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07 Dec 2019, 3:13 pm ... =623945365

This could have happened to any of the Japanophiles among us.

The student in question is Ingrid Martinussen, a 32 year old autistic Norwegian studying environmental science in Japan. Like many of us, she has no history of drink or drugs.

She and her flatmate were arrested by Japanese police due to what seems to be a package containing pot sent by an acquaintance in the US. The police have so far refused to to say what the charges against her are, but she has been subject to harsh interrogations, and her lawyer says she cries all the time.

Her friend was released, describing torture-like conditions. The Japanese police are known for forcing confessions, and the offense is punishable by up to five years in prison. Ingrid denies any wrongdoing, and her friends and family believe she's innocent.

Ingrid's friends and family are hoping international attention might put pressure on Japan to abide by international legal standards.

You all know what an experience like this may do to an autistic person, but autism is poorly understood in Japan.

May I ask you to read Mr. Sopp's account? Any spreading of this message would be of help to both Ingrid and all of us.

The facts of the case are all corroborated in Norwegian media, excepting Ingrid's autism, I guess from a wish to protect her. This is not a time for secrecy, as Ingrid's family have decided.

Hugs from a worried underwater.