Poetry on ASD, I can't share on my normal account.

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Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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26 Jan 2020, 1:05 am

The Spheniscidae Rebellion.

in a zoo named, "not less different"
applause, roars! for, the mentally(unique),
to perform, 'The Waltzing Mockingbird', or, '
in a theatrical cage-gild of:
native ecosystem's smile
them, they
beam, to
have: a day,
...for otherwise display:
at a zoo named, "misprinted puzzle pieces",
a lovely Rainbow-the world is,your world looks, from below,
we look-up, at the branches, were you-are,
sourgrapes, empower'd
innards curdled,

pleasure: a flavor forbidden, a formula for hypocrisy:
"[superiority] the dopamine bandit"
denial, alloyed,
"[charity]the meritorious Judas"

the banana peel conjecture.
philanthropy, "bread & circuses!"
said, a mutineer,
in a walk off a pious plank.

domestication a comfort, a Grace for a, grave.