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03 Jan 2020, 3:20 am

Review: ‘Don’t Be a Dick About It’ documents brothers being brothers

It might sound like the name of a Seth Rogen movie, but “Don’t Be a Dick About It” is actually a tenderly observed documentary about two brothers — one of whom is a high-functioning young adult on the autism spectrum — that plays out over the course of one suburban Maryland summer.

Meet Peter, a ginger-haired 22-year-old (though physically appearing and acting much younger), whose 24/7 obsession with “Survivor” means his personal tiki torch remains close by his side for those meticulous Peter’s World Adventure re-enactments.

Meet Matthew, Peter’s alternately protective and badgering 15-year-old brother, who has a couple of his own issues to contend with, most notably a paralyzing fear of dogs.

As directed by their cousin, Ben Mullinkosson, the naturalistic production, which at times recalls Ira Wohl’s “Best Boy,” offers an everyday glimpse into a familial relationship that, from a distance, wouldn’t look all that different from that of most brothers, and that’s the point.

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