Keto diet works best in small doses, Yale researchers find

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27 Jan 2020, 6:40 pm

New Haven CT: A ketogenic diet -- which provides 99% of calories from fat and only 1% from carbohydrates -- produces health benefits in the short term, but negative effects after about a week, Yale researchers found in a study of mice.

The results offer early indications that the keto diet could, over limited time periods, improve human health by lowering diabetes risk and inflammation. They also represent an important first step toward possible clinical trials in humans. ... 012720.php

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27 Jan 2020, 11:51 pm

I had a cousin who is the kind of person who lectures all and sundry about her particular view of what they should and should not be eating, unsolicited advice that not welcomed by most recipients. She will do this to anyone, not stopping to consider that their knowledge might be very much greater or more qualified than what she has read somewhere.

Last year she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She rejected medical advice and said that a paleo diet would cure it. After nearly a year it had got worse, not better, so she accepted surgery (at last) though as far as I know is still eating paleo and probably lecturing others on their dietary choices. I feel sad for her but wish she would develop more constructive obsessions, as her "food expert persona" just annoys and alienates people.

No one thing works for everyone anyway, we are not clones (yet!).