family, and all sorts of stuff. As long as you have love, you will have happiness. Lots of stupid loud arguments. And the best moments are the calmest, just lying in bed doing nothing.

If the answer is no, move on. Let her down nicely and appropriately and then move on until you can find your yes. That is the right thing to do. :oops:

Crying writing this, so I hope you freaking appreciate the good life advice. It even hurt to give you this advice. If it helps, it was worth it. If not, oh well, that's life, a scintillating tragedy upon a greater precipice of despair.

ContraPoints Rocks!! ! Watch all her videos and freaking buy the merch if you can too. Her messages are needed.

Seriously, best of luck whatever you decide to do. You sound like a good person.
Take Care Everyone. Be Happy if you can, while you can! :arrow: :D :) :o

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03 Nov 2019, 2:26 am

97AlanD wrote:
I'm not against LGBT people at all. I'm interested in this girl and she's bisexual. She may possibly more attracted to women more than men. I've heard she became bisexual after she experimented in her early adulthood. Has anyone here ever went from being straight to being fully homosexual? (Not bisexual) and could it still be likely that she can fall in love with a man? Do you think she's more likely gonna become fully homosexual? She also suffered sexual abuse by a man not very long ago. Could that affect it?

I believe everyone has a type of fluidity to their sexual attraction. Some people are hardwired to be attracted to people of the opposite sex, but some people may have a tendency to be more fluid on their attraction.

I think bisexual people have a fluidity to their sexual attraction and there is a spectrum, like how there is in ASD, but I would probably use the word range instead.

Not every bisexual will be attracted to a man or woman in the same way another bisexual person may be attracted to a man or woman. It might be like approaching different bisexual people and asking what their favorite color is.

I think looking at sexual preference in the sense that we are all born with a default sexual orientation may be a bit confusing for people. I think falling in love doesn’t really have much to do with sexual orientation, but rather if she is attracted to someone physically and/or romantically and if it is mutual.

If you are concerned with these issues, you have to talk to her about it and not go behind her back and ask advice from people who have no idea who she is, what she like, and are probably not anywhere close to being friends with her.

There is a large amount of women who suffer domestic violence, these are straight women, who have not changed their sexual orientation. These are terrible experiences that women shouldn’t have to endure, and the truth of matter is, sexual violence is not an issue that is limited to sexual orientation, sex, or gender identity.

If you want to have a loving relationship, it is something that you two work on together.

I would like add that, if she breaks with you, then she no longer wants to continue to be involved in a relationship with you. Don’t jump to conclusions and think that she left you for a woman, because in a heterosexual relationship, women have left men for other men. There really is no difference in whether a woman left you for another women or a man, the whole point in the relationship is that there’s something there that she no longer wants to pursue anymore and if she isn’t happy with someone, she has every right to end the relationship.