Dylann Roof's lawyers appeal death sentence citing autism

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06 Feb 2020, 1:13 am

cyberdad wrote:
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firemonkey wrote:
What autistic symptoms , in a person of average intelligence or above, would lead to diminished ability to know right from wrong?

This site is called "WRONG PLANET", because autistic people are perceived to behave WRONG.

No, it's named for the phrase coined by Temple Grandin, describing how people with autism see themselves as aliens having landed on a planet which makes no sense to them. In other words, it's our perception of the NT world.

The other way makes more sense.

That way makes autistic people judgmental and seeking conformity.

Fitting in might be distasteful, but in order to function if not survive in the NT world, it helps to learn their alien ways.

How dare you insinuate I'm alien :lol:

Sorry. :lol:

You know when I first joined WP I subconsciously chose Whitley Streiber's alien grey as an avatar. The irony never dawned on me till many years later

COOL! :thumleft:

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer