A job where transportation isn't a problem...

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22 Nov 2019, 6:34 pm

I saw a job posted for a place only two blocks from where I live but this one's wierd...

It's at the drop in center where I met my husband... The director is a friend and she was even a bridesmaid at our wedding.... My husband was a board member there too for awhile.

I have been so busy with hubby I hardly visit anymore but it's full of familiar faces...

I've responded to job postings there before however and didn't get considered...

Hmmm....... Maybe this place is too personal.

I also saw a job a couple weeks ago at the library, another walking distance place, that actually paid decently, so maybe there is hope without me having to worry about transportation right away...

I used to work at the library when I was in college. This job said "Spanish preferred" I speak some so maybe that's okay and I can keep practicing.

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22 Nov 2019, 8:06 pm

I work at a library. It's a cool place to work.

Go for it. It's the right sort of atmosphere for one who is intellectually-inclined.