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27 Feb 2020, 9:58 am

Those among us who have studied Christian theology are familiar with the "Seven Solas" that codify the doctrines of grace as they apply to salvation. Christian evangelicals in general believe that the solas are essential to understanding true Christianity and some even assert that believing them is essential for salvation itself.

• • • •

The Seven Solas

1) Soli Deo Gloria ("Glory to G^D Alone"): This is the entire reason for everything, including the salvation of individuals. G^D is full of glory and anything that He does only increases that glory.

2) Sola Gratia ("by Grace Alone"): From G^D's love and grace springs His mercy and redemptive will for us. It all starts and ends with G^D. Since Christ is the "Author and Finisher of our faith," our cooperation is minimally important; extreme Calvinists would say that our cooperation is not required at all. Arminian believers argue this point. Moderates would say that our cooperation must occur but that this cooperation is inspired and empowered by G^D's Holy Spirit and is not of ourselves. We have nothing that G^D did not provide, and thus we have no room for boasting, not even about our faith. But to be saved we still must respond to G^D's Gospel call, and some people don't. Only our sovereign, omniscient G^D knows why some do and some don't. We are not qualified to judge.

3) Solus Christus or Solo Christo ("Christ Alone" or "Through Christ Alone"): Without the coming of Jesus Christ and His sacrificial suffering and death on the cross, there could be no salvation for us sinners. We must believe in Him and accept His sacrifice for us, and then we receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life. That is the Gospel message. He is the only Savior, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, the Only Begotten Son, and the Word of G^D made flesh (see the prologue to the Gospel of John). He only spoke what the Father told Him to say and at the Transfiguration we hear: "This is My beloved Son. Listen to Him."

4) Sola Scriptura ("by Scripture Alone"): G^D chose to reveal Himself (His love, grace, and Gospel salvation) to us through the Holy Scriptures. His principal communication to us was through words (especially the words of Jesus), thus is our Lord named the "Word made flesh" in John 1.

5) Sola Ecclesia (Through the Church Alone): This newly recognized sola is needed to battle the extreme individualism and anti-church sentiment that is becoming more and more prevalent in statements like: "I believe in Jesus but I don't trust organized religion"; "All the churches are full of judgmental hypocrites"; "I don't have to go to church to be a Christian, I can just watch services on TV"; et cetera.

6) Sola Fide (by Faith Alone): As both Jesus and Paul pointed out, no individual can receive the salvation offered by G^D except by believing in Christ, that is, by faith. Jesus paid the price for our sin with His blood, and when we believe, we receive. Since each of us is a sinner (Roman 3:10-12, 23), we cannot do enough to earn G^D's salvation; we are totally unqualified and unable. Only the "perfect Lamb of G^D" could make it possible. But G^D makes us acceptable ("justified") when we believe and trust in Christ-in His words, His sacrifice, and His resurrection. Our righteousness is our faith in The Righteous One.

7) Sola Caritas (by Love Alone): Our salvation begins with the love of G^D; it is His greatest glory; is the source of and motivation for His grace. All Christians are familiar with John 3:16: "For G^D so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." Nothing would have happened toward salvation without the love of G^D.

• • • •

Why did the theologianss need to add the word 'alone' to each of these elements? How can any of them be 'alone' when there are seven? It seems clear that the 'alone' is there for only one purpose -- to exclude certain other options that were believed to be heretical. The solas are a sort of creed that help Christians stand firm in their doctrine and save souls. Thus we have:

1) G^D's Glory Alone (versus anyone or anything that would take credit for our salvation and sanctification)

2) Grace Alone (versus anything we can do)

3) Christ Alone (versus any other so-called "authority")

4) Scripture Alone (versus other sources of knowledge and information)

5) Church Alone (versus secular "pop" psychology and the Media)

6) Faith Alone (versus works)

7) Love Alone (versus logic, reason, opinion and "feeling").


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27 Feb 2020, 12:40 pm

i don't think it takes a 'Rocket Scientist' Here to Figure 'this' out; Not Unlike
What the 'Trump Regime' continues to do; make 'one person' the King;
Worship that King and No one Else; So That King Will Rule without
Reproach for Control And Subjugation of Freedoms; yes, for Order and Potentially Selfish Greed as well.

i tend to better appreciate the 'Gospel of Thomas';
'Jesus' As More of a Straight Shooter Scientist Like
Carl Sagan Who Basically Says Take off Your Clothes
Without Shame And Enjoy the Fact that there is no Separation You are all of it all; Nature, 'God,' if You Will.

Back in the Summer of 2013, when i came out of Hell on Earth for 66 months as a Shut-in in my home with
what the Professionals who were taking care of me with 19 Medical Disorders, with No Prognosis of Recovery
called a Literal Miracle; as i recovered Suddenly from that; as far as i can see through continuous Struggle then/
now, i unlocked a LOT of Epigenetic Potential that i wasn't using before; that's Obviously true as i am just about 60
Years-Young on June 6th, 2020; and still Leg Press 1520 LBS max at a 90 Degree Angle All Natural as the 'Naked
Record' is pretty clear; i don't have Bulging Vein Anabolic Steroid Muscles but i am pretty solid for 240 Pounds
standing a bit over 6 Feet tall with Athletic Shoes on retaining all my Youthful Height with 12,777 Miles of
Public Dance Now in 78 Months; along with 7.8 Million words of the Longest Epic Long
Form Free Verse Poem in History, Well Documented with all the other Evidence clearly in
Case study tow; and true, as documented in a Viral Video in about 1300 comments from
the Metro Audience with over 88,000 Views from the Local Metro Community Viewing a Video Voyeur
Promoted Social Media Capture on Facebook; yes, the evidence is clear as documented still; there are
those from the Local Community who Name me everything from Hero to Legend to he worries me
i hope he is not going to harm anyone; yes, that's all linked and Documented in the Longest Epic Long
Form Bible i write 10 times the Size or so of the Old King James Size Effort now; and Yes, close
to 100 Times the Size of the Quran; in Fact, i've done 3.6666 Million Words as 'painstakingly'
Documented in just the last 33 months that is also duplicated on Facebook in the Description
Areas since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017; yes, 33 Months ago on the anniversary of that
Yesterday in monthly way; i tend to be a litmus test for open or closed minded folks both in Steps of Free
Dance and the Poetry of Song; and of course as Science shows now; it is inherent that some folks are more
Genetically Pre-disposed to even experience Divine 'Frission' and 'Autotelic' Flow as More More Liberal Open
Minded folks are indeed chosen as Genetically Pre-disposed to Experience the Divine like this as Science most definitely
shows now in or out of any Organized Church Doors; but nah; not out of Religion for the Most Part as Humans; Healthy
Humans at least, bind over common bonds at core of 'religion' with others or they more than likely live a life of misery
More than Healthy Companionship with others; where at least there are some common Songs to Sing off the Same
Choir Music; it could be attending Weekly Basketball Games and Intently Watching the Funeral Services of Kobe
Bryant for Two Days on CNN, likely receiving More Coverage than if a 'Pope died'; as Yes Sports is Religion;
if that Funeral Event Doesn't Prove it; someone somewhere must be Blind to the 'Common Sense' of that.

Generally Speaking, 'Write' on Topic Here; 'Evangelicals' tend to be more Conservative with a more 'Literal' closed
Minded approach to Life than seeing deeper in between the Metaphors of Existence and the Beauty of Art where
one will Look Past the 'tiny penis' of 'the Statue of David' to See Overall the Work of Art that Nature Brings to a
Healthy Human Being experiencing yes, even Aesthetic Frission that more commonly may be termed as
'Skin Orgasms' that have almost nothing to do with Sexual Organs alone; one of the Highest Gifts that
Nature; and if ya wanna name it 'God' surely Brings to us in all Natural 'Carl Sagan Cosmos Whole Connecting Ways'...

i see the Science Behind the Metaphors of Religion and i see the Metaphors that are in Front of Science.

Nah; most 'Evangelicals' will NOT understand what i just said in that line as they are, generally, not Biologically and
Environmentally; nOPE Not Equipped, to understand which may indeed be no fault of their own; in other words, they
'know now what they do'; and surely don't deserve to burn in Hell Forever for the way they are born/bred; no different
really than the rare Psychopath Born without the Ability to experience the Empathy of someone else's Pain;
where their only Pleasure is the adrenaline born of watching someone else suffer; Yes, Horrifying ALL Natural
'Evil'; yet, they still basically are not equipped to know what they are not capable of feeling and sensing in life.

Bottom Line; THere is no True LoVE iN this World without Understanding DIFFERENT DiVERSiTY iN Existence.

Bottom line also, There is no Love Without Reason that is True Love either for Love without reason
is not capable of Learning what it takes to Love all Unconditionally Dark through Light whether
Repulsed by the DarK or experiencing the Frission of Divine Reality of Aesthetic Beauty to the Max iN LiGHT.

Actually; the Bottom and Top Lines are endless;
If I can't fit 'Trade Mark God' into a Bible 10 Times the size of the Old one;
i really doubt anyone else will ever be able to Fit 'Free God' in one Book or one man either still evolving at least...

"John 14:12," by the Old Book too; Clearly States one will do Greater Works than Jesus
if they put REAL FAITH/HOPE/LOVE/CHARITY to the test, NOW;

Common sense, in terms of Basic Evolution, too... True.

That Much i have achieved as the Record Speaks for itself, now.

Back in the Summer of 2013; i made an Internal Covenant then
With the Nature of 'God' Within to bring the myth of 'Jesus' back to Flesh and Blood Life.

Now to be Clear; Just a Myth that is Real; a story book Version that is bigger as we don't LiVE iN Just
a '7 Sentence' or so Dirt Patch Small in the Middle East anymore; now we have eyes to see almost Further
than our UniVerse; We are getting THere slowly and surely at least through the tools that we have created
to Aid the 'eyes of God' we possess and the 'Temple of God' in Flesh and Blood We all are of the Whole
as Carl Sagan and others; many other Scientists; most all Scientists agree with now; NO SEPARATION.

It's kinda Sad; nope, Yep, I'm kinda glad that Science Finally Brings more Evidence that 'God'
Exists than the Small Walls of Churches and Books so Antiquated; yet, still so valuable as well
the Metaphors they bring as Human Nature is generally the same at core; not just 2,000 years
ago but 12,000 and even 40,000 Years ago; it is the Environmental Struggle we no longer make
to unlock more of our Epigenetic Potential as Science Shows; We are still Capable of gaining close
to the all Natural Strength of an Orangutan as surely Jack LaLanne showed quite a bit of that Human
Potential when he was my age and older too; but true, he didn't get around to writing 'a Bible' as most
folks stay with what already exists in the cave as it were and still is; at least the More closed minded ones
among us; to be expected of course.

There will always, as classically evolved at Least, be those who stay in the Cave;

There will be those who Paint a more Beautiful Painting of Life, Enjoying More of their Epigenetic Potential
in the Divine Frission of that along with the height of appreciation for what others are able to Bring to Life
in more colors of Art that Express the Divine Spark of Creativity within us; or true, there are others again
who may just stay with the same sentences and other concrete structures of Life; kind of like a Millstone
at the bottom of the Ocean that refuses; or just can't rise to the Surface of the Ocean to better attempt
to touch the Sky and go Beyond the Stars where no one else has traveled before.

But it all starts with the same Basic Instinct a Lion has; Standing Tall Enough to
understand the Fur a Lion Wears and the Courage and the Heart of a Lioness is
Fully Worthy Now
of Existence;
Yes, born
and Free
That is no different
really than the Gospel
of Thomas Verse 37; now to be
clear Fnord; i realize you may view this
as Word Salad; but do realize i am only inspired
by the Op Here; and am only responded to the Op and not you Personally.

My Communication is Unconventional; but i am the Artistic And Scientist
Mix of an Autistic Person; i use all of my Human Potential; fortunate am i to greater unlock
it more and continue to expand it as i only grow stronger so far and increase my potential in Art and Reason too.

But You See; i take the proof with me everywhere i go; for without 'the Pictures' to Prove it; anyone may say it didn't
really happen. Younger Generations ain't falling for The 'Trump Version of Jesus' anymore; they are looking for
A More ''Zealous Version of Jesus" who truly 'clothes the poor' for all that Metaphor is worth with Freedom
of Human Potential achieved still existing more; truly for them for now; Bernie Sanders is that Version
of 'Jesus' as that age group below 30 years of Age close to the Story age of Jesus when he was crucified
Support 'Bernie Zealous Jewish Jesus' at 70 percent now in Nevada for attempting to Treat everyone
to Free Education and Health Care no matter how folks may attempt to 'Crucify' 'that'
before and after 'the vote' comes in 'the finals' per say and do; considering that the
Overall God is Money in the United States; it's not hard to see what will come next; (Chaos more).

Never the Less; As always, Older Generations will be replaced by Movers and
Shakers Most; Dark or Light as 'God Nature' Shines on even 'Dark Matter' now.

The Truth is we all need to do 'John 14:12' based on LoVE iN doing Least Harm in whatever way we can and will do
if this Human Species has any Fraction of a chance of Living as Long as Sharks have existed on this Earth; 420 Million Years as yes; with Sharks there really are Virgin Births as some do Reproduce Asexually this way; however, it is not
nearly as advantageous as Greater Diversity of Mate Selection outside of the Common 'Herd Think' of Sharks too.

There are Anchors and Sails in Life That keep Boats Sailing Far and Safe when Rough Seas come for Harbor.

And then there are Humans who Balance All Three and do achieve what has never been done before.

Those Humans most often have no choice but to do it as metaphor of Lone Wolf; simply
for there is no Target Audience; No Social Group Think Glue; for what has not been done before.

This is what it means to have no where to 'rest your head'.

Obviously, it was/is the Artists; the Poets; the Philosophers who veered from the Sheet Music
of Before; the innumerable Ghost Authors who brought the gems; the pearls that will always shine
As Diamonds in the Chaff of what still exists in all Sacred Texts of Before; and chances are, in fact
the reality is; there is no reason that will fully define or even find the true origin of Human Consciousness
And Imagination as it exists now at least; for true now, it is beyond all Measure; yet, somehow those who
call themselves reasonable will attempt to limit the Meaning of Life to just 7 Sentences; but true i will
Do it with no words at all; Just a picture of you or me or anyone/Anything/nothing at all for once
'You' 'See' You See 'God' there
is no
to see at all
it is all i am, i am, i am...

'That Jesus' whoever he is can never come back; it is logically impossible;
as there are too many versions that exist of him now for any group large enough
to see him the same and fully accept whoever he might be 'in common' view Large enough to 'Truly Rule'.

i saw/see the folly of this
And come back as a Naked
Clown Shark; the Hero and
Trickster Archetype often Hold hands
tight; Jesus didn't follow the Rules in the Story Book Version;
breaking down the closed minded walls outside 'the Sabbath
of Sunday' only to make all of Life Holy as LoVE iN deed; truly
the only PerSon i am 'guaranteed' to save is me as i do now at least;

That's A Story;
Just Love IT all;
Might as well as
All THere is to 'see' is God i Am.

The Actors Change in Form; the Essence of the Characters by 'Human Archetypes' remain Basically the Same;
They just wear different colors and bare Wisdom as any Lion or Lioness will Do with CouRaGE and HeART saMe.

In case anyone wants all the evidence; from me at least; it's easy enough to find in my Signature Line; with smiles
of Lions
And Eyes
of Tiger Sharks
And Great White Hopes too;
And to be Clear; i go with Empty Pockets;
My Wife Inherited all 'the Money' from the STarT of All of This Effort
to Deal with that 'Filthy Habit' so willingly and Happily as she does now;

As Far as Metaphors Go; We are UniVerses; YeS, ETernAlly Now Multi-ones
indeed; each and every one of Us All Connecting All (God Nature) As Well, Now;

As Far as 'We' go in or out of the Same Old Cave; Shorter and Longer Distances;

Some of us try harder; like Camels Passing through EYes of Needles Real;

Some of us practicAlly 'fly' out of the cave and stay... Now For Real;

The Beauty of Existence at Core is change; as 'Millstones
Old' will reach the Surface and beyond as well... New/Reborn;

My Advice is Simple; Forge a New Path; Become Nature Fresh
and Truly Live; And By God Do Love it; why not? Now... Now...

If one can
and will,
at least too..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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27 Feb 2020, 2:22 pm

A fancy way of explaining the basic tenents of Christianity,particularly protestant evangelical,in other words basic Chistianity.

Interesting and off beat news stories


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27 Feb 2020, 3:00 pm

vermontsavant wrote:
A fancy way of explaining the basic tenets of Christianity, particularly protestant evangelical; in other words, basic Christianity.
Christian Theological Philosophy is too deep for me. I'll take simple theology in simple terms, not in convoluted "word salads" or multi-volume dissertations; and keep it Bible-based, not based on some esoteric teachings or assumptions that have nothing to do with the Bible. That's all I ask.

“I must acknowledge, once and for all, that the
purpose of diplomacy is to prolong a crisis.”

— Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock, in the Star Trek
episode "The Mark of Gideon" (ep. 3.16, 1969)


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27 Feb 2020, 4:08 pm


They mean do A alone (as opposed to unstated alternatives to A), and do B alone (as opposed to unstated alternatives to B). Not "do A alone as opposed to B and C...and do B alone as opposed to A and C....and do C alone opposed to A and B".

Its as if they want you to eat "pork chops, spinach, and mashed potatoes".

And they don't want you to eat beef, asparagus, and pasta. Or any other combo of meat, veggies, and carbs.

So they say it this way " eat pork chops alone, spinach alone, and mashed potatoes alone".

And you are getting hung up and upset because you think that they mean "eat pork chops alone as opposed to eating spinach" in one sentence, and then you think that they mean "eat spinach alone as opposed to pork chops" in the next sentence, when they actually mean "eat pork chops alone as opposed to the unstated other protein dishes you might consider eating like beef, poultry, or tofu. AND eat spinach as opposed to romaine lettuce, etc etc " :lol:

Sometimes you just gotta read between the lines and not take stuff so literally.

Some examples:

They mean "faith alone" as opposed to some unstated way of finding truth that might compete with faith, or might even undermine faith, like ( I hate to say it) logic.

Or "scripture alone" - as opposed to believing your neighbor when your neighbor claims "god spoke to me last night and told me such and such" ( ie believe what was revealed centuries ago that was already written down in the holy book, not in something coming from out side of scripture. And in fact most Christians do believe in tons of things that are just "traditions" that may be centuries old, but don't come from scripture- but I digress).