Anyone else having worse Insomnia during this time...?

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23 May 2020, 6:07 am

Like uhh I have made it a goal to get up earlier but now ite 4:30 am I am sure at some point I will have to grab an hour or two of sleep. But its hard to avoid because IDk if it is anxiety due to the virus or what but every time I do actually get to sleep I just have bad dreams that make me feel even more exhausted when I wake up. So it creates a vicious cyle of me staying up as much as I possibly can, losing sleep which apparently you cannot actually catch up on sleep in your brain and then after a time I have to go to bed early and then still cannot sleep.

Today it was allergy congestion being annoying that got me out of bed, I was sick of laying there just listening to my congested breathing so I had to get up cause I couldn't lay in bed like that anymore. The congestion is probably just allergies I took my temperture twice today and if anything it was a little low(97 degrees fahrenheit. which I have read 98.0 or under is no fever] so I don't think I have corona granted I have been worried but actually thinking about it I have tended to have some allergy symtoms in the spring even since I was a kid so I figure the congestion stuff going on now is related to that. But even so I will probably still scedule a doctors appointment soon so they can take a look because I have had ongiong congestion for like years and so IDk maybe the/d have a recomendation of what I should do for it. Like this morning I woke up and was all congested I drank some tea with honey and took a shower while leaving on the hot water for a bit when I got out to breath in some of the steam and that helped for temporary relief but it keeps coming back so I should probably go to a doctor and have them take a look at things. Like it is consistant kind of congestion and I have been dealing with it for like 7 years. It is always worst in the morning like my throat feels kind of raw and I have breathing like I almost picture two tubes in my throat which one of them doesn't get the air I need so some mornings I wake up and feel like I sound like a balloon just weezing and coughing a bit till i get fully awake and make a cup of hot tea with honey and that usually helps quite a bit. But still its just concerning I wake up with congestion and usually have to sometimes beat my chest like a gorilla or something when I am coughing to help release the mucus making the congestion. And its just so i can breath fine, I am getting enough air just allergy crap messes it up. LIke since hearing of all the corona s**t it makes me paranoid even though all the symtoms I get are well if I look back on my history of getting allergies and such so its nothing new just with the pandemic anytime I feel a little sick I have to take my temperature to see if I have a fever or not, and so far my tempature is normal just getting sick of the congested breathing I have in the morning. IDK if its just allergies, if its toxins in the air or what but I have had some kind of chronic congestion for like years and it sucks.

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23 May 2020, 9:43 am

Trying to find things to relax with and shut out the outside world for a while may help. I mean as in just doing some hobby to relax with. Something to keep your mind focussed on.
For example model railways. I have been making little things like this. (Actually it is the only waggon I have made recently but I show it as an example).


Anything constructive you can focus on to block out the crazy times we are in helps.

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