Did act like a jerk on message board?

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29 Oct 2019, 6:17 pm

So there was a snow closure where I work. But I got to work early before the announcement. I decided to stay in the office to do some work.
This is the conversation I had with someone over our slack channel for work. My main concern is I used the word "anyway". I replaced some of the actual words for privacy reasons. The other person was typing faster than I could respond. So I am responding to each of their messages they sent.
I may be overthinking this as I usually do, but I can't help but feel there was some kind of frustration with my comments which solicited the last message with the word "well" I meant to say in spite of the fact I got to work and there is nothing to do because the building is closed and I don't have to be there, I'm going to do some work in spite of the closure. I worry I may have been copping an attitude or something to that effect.

8:17 am.
Person: are you at the office?
Person: we just got a snow closure warning
8:19 am.
Me: I walk to work so the weather is no big deal
Me: I got to my cubicle at 7:30 am.( meaning I got to work before the snow closure announcement. )
Me: I need to organize some stuff and fix some computers anyway
Person: ok well leave whenever you want


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30 Oct 2019, 1:40 am

Hey, a fellow Iowan! :D

Your co worker may have just been thinking "why is he staying when he's allowed to leave?", but I don't see anything wrong here. I say "anyway" all the time in situations just like that one. You only did yourself a favor by not allowing extra work to pile up.