Hypothetical religion for today, common modern-day values

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18 Aug 2019, 10:19 am

Combines values of different Eastern and Western religions:
Appreciating nature in a modern, over-developed world is required.
Not considered kosher: junk food, soda, or excess of any type of animal product, excess being anything more than twice a day (meat, eggs, dairy). However, pork, shellfish, and meat and dairy together are allowed.
Commandment about having many children is considered obsolete
No gluttony
No greed
Mindfulness and balance are necessary.

I came up with this based on what would help the world today.


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18 Aug 2019, 10:43 am

A rationalistic religion would not work. Not everybody is a Descartes, and human nature is too complicated to be planned for in advance like this. All the great religions developed over time, as a series of compronises and developments, some of them seemingly illogical, to deal with the illogical and bizarre aspects of human nature.


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18 Aug 2019, 10:55 am

A belief system in which the leader is still alive is a cult.

A belief system in which the leader has died is a religion.

A belief system that has not one clearly defined leader is a philosophy.

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18 Aug 2019, 1:05 pm

A Religion of Love
TRee LiGHT ON God’s
FacE Doing the Least
Harm to Others And Rest of Nature Will Be Nice But First That is an Individual Pursuit to Get All
Filled Up Within In Peace And Harmony Without Illusory Fears in other Words Tame the Mind First
Training the Body in Flow in Balance Yes Free Style Moving Meditation Works Best Watch the Rest
of Nature Dance Then Sing in Harmony Sure Birds Fly They Sing And So Do We When We Light up
Our Inner
Wings of
Love Now
fully Within
Feeling Light
For all in Laser Focus
of Flow This is nothing New
once again it's what the Rest of
Nature Does but of course Lies Say
We are Separate from Nature so only
'Neos' Who Return to Nature all Innately
Instinctually And Intuitively Escaping the
Dungeon of Time Yes past and future
the Neo-Cortical Prison Most folks do
NOT Enjoy of Life as it's very easy to
See From the Frowns and Shuffling
Gait All Around When We will
otherwise Be in Balance
Yes Flow Living
our Lives
With the
Gravity of Now
instead of some other
time that doesn't even exist
Religion is what Binds Humans
Together In Bonds that Systemize
Order enough for co-existence to
Work in Survival Mode Thrive is often
another Circumstance Entirely or Trump
Would Not Currently Be the Evangelistic
Christian Current Christ King in Reality of what
they believe in Separation from Unity Now Wow this is a
really Long Sentence but it works for me Eternally Now as Heaven Within
Flows Blissfully Look Within the Oldest Philosophy that one will come to Earn as God Wind We Actually See...:)

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