My College Experience (Main Focus: The Social Scene)

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05 Aug 2019, 1:52 am

As told by me: an upcoming senior with high functioning autism (HFA)

When I first moved on campus, I was ready for a "fresh start", when compared to high school. Everything was going well for me, (social life & academics), even though I had a slight adjustment period during my first 1-2 years of college. After that, I finally made some improvement, but I still missed some social cues here & there:

Now, being introduced to the party scene was something that intrigued me. However, I noticed a pattern over my college career so far: Outside of drinking, party etiquette is something that I have a hard time understanding at times, along with some confidence issues as well. Furthermore, I had no problem talking to people, but only if recognize them or know them from class/my dorm building. As of today, I have little to no problems with starting and keeping conversations with random guys & girls at parties. Finally, even though I learned how to act less "awkward" at parties by just approaching people without worrying about rejection, especially from girls, I prefer to make it clear to them that I'm just looking to meet some new people.

I also don't have any issues with alcohol because it doesn't affect my academics at all, plus I only drink during parties & off campus events. However, I'm slightly picky when it comes my own drinking habits: For example, I don't like beer at all, but anything made/mixed with liquor, or any malt beverage is fine by me. Furthermore, I don't get sick or blackout after a night of partying, I only drink until I have a nice buzz going.

So, do you have any experiences when comes to partying, hanging out with friends, or anything else related to college?