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Blue Jay
Blue Jay

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08 Aug 2019, 11:17 pm

I am sort of excited for school. I got my schedule and talked to some of my teachers. They are mostly the same teachers I had last year. There are some new ones. I am in mostly special education classes this year. That is how I learn the best. My school is autism friendly. I like having the routine of going to school as well. I also have new stuff in my IEP because of some behavior issues. I also have to work on new social skills and independent living skills. I like my teachers that I will have. I also like that I can stim and sit in a special chair that can move, so I can fidget in it and feel comfortable. I also have a chair like that at home too. My weighted blanket is also at school. I just cant wait to see some of my good friends. I will miss my girlfriend though. She is starting college in the fall