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Emu Egg
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25 Mar 2020, 1:22 am

I tried to kill myself 3 years ago and I still haven't recovered. I was in university when I did it, and I still haven't been able to properly apply myself to college or get a job since then. I wish I could be back to having a good work ethic. It's so hard to get up in the mornings and even just function normally for a full day. I lie in bed a lot just staring at the roof. I don't know how to fix myself.


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25 Mar 2020, 1:27 am

the first step you already took by talking to us.


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29 Mar 2020, 7:17 pm

I know from experience that it is hard to get over a suicide attempt. Be kind to yourself and get professional help.

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29 Mar 2020, 7:57 pm

I don't know if this is appropiate so ignore it if it is.
Forgive yourself.
I had a hard time in the past. I could forgive others but forgiving myself wan't easy. But when I realized that if I can forgive others for their failings towards me, I need to also forgive myself.

I nearly killed myself a couple of times either by being terrified and taking life gambling risks, or by being soo wounded that I neglected myself or/and took risks with my life.

At least three times (No doubt many more then three times) God has saved my life through miracles and these were due to my taking risks with my life due to the above scinarios.

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30 Mar 2020, 3:26 pm

Three years is pretty recent

Suicide attempt is significant

There are numerous, much smaller things, that happened when I was 21, 12, or younger, that I have yet to get over. Every day since the event, I obsessed over it.

37 years old

You might not get over it


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06 May 2020, 11:29 am

What helped me was I met a visually impaired person and he asked me for help and after awhile helping him I began to look at my life differently it helped me reframe how I felt about life and even though I still have issues I deal with them better because I helped some one with more troubles than I perceived in my own life.