Other people here that only listen to harmonic rich music?

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13 Oct 2019, 5:20 am

I've got a clear preference for a particular kind of music and I wondered if there are other folk in here that have the same. It's not that I only like music from certain kind of genres, but is has to do with the harmonics and chord progression of a song or piece of music. I never had the ability to recognize certain chords and progressions while listening to a song, which makes it a little more interesting that I do immediately recognize if a song has elaborate harmonics or not.

There are some other aspects to music that makes me appreciate a song even more, like complex rhythms (anything other than four-four meter) or a beautiful singing voice, but without the rich harmonics it won't be enough for me to appreciate the song.

I've got a pretty all-round music taste, but mostly I listen to progressive rock or singer-songwriter.

Here are some pieces from different genres, all with the type of harmonics I hugely appreciate:

I wish I could be a bit more specific about the technical aspects of the harmonics I like, but I simply haven't the knowledge and/or skills to be more clear. When you do recognize anything from what I described above I'll appreciate it when you let me know.