Did you ever have to take a careers aptitude test at school?

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17 Nov 2019, 10:56 am

One which would ask you a set of questions, and then list of bunch of potential jobs based on your answers. I had to take a bunch of them in school, but I mainly only remember one set of results. Except another that included comments of my personality (I think I scored ninety five percent neurotic, oh dear :lol:). Presumably based on the non-technical use of the word:

(in non-technical use) abnormally sensitive, obsessive, or anxious.
"a neurotic, self-obsessed character"
synonyms: overanxious, anxious, nervous, tense, highly strung, jumpy, oversensitive, paranoid; obsessive, compulsive, phobic, fixated, hysterical, overwrought, manic, irrational; nervy; informal twitchy; informal stressy
"a neurotic, self-obsessed control freak"

Anyway, my top results were:


Fun fact: I did consider briefly consider this route at one point. However, I was discouraged from doing so. The people in my life didn't think that psychology would be a good fit for me. Remarking that I am "too introverted, lack the sensitivity required, not patient enough, too straightforward and blunt", in addition with "being better suited to work more with services, animals and/or objects instead of people". I once put down psychology for a college taster day (where we'd see what college is like in the subject of our choice). However, my art teacher intercepted, he tracked me down and told me that I "clearly hadn't thought my choices through properly". Then he asked me to pick a different subject, so I picked IT instead.

Sounds like a joke, doesn't it? I wanted to be a psychologist, but I'm bad with people so I joined IT. :lol:

-Music Teacher (High School).

Considering that I can't play a musical instrument or read sheet music, this seems a poor career choice for me. :P

- Historic Artifact & Building Restoration Cleaner. (Not sure what I picked that matched me with this).

- IT specialist and help-desk employee.

Certainly a strange combination. I'm hoping to get a job in the digital media industry. Perhaps a web designer and/or developer, video editor, graphic designer, or sound engineer. Not fully sure yet.

I'm a bit busy right now. Will try to respond to any PM's ASAP.


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17 Nov 2019, 1:22 pm

When I was in college, Please understand Me, personality online test . 20 jobs claimed to match. All STEM , bachelor and above. The academically easiest was civil engineer.

Cold f**k

Your jobs come from a wide variety of fields

Well rounded could be a good thing but specializing could be a good thing in other situations

Music teacher sounds random. There are many different subjects you can teach. Where I live , bachelor degree, teaching credential, chest, cset only.

Being a psychologist takes more education and pays more money than high school teacher. PhD. But psychologist doesn't sound like a good match for autistics. Nonverbal communication is an essential part. But everyone is different and I don't know you. And I am not telepathic or precognitive

Historic artifact , not many jobs

IT desk plenty of jobs