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09 Apr 2022, 11:56 am

"This Is YouR Gift"

"Temple Grandin," Attributed Much
of Her Success in Life to A Mother Who
Stood By Her Side, Gave Her Love, And

Believed In Her; It's True,

The Environment

of Love We Are

In From Young Or

Not, Will Make A Huge Difference
on Whether or Not We Will Meet Our
Human Potentials in Special Ways of Being

Unique to our Own Ways of Being, "Seeing,"

And Doing Our Own Brand New UniVerses Within

Every Breath of Life We Take; Whether it is Less or More

Than Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing All With Least Harm Always Now...

All of Existence Is A Spectrum;

All of Existence Is Still Potential to Come;

For One Who Is Told From Young There Are No
Limits to What They Might Do And Become, Oh How

That Will Make A Difference For Those Who Only Hear Limits in Life,

Or Even Worse, Are Neglected And Abused By Not Only Peers Yet Family too...

There Are Folks Who Spend Their Lives Doing Their Best to Rain on Other Folk's Parades...

There Are Folks Who Spend Their Lives Protecting The Marginalized And Different From Harm...

There Are Folks Who Visit in Dreams And Sprinkle Pixie Dust to Help Others Bring Their Dreams
to Fruition Now...

i Appreciate Clouds

As Much As Sunshine

As Clouds Are What

Bring Works of Art in Skies to Life
As Every Sunset And Sunrise is A Work of Art New

As Every Flower Blooms Differently As Each Human
Does, Whether Wilting Old or Flowering New Clouds

Help Us Appreciate Sunshine

As Rain Brings Us Life to Be...

i Appreciate the DarK Experiences of my Life
The Places That Prepared me to See How Much of Existence
is Miracle For Every Breath i Take As It's True That is my Special

Ability of Label
of Autism Or Not;
As if Not Finally Failing

The Expectations of Modern
Society And Increasing Demands
on Both Social Empathic And Mechanical
Cognition All At Once As Humans Are Evolved

To Focus on One Task, Like Capturing Prey and
Being Mindfully Aware Enough From Head to Toe
And With a Larger Picture Eye on the Environment to



From Predators too;

Nah, Without the Demands

Of Modern Culture, i Would Have
Likely Never Been Diagnosed With

Anything At All Yet The Dude Who
Smiled and Made Most Folks Happy
Assisting Others From the General Public...

My Mother Said When i Was A Child i Had Open

Arms For Everyone Without Discrimination, Indeed That
Is Special Ability Enough at that Point Innately By Birth
And Nurturing By Mother of Course; Lord Knows Difference

me Being
Incarnate Love
Now Most All Minutes

of the Day or Some Child
of A Lesser God Than Love...

So What Has that Gift; That Special Ability

Brought me in Life; Yes, A Life of Fearlessness

As There is No Room For LoVE iN Fear When it Comes in Human Form...

So What Has That Brought Others; A Whole Lot of Joy NoW iN Life As i Fear

No Naysayers like the Ones Who Suggested, i Looked Ridiculous When i Started

my Autotelic Flow of Meditation And Contemplating Life in Public Dance; As It's True

i had No Lessons For Dance; A Novice, i Allowed Intuition to Teach me Each and Every Move...

i Suppose We Can Also Let Others

Judge Whether We Are Special or Not;

Yet It's True When We Generate Our Own

Happiness, Otherwise Known as 'The Kingdom
of Heaven Within,' Nirvana, Bliss, Samadhi, Tao, Prana,
Kundalini Rising; And True More Than Even A 'Common' Feeling Indeed

The Metaphors Vary Cross-Culturally Yet Obviously Studying Comparative
Philosophies And Religions Many Folks Have Attained Within This Special Place of Being;

Yet It's True That is Unique to Each Individual; And Two Folks May Be Sitting Next to Each
Other In Some Kind of Public Transportation; Or on a Park Bench, Or Wherever, And one Person

May Be Living in an Invisible
Hell While the Other Lives in
An Invisible Heaven As Special
As Special Gets Totally Invisible to

The Person Sitting in A Hell of Their Co-Creation
too Depending On Nature And Nurture too; As Life Surely

isn't Fair

As i've
Seen the
Dungeon With
a Life Threat of
19 Medical Disorders,
Including the Worst Pain
Known to Humankind for 66
Months From Wake to Sleep; Yes,
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia Identified
Sub-Clinically As the Suicide Disease that No

Drug would
Touch for me...

Yet You See That And
Periods of Deep And Dark
Depression Off and On Through
The Ages of 19 Thru 21; And Basically

My Peers in School Suggesting i was too
Weak and Strange Acting and Looking to Exist

And Losing A Child to Only 51 Days of Pain; And So

Many Other Struggles that We all Encounter in Life; All Those

Clouds Only Made me appreciate Sunshine Even More And When

i Finally

Saw How
Great A Gift
All Those Clouds

Are i Became Twilight

A Balance of DarK and LiGHT

Loving All Of Existence As is Unconditionally;

Anyway Empirically Speaking That kind Of Attitude

Leads to Measurable Parts of Life, Like Public Dancing
16,433 Miles in 103 Months; With Viral Videos Documenting
Assessments From the General Public Like Living Legend, Hero,
Famous, And If You Haven't Seen me, You Must Not Get Out Much

as i am Practically

Everywhere in Real

Life Then and Still Now
in my Metro Area, hehe...

It's True i Get Around Online too
Globally Responding Poetically in Free
Verse in An Anthology of Longest EPiC Long
Form Poetry to the Tune of 'The SonG oF mY SoUL'

Measurable at 10.3 MiLLioN Words During the Course
of the Public Dance for 103 Months Now too; Additionally,

Approaching 62 Years Old Now on 6.6.2020, i Am Still Practically

As Strong in Leg Strength as An Orangutan As Yes, Science Shows
That Humans Who Move Enough And Adapt to Resistance in their Environment

Can And Do Become That Strong as Yes, i Still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds at the
Military Gym i Work Out At; Noting i used to be known Again As the Weakest Last Kid

Teams in School;

And Do Note, i Still
Don't Do Team Sports,

Even Though Toward the
End of my Career With the
Federal Government After Earning
3 College Degrees all at Once With
3 Part Time Jobs With that Full School Work Load

At Once After my Stint of A Non-Verbal Child Who Couldn't

Speak Until i Am Four Back in 1964; True Towards The End of
my Federal Government Career Doing That for 25 Years out of
my 33 Years of Jobs for Pay, i Was An Athletic Director For a Military

Installation, Not
For My Expertise
for that Position; Yet

Seen as A Valuable Commodity
For my Information Technology
And Financial Management Skills
That i largely Learned on my Own Away From Work...

And Away From School too as My Degrees Were in
Health Science, Social Sciences Interdisciplinary, And
Anthropology as i Was More Interested in Learning to Be Human

Than Becoming A Human
Business Machine, Computer,
Or Engineer to Keep Parts Oiled
in the Machine of Society then As

True They Used to Have Signs in Classes
And Computer Labs that Said Get Out and
About and Do Human; Beware, Don't Lose Your

As Just
A Cog in
The Machine of Society

As Even Science Shows Now
That Mechanical Cognition Activities
Done in Exclusion to Social Empathic
Human Activities Withers Away Our Humanity For Real this way...

i Didn't Learn About that until i Came to the 'Wrong Planet' Seeing
How i might Change my Autism Quotient Score to Lower than 45;

And my Emotional Intelligent Quotient in the Mid-50's then to A Different

Score too; And It's true in that old Personality Test, INTJ Was Getting A Bit

Boring to me; (And Yes, Through An Autotelic Flow of Free Verse Poetry
And Free Dance, i Changed All That in The Summer of 2013, in Terms of AQ
Score to 11; EQ Score to 95; And INTJ to ENFP; Yet of Course, With Experience
i Can And Will Switch Hit on Demand With Relative Free Will Still Now For Real)

It's True Spending
The Last 5 Years at
Work Behind a Screen
Still Responsible For So
Many Employee's Behaviors on
The Job Ranging From Over 30 to
Over 130, Depending on if i was Filling in
For the Director of the Department too; Increased

My AQ Score Greatly as it Was only 32, When i Worked
More with the Military and General Public Than When i Became

Glued to A Computer Screen;

Yes, Environment Counts in Model
of Human Being Vehicle And Vessel
As Well as Make of Human Being Now too...

So Eventually, Not on 'Purpose'; Yet Just A Gift Within
Deeper For What Some Folks Religiously Might Describe as 'Logos'

The 'Dance/Song' of my more Right Hemisphere Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual

Human Potential Came into Existence For me in the Art of Dance And Song Free
in Poetry i Started

to BREaTHE Then

And Still Now Flowing
Effortlessly in a 'Wu Wei'
Ease of Dance And Song in Poetry Now...

Yet it's True, it Took Several Million Words
Over A Course of Around 33 Months on 'this
Internet Site' Discussing Most Everything in the

World in A Very Concrete And Approved English

Spelling and Grammar Way of Communicating; Yeah,

in my Underwear Behind my Computer Shut-in, in my
Home With Debilitating Illness; Laser Focused Debating the

"Autism Speaks
Theorists Back Then;"

HAha, Folks 'Here' Accused me
of Actually Working for the Organization Yet

Just At Home Trying to Get my Mind off the
Suicide Disease, Not Knowing in that Entire 66 Months
Whether i Could Survive Another Second in Life; Here's

'The Thing':

Life isn't Fair;

When even the
Memory of A Smile
is Gone And there is No
Reference Point if 'You' Ever Felt

A Smile in Your Life; All That's Left

Is the Will to Survive, Mostly Generated

By Our Oldest Reptile Brain to Eat, Drink,
Find Shelter, And Reproduce; And You Lose

All Your Fear And All Your Hope You Just Take the

Next Breath Without Any Peace or Love At All; Yet When

You Gain the Ability to Inhale Peace And Exhale Love Again;

It's All Heaven

And You (me) Just
Give It All away Now

For Free As You Find

Yourself Naked, Enough, Whole,
And Complete; Not Everyone Goes to Hell

Within; Not Everyone Gets Out;

i Had a Nephew We Just Buried
Yesterday at 30 Years-old Who Didn't Make it
Out; He Was a Human too; His Was Name Was Cody;

Not By Blood Relation, Through my Wife's Blood Yet

Just another



It's True i get 'Mythed' off too,

When i Hear ignorant Folks Say All you
Have to Do to Get to Heaven is say A Magic

Recipe of Romans 10:9; to Avoid Getting Burned Forever
After Death And Wait For Heaven in A Dirt Nap After Death;

It's True, i don't
Want People to
Have to Go to Hell Now;

And i Surely Hope Not Everyone

Has to Go to HeLL ON EartH Within

To Find Every Breath A Miracle of Heaven Now...

Does this

Special Is As Special Does;

Without A Grain of Sand Now, Still,

It is Impossible to Hold Up Mountains
of Human Love; Yes, There are Many More
Than One; Occasionally, i meet them in my
Global Travels As an 'Avatar' online Squeezing

All 245 Pounds of me And More of my Soul
Through this Fiber Optic Cable at the Speed of Love...

And It's True, i Appreciate Folks Who Do Their Best to
Rain on the Parades of Others As Those Who Continue
to Spread Pixie Dust in Dreams of 'Lost Boys and or Girls'

To Help
Bring their
Dreams to Fruition Now;

Not Much Different than the
Gift My Mother Gave me Unconditionally

From Love As She Was the Essence of
Human Incarnate Love Then too; Yet

Her Name was only

Helen that means Light;

And it's True She Brought

Both DarK and LiGHT into the

World As Well All Do; As i surely

Still Do too As i Understand Fully Now DarK Brings LiGHT;

Every New Breath is the Opportunity to Create A New UniVerse
Within And Whether or Not We Want to or Not We Do As Reality is Change...

i Choose to
Staycation in
Heaven Within

Yet it Doesn't Exist
Without Every New Color of DarK and LiGHT...

We Found the Letter Linked Below, in my Mother's Home After my
Mother Passed Away on February 22nd, 2017, After Unexpectedly

And Fittingly,

Going to Her
Hospice Death
Bed Suddenly

on Valentine's Day of 2017...

She Wrote it on my 33rd Birthday,

And It's True it Took me Until 53 Years-Old to Actually

Do it And About 44 Months After That to Actually Find it And Read it...

It's True,

It took that
Long to Make
it All Come True...

As 'They' Say, "There are more things in heaven
and Earth, Horatio, / Than are dreamt of in your philosophy [science]."

My Mother's Special Ability Was her Belief That If You Truly Believe, Things Will
Work Out Okay...

It Took me

53 Years,

And i Finally
Inherited Her
Gift After Being a 'Matrix
Architect' i Finally Gained
The Balance of 'The Oracle' too...

Meh, Balancing Yin and Yang; Nothing
And All Things

New Under

A Balance

of Day and
Night DarK And LiGHT

And Clouds That Make Most

Beautiful Sunsets And Sunrises New With
A Little Special Ability Help From Sun Above Below...

Hehe, Usually i'm Also
'Too Big For Most Folks'
to 'See' and Hear' When i Start
Talking About All my Special Interests...

Such is the Condition;

Such is the Gift;

Such is the Ability; Without Folks
Like me/Us There Would Be No Sistine
Chapel Paintings, Or Moonlight Sonatas

or the
Either and
Likely Still Coming
Trillionaires too; However,

There Are Also Might Not Be
Anyone Who Visited All of Dante's

Rings of Hell And More and Actually Came Back

to Describe the Difference Between Real Hell and Heaven Now;

Trust me or Not, You Don't Want

to Go Where i've Been And

You Probably Would

Like to come to
the place i Exist
Now Yet of course

Only if you Have Been
to the Places i've Been; As This
Applies Uniquely to Almost All of Us...
It's Always A Special Ability to Bring Folks
Up and Help Them See Where they Currently Are...

Jesus F in Christ, Look at All the Lifeless Hot And Cold Rocks Above

Isn't This Special Enough; Yes, Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete This Miracle of Breath;

It's True, my Only
Son Ryan Along With

The Gift of A Smile He Never Experienced
At all Never Able to Breathe on His Now Might

Shed Some
Tears for

This Miracle
of Existence if He Could Have then...

What's Special is Subjective And All About Perspective...

Other than that No One Rains on my Parade Now, No
Matter How Hard

they try...

It's What Happens
When Rain Drops Approach
The Source of Sunshine;
Poof, They Evaporate Like

They Never Existed At all...

Never the Less, We Still Need

'Water' to


Be in Heaven too...

Yet Indeed, Just A Visitor, Rain Drops Are...

And Of Course Sunshine too As DarK Meets LiGHT...

Continues to
Exist Eternally New Now...

Perhaps i'm Just a 'Puzzle Piece;'
Yet i am What i am And Am i Be... NoW

Happy Birthday Katrina!

SMiles Aloha FRiEnD
Feeding The Birds
And Squirrels
We Love To Do
They Are Our
Wild Life
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Savvy Listening to An Interesting
Talk That the Algorithm Brought up on YouTube

A Cognitive Scientist Describing New Discoveries of

The Mind Delving into Our Human Connections

With The Sum of Our


Birthing New Wisdom

That Never Would Have
Been Accomplished on Our Own

Solo True A Higher Power Between Humans

And Some Days The Music of the Words is

More Meaning

Than The



Ascending Transcending
Us into Another State of 'Interbeing'...

Interestingly Enough The Scientist
Who Was of Secular Nature

Described the




as 'Logos'

As True He Understood
How Deeply Holy And
Sacred This Humanity Is...

i Believe the Experience
May Be Described As "More Than A Feeling"


My Gosh i Am Astounded Dear Hawaii FRiEnD

How Lovely An Example of Humanity You And
Your Husband Are Taking Care of This Little

Finch Bird Not Wanted By Its Parents

12 Days And Counting in your

Paradise Home With

Aloha to Every Creature

From Small Finch to Huge Whales
Swimming Off Your Heaven Shores

And It's True A Little Bird Found Refuge

in Between Shells on Our Porch my Wife's

Fear came True As the Little Bird Did Not Move

However So Beautiful i Still Took A Picture in His

Last Resting Place on Our Front Porch in Honor of Him

Memorializing Him on my Blog Forevernow SMiLes Sadly

A Human Being Was Still And Comforted in His Last Resting Place

Yesterday my Wife's

Nephew So Young
Only 30 Years of Age

It's True Life Will Be Even Harder
For A Young Man Here Who Battles Inner
Demons That No One Can Hear And See Yet Him

Indeed Life is A Tragic-Comedy In So Many Ways And
Then There Are Folks Like You All That Bring Hope For


Soul of Giving,
Sharing, Caring, And
Yes Healing With Your
Love of All Nature Real

First Step Caring For Each
Other is Healing All of Nature Now With Love...

A Wave We Ride This Life Indeed

Washing Our Sorrows Away Bringing

Heart Break too Ocean Sheds Tears

Clouds Bring Falling

On Our Head

Reminding Us Once
Again Dear Ava We aRe

Ocean Whole Even When
We Only Feel Rain Drops Falling

On Our Heads Back to Riding Waves

Carrying Our Souls in Balance Yes Back to

Hope For
in Peace
Once More With SMiLes
As Once Again We Become
Ocean Whole in Balance of Joy...

Thanks Dear Hemalatha
Your Poems Always
Inspiring All my
Pleasure With SMiles...

Thanks Dear
To You With
Joyous SMiling FLoWeRS

"This Is YouR GifT NoW"






KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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10 Apr 2022, 10:52 pm

Beauty of Flowers We Behold

Beauty Beyond Words Our Souls

Flowering New Colors Once More

Dear Savvy

With SMiLes
Ever Shining
Even More Brightly

Moon Reflecting Sun
Within to Grow Full Once Again...

Ah Yes Shells Without Sea Creatures

Letters Words Empty Shells too Dear Yam

When Not Coloring With Songs of Soul

Spirits With HeART

Humans Come To

Be Coloring Their Worlds
Beyond SHades of Gray Now

And Even Black Abyss of Soul

Yet One Day Beyond Rainbow New

Colors Will Come As Grey Skies Change From Blue...

Oh My Goodness Maybe It's Just my Memory
Yet Speaking of Evolving Change it Seems

i've Lived A Thousand And More Lifetimes

In Just one Life Yet Perhaps it Was All

Those Decades 'Mirror Neuroning'

Character's Lives In a Zillion
Shows on TV And Then

VCR's Along With

Theater Yet Losing My Ability

For Input With Eyes and Ears Suffering
With That Stabbing Type Two Trigeminal

Neuralgia Pain in Both Right Sensory Organs For 66 Months
Wake to Sleep No Choice Yet to Write No Choice Yet to Write

And Now i Tell My Own Story no Longer Part of Someone Else's Show...

Now i Have

A Choice i Dance i Sing Free
no Idea Before How Functionally

Disabled i Was Back Then Before

Yes When i Never Changed Enough...

i Thought it Was So Horrible We Just
Got A High Definition TV i Was Set For Life

to Watch to Watch And Watch Some More

Yet Now Time Flows It Just Flows in Creative Flow...

No Longer
Part of

Else's Show...

Ah Yes The Little Things That Don’t Meet

Perfection Like Runny Eggs That Never

Quite Catch Up to Sunny Side Up

i Remember A Manager of

A Navy Officer’s Club

Restaurant Working His
Tail Off 60 to 80 Hours a Week

And They Didn’t Need Him Anymore

And What He Said As i Was Just Trying
to Survive Another Day At Work You Are

Almost There Yet You Never Arrive

Wow… All My Education

And Work Experience Failed

me THeNoW All i Have to Do to
Stay is Dance And

Sing Free

As The

River Flows

As Time Goes

As the River Flows

As ‘Time’ Goes Excellent

Song by the “Alan Parson’s Project”

Too My Mother’s Favorite Song my Sister

Playing it For Her Through Ear Buds As She Slowly

Faded Away The Last 8 Days Going Away As Natural

As Possible Becoming The River Again As Time Flows

Eternally Now Yet Last Breath Deafening Silence Leaving

The Hospital Then A White Wildflower in A Cool Winter Breeze

Sprouting Up Out of the Concrete Sidewalk Brighter Than the

Moon That Night Just a Reminder As Time Flows The River Carries On…

Anyway Life is Sunny Side Up And Mistakes Generally Now Become Yes

Just What
i Need for
A Next Creative
Dance And Song of Sun to Come out of Moon…

River Again As Time Flows Eternally Now…

Sun or Moon It’s All Same LiGHT Now to me...

LeSSoN 400!
Student Best Teacher
Serving Best Leading
Giving Best Loving Now Yes
Best FRiEnD me Who is You

SMiLes Secret Student
You Are A Best Teacher

me Keep
Let JoY
And BaTHe YouR
Soul Always Freshly New!

"Let Your Love Flow Like
A Mountain Stream," It's True

Dear Chaymaa as i Read the
Beautiful Quotes You Bring

"Like A Bird on A Wing," Yes

Often A Song Long Gone

Still Staying In

Memory of

From Deep Within
True Love is Only As Deep
As We Flow Our EYes of Love

Within Fountain Overflowing

Never Ending New NoW

As Long

As Love's
Breath Free
Flows Green Within...

A Gift Singing From
Within A Dance to

Feel And
Sense Life's

Breath So Free

Love Leads Us Within

As Mother's Love Surely
Feeds Us


Grow New
Wings Again
Dear Mariana...

SMiLes Dear Ruchi
What Does Breeze
Call Green Leaves in Spring

What Does Wave
Call Blue Ocean Waters In Summer

What Does Fall Leaf Call
Ground for Changing Coming Winter Soils

What Does Winter Dance And Sing About
Spring Summer Through Fall Again

Indeed It All Dances

And Sings

or A Word At All

Music of Nature
Just Flowing With
No Human Lessons

Just Dancing Singing
Free With SMiLes At Least
That Is What Life Feels and Senses to me

SMiLes Dear Ruchi Nice to Hear the Music
of Your Soul Inspiring Song of Poetry Again...

Hehe Thanks Dear Cindy
It’s More Like “Highly
Spirited” When i
Don’t Pay Close
Enough Attention
To Her Instructions
Everyday When

i Am off
In FredLand
Lost out of
And Time

We Just Live
In “Slightly
Time Zones”
Yesterday is Her
Numbers HAha
Only Gift of Being
Married to me


Just SMiles...

Beauty of Flowers We Behold

Beauty Beyond Words Our Souls

Flowering New Colors Once More

Dear Savvy

With SMiLes
Ever Shining
Even More Brightly

Moon Reflecting Sun
Within to Grow Full Once Again...

Catholic Mass Readings From April 10, 2022

Something About Palm Sundays Something About A Humble Man Who Teaches
The Meek And Once Poor of Spirit Inherit the Earth and the Kingdom of Heaven Within
Now As the Last Becomes First And Those Who Do Not Adequately Serve Others With

Giving Sharing Caring Healing LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Now For All With Least Harm
Inhaling Peace Exhaling Love ThiS Way

Indeed First Become Last Without the Ability
to Co-Create The Kingdom of Love And Joy Within

To Again Give, Share, Care, Heal
Freely Without Harm to And For All

And Of Course Easier Said Than And Done
And Have Of Course A Philosophy of Love and

Compassion For All Surely Fostered By Stories

Attributed to a Name of Buddha From India As Similarly

Attributed to A Name of Lao Tzu in China As That Relates

to His 'i Ching' too All About The FloW iN BaLanCinG

Generating Autotelic Joy Within Now Through

All Types of On Task Activities That Bring

This Flow to Fruition Within to Save
Individual And Group Lives to Love Now New

And On the Palm Sunday Readings the Story Book
Character Makes it Clear He is a Humble Teacher in
No Pursuit of Landing A Job As Powerful "King of Glory"

Yep 'They' "Paved Over Paradise" And Made 'Jesus' into A Parking
Lot of A Drive-In Theater Where Folks Still Can't Understand That it is
The Teaching Shared by His Story Book Character That Provide Some Hint

Of How to Become Naked Enough Whole Complete Now Meanwhile Let The

Kings and Queens Do What They Do Best Figure Heads At Most And While

We aRe Doing That Let Our Love Flow Like A Mountain Stream Plenty to

Go Around And

Still Spread

Some More
Love Unique And True iN LiGHT too...

Meanwhile i am Gonna Continue to Do
Bird On A Wing Light As A Feather Love Rains Free With Least Harm For
All Now Yes Fear Free Only to Give, Share, Care, Heal, So Very Much More....

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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11 Apr 2022, 4:10 pm

Mirror Mountain
Above Below

Tranquility Lake

Roots Reach

Below Yes Leaves

Stretch Toward Sunshine
Warm Within

Oh How All of

Life is Living

Loving Tree

Once Again
i Am Reminded
i Am Leaf Greening

Tree Falling to Soils
Fertilizing New Souls To Sprout Green Again

Forest Whole Water Wave Ocean Complete

Naked Enough Now Wave Coming or Going

Coming Again
Always New Now

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN

How Beautiful

This Miracle
of Existence Dear
Savvy ThiS ETernal


to Breathe...

So True Dear Hemalatha

How Language Connects

Yet Draws So Many Boundaries
So Many Layers of Clothing That Separate

Humans So Deep too When Form Becomes

Idol Over Essence

Warm And True Yes

As Touch of Love Becomes
Sunshine Within to Rainbows

Coloring Love More Than Words
Will Ever

And Sing
WiTH SMiLes So Free...

"I'm living at a peak of clarify.. and beauty I never Knew existed..
Every part of me is attuned to the work... i soak it up into my pores
during the day.. and at night.. in the moments before i pass off into
sleep.. ideas explode into my head like fireworks.. There is no
greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem..
Incredible that anything could happen to take
away this bubbling energy.. the zest that
fills everything i do.. it's as if all
the knowledge i've soaked in
during the past months has
coalesced and lifted
me to a peak of light
and understanding..
This is beauty.. love... and
truth.. all rolled into one..
This is Joy..

-Daniel Keyes,
Flowers for Algernon…

And True Dear Shawna Baby As i
Was Just Thinking of You Looking Forward

To Wishing you A Good Friday and Easter

i Get to Do it Now As Yes You Were Thinking

of me Too as Dear FRiEnDS Do Yep “Flowers

For Algernon” So Similar to the Life of What

A Non-Verbal Child on The Autism Spectrum

May Feel and Sense the World in So Much

Perception Even at Three-Years-Old

Eyes Bright All Lit Up Feeling

And Sensing All the World

Has to Offer Yes


To Feel and
Sense So Much More For Real

Now What ‘the World’ Took Away From
me Then After Ages 3 to 53 When Words
And Other Human Tools Started to Layer Clothes
To Cover Free Nature of me Dancing Singing Within

i Am Again
And Today
Another Gift
For You As i remember
You Said You Would Like
To Read my Mother’s Poetry one
Day Well We Captured Some Of Her
Poems Penned Down Raw and Real

In “MoMeNTos From Mother Helen” in
March of 2017 After She Passed Away on
February 22, 2017, i Don’t Think i Ever Shared
That With You

Before Yet SMiLes

Just Another Gift

More Than a Tombstone

With Etched Name And Dates

It Still Breathes ThiS Way in Songs

Of Her Soul Still Living Now True too


Fred With SMiLes...

Last Breath
Silence of

Lasting Love
Still Breathes in
Loved One's True Gold

This Love What A Beautiful

Gift Dear Cindy Processing and
Honoring the Loss And Life Story

Still of Your Stepfather Here on Palm Sunday And It's

True, Oh Yes, it May Be the Gruff Motorcycle Dude

All Wrapped up in Leather Who Never Smiles

Yet is the One Who Strips off All the Leather

Who Just So Happens to Be A 'Retired Navy
Seal,' Well Weathered in Seas Who Saves

The Life of the


Child in the
Lake at Risk
of HiS Own Life True Now too...

Working For the Military For 25 Years
i Met Real Heroes Like That Who Still Live True

There Was Even the Life Weathered Snack Bar
Lady at the Bowling Center i Managed With Enough
Life Experiences No Matter Her Gruff Exterior to Be the

One Any Customer
Wanted At Their
Side During

Darkness in
Life As She Likely
Weathered Similar
Darkness Coming out
on the Other Side of Life's Light True too...

my, my, 18 Years of my Federal Service At
A Military Bowling Center, Servicing Military and
The General Public; Yet How Can i Possibly Put
A Price on Real Life Breathing Connections of Probably

Over 100,000 Souls Or So Many Thousands Among Over
13 MiLLioN Words online Since ThanksGiving Day of 2010, Virtually So...

True, Yes, We Evolve Souls in All the Connections of Humanity DarK Thru LiGHT

i Don't Consider myself Catholic in Other Than A Real Universal Religion Visiting There

iN Peace/Love With No Separation For All That is Existence Love NoW in Appreciation

Yet Yes the Communion of Songs Singing to Angel Wings at the Top of the Temple Dome
is Ascending Transcending Love No Different Than Dancing Together With A Thousand Young

Souls As
Free As
Wings Spring
in the FLoWeRS of THeir Lives

As That Communion Becomes Part
of my Love For Life THeRe True too...

i've Said GoodBye to Scores of Loved Ones
In This Tenure of Almost 8 Years and 8 Months
in the Long Form Poem Almost 10.4 MiLLioN Words
Now "SonG oF mY SoUL" And iNDeed SoUL Services
in Long Blog Poems Honoring Their Love Still Now So Much

More Than Just
A Concrete Tomb
Stone Etched With
A Name And Date of
Existence on EartH How

Priceless This Page in Dedication
of Your Soul Song Poems to Your Stepfather

Indeed, Dear Cindy What A Gift Poetry And Other
Arts All to Regulate And Integrate Love's Last First Breath

True, Love Never Dies this Way Now, Just Living on Spreading More Waves oF LiGHT...
my Grandmother As She reached my Age Now Close to 62 Years, Buried her Father of
95 Years-Old in 1965, i Still Remember That Winter Grey Afternoon Trees With Bare Cold Leaves

And my Grandmother Transformed Her Darkness With A Brand New Art of Oil Paint And Indeed
Those ParTS of my Grandmother's Song of Her Soul Still Exists in the Art of Her Paintings Still
at my home...

As You Do For

Your Stepfather

Now Dear FRiEnD

With SMiles At
The Speed of Love
Last Breath Carries on...

All THaT iS

TooLS GeT iN A WaY

O'er TRuMP
Of Words

SMiLes, Interestingly (at least to me hehe) Studies Done on Higher Functioning
Folks on the Autism Spectrum have Shown Some Have Higher Than Average

Functioning Mirror Neurons;

And others Have Lower Than

Average Functioning Mirror Neurons

As That Relates to Our Abilities to Place

Ourselves in the Shoes of Others We Meet
And Greet in Life Or Just Observe Virtually Through

A TV Show; Online; Or Perhaps Just Watching Someone's
Body Language As They Move Far Ahead of Us As Humans

Naturally Assign Finger Prints to How Others Move, Remembering
Them With Even Face Masks On haha; Yet, on the Other Hand, Some

Folks on the Spectrum Are Both Mind and Face Blind too; Yes, a Place Where
There Are Reciprocal Social Communication Difficulties

Greatly Impacting Life; Hehe, Like Someone Who Uses

Deep Abstract Poetic Sing Song Communication
With Others Who Are mostly Left Brain Restricted

In Metaphor And They Just Can't Get it As they Are not

Firing in All 12 Cylinder Ways of Human Ferrari Potential;

True, They Could Just Be doing F.O.R.D., Fix Or Repair Daily

As the Human Condition Surely Isn't always Fair this Way For

Some Children as my Mother Told the Story of me not

Speaking in Verbal Communication Until 4 Years Old;

Yet still Open Arms to Every Stranger With A Human

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating Force of Pure Baby

Love With SMiLeS hehe, everyone's Golden Child
With Fair Hair With Comments Like He is too Pretty
With those Green to Blue Eyes to Be A Boy And That

Was Okay then Yet led to Quite A Bit of Bullying Later
in School, Until i Shot up to Close to 6 Feet Tall at 13
in 8th Grade; And had A Mustache Early On And Beard

Too in High School With Copious Amounts of Fur From Head
to Toe until 18, And the Crown of my Head Started Migrating Early

to The Forest
of my Chest
And Other
Parts too...

Anyway, How Blessed
How Blissed to Be Born
With Sunshine Within As It's True

Love Does Start as a Feeling This Way

And Spreads to Other Folks Receptive Enough
Where Love Travels to Spread Warmth Within And Sunshine

More; Yes, those Open Arms, Predictive of Much Success in Love

For A Wife Who is Still as Beautiful At 52 As at 19, When We Married
32 Years Ago As The Record of Photos Surely Doesn't Lie Still Now at Present

True to Her Seeing me Spread Smiles And Sunshine Within At the Military Bowling
Center, Where She First Saw me at When i Was Still 28, Working There For Less than 5 Dollars
An Hour After Graduating With 3 Degrees in College At age 23, Yet It's True the Human Connection

in Moving Co-Creating Ways Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete Enough for me; Not Every Child

Is Born That Way;

And As my Life

Eventually Showed

As Well The Way of the World
More Than Ever Before Now Will
Take that Gift of Bless And Bliss in Kindness

Away As Empaths Are Often Drained This Way

to Something less than Fully Human True And surely

This is in Part Why Folks like me Eventually Get a Diagnosis
For something like Asperger's Syndrome, When We Fall, When We Fall

in A World

Grown So Cold,
So Very Cold And

We Become the Tools
We Use As More of Machine

Humans Where the Warmth Within Goes
Away That Drives Love First; Yes, the Oxytocin

Connections Along with All the Other Favorable

Neurohormones And Neurochemicals Conducive More to

Pro-Social Emotions And Resulting Human Actions Die Away

As Well as Much of the Rest of our More Right Brain Attributed

Metaphor of Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real Emotional Sensory Spiritual

Human Potentials in Human Cognition of Love And Creativity This Way For All

With least harm...

As i've told the Story,
Many Ways, i come From a place
of Desert Traditions of SCaRCiTiES WHere
Empathy is Bled Out of little Boys like Onions
That No Longer Bleed Tears; So One Day Perhaps
They Too Will Have What it Takes to go to Another

Unwarranted And Unjustified War For God And Country (TO KILL)
of Tribal Materialism Gains And Status And Power Rewards Yet Not

For the Child
Born still With

Open Arms For
All as my Daddy Said
The Peace Symbol is Just
A Track of A Coward Chicken

As did the Rest of the So-Called
Christian Marching Soldier Boys to War too

Who Spit on me For Smiling; Who Spit on Love
in A World Divided into Fear and Hate Same Old 'Trump

Story' Yet it doesn't

Matter As Every

Human is the Real
Face of God to me; Same
As A Grain of Sand That Holds
Up a Mountain of Thank You And Please
And Yes M'am and Or Sir, no matter Who the Person is

Out of Real Respect and No Venture for Other outcomes yet Human Warmth...

Yes, Mileage Varies, Depending on Make and Model of Vehicle and Vessel of Being

Human; And A Best Thing About Going to ReaL HeLL ON EartH Within, Losing All that

Warm Humanity is, i Have Enough Experience Now to Have Sympathy for Real

DevilS in Life;

Oh, So Cold

Inside as i too
Got to Go to Hell and

See Where the Devil
Doesn't Even Breathe the
Warmth of A Mother's Touch

Or A Young Woman Really RiSinG SHiNiNG

In Love With A Smile that Warms Her World...

Now We Are Financially Independent; Now We Have
All the Money And 'Stuff' We'll Ever Need Now And my Wife
at 52, Now is still evolving as Love Now As She's Learned
to Love our Honda 8 Year-Old Civic Enough no Longer To

(It'll Last Another 100,000 Years Easy Peacey As Balance
In all i am Drives So Smooth Floating on Highways True;

And Garage Kept too; A Home For A Car Not Fully
Loaded up With Unused Walmart 'Stuff' As Such)


A New


And True Now
That She Saw

Her Nephew Die
With Addiction She

No Longer Believes those
Folks Are Sentenced to Hell
By A Conviction of an All Loving
Merciful, Forgiving God Who No

Longer has Sympathy For HumanS in HeLL ON EartH

And Tortures them forever to Add Salt Forever in their
Already Wound on Earth...

Live And LEarn;

Smile and Spread Love

For No Other Outcome Yet
Warmth of the Human Condition;

Sure, Easy for a Re-Formed Devil
to Dance Sing Reborn into a Home of Love Within;

Not everyone Blessed Enough to Go to Hell For Real

And learn this Most Basic of All Human Lessons: Love

That is


Unconditional Now...
SMiLes This is kinda Long
Already Yet Yesterday When me and
my Wife Were Standing in Line at a Buffet
to Get Her 'Free Birthday Meal,' There Was An 87 Year-old
Man Staring at my Brown Shirt Chest, Reading the Line
That Says, "Big Foot Saw me Yet NoBody Believes Him"...

He Said that must be Some 'Sea Story' You Have There and

i Said, Are You Retired Military and He Went on to Say He

Was The Command
Master Chief who Bowled

At the Military Center i Served
Shoes Out at Beginning in 1984...

It's True There Are Some Smiles You just Don't Forget...

True, i Still Remembered Him From All those years ago...

Just Another Face of God FOR REAL; Just Another Human
Dragging God's
Bodies along...

And That Day

He got to


'Bigfoot' Again...

Just A Picture on
My Shirt of Course...
Just A Form "That's All Folks"...

Thanks Again in Advance for the Free Rental
Space in Your New York, New York Blog This Way...

No Hugs
of Course With SMiLes...

That Much This Human
Condition Has Taught me For Almost 62 Years...
And That's Okay As Long As Sun Shines Within
That i Master and Control in Life Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete

-Big Foot Lives...

For Real...

At least for now With SMiLes...

During the Twenty-Three Years
i Worked or Was Deathly ill for
66 Months and Never Visited Church

The Church Groups Came in And the
Leaders often Exclaimed i Was the Most
"Perfect Example" of A Christian They Ever Met;

Another Woman, When She Found Out i Was Manager
of the Place Operating it Still From the Counter Serving Shoes;

She Said Oh, That's Why You Are So Kind; You Are The Boss; Like There
Had to Be A Reason For Someone to Be Kind; Like She Didn't get the

Part You Feel

of Warmth With
Every Human You
Meet and Greet in Life
With A Smile; and True Law-Enforcement

Officer's Coming in to Get Their Dinner At the
Food Establishment We Operated Then Finding
Out i Worked There for 18 years, Said, How in the World

Can you Be So Happy Working in the Same Damned Bowling

Center for 18 Years; And i Thought to myself, Don't They understand

That Everyone Has a Unique Face of God to Explore in Potential Bliss
Forever now new...

It's True 'The

Human Story' Hasn't Changed

Only The Actors For The Characters Remain...

it Was Hard for me to Talk all The Way Until Age 53...

Eventually, i Would Be Able to Tell The "Depth of the Story" Whenever,
WHeREVeR i Was/Am Ready to Dance And Sing Fear-Free, "It's A Wonderful

Life" Indeed

for Some
of Us Now
At Least
WHere Kind
Still Dances Sings For Real...

Wow! That Was 1551 Words;
NoW i REally Owe You More

For This
Space In New York, N.Y., Some
Days You Endure SO MUCH of me...

Again, Thanks For the Space for Memories, in Advance...

"A Short Summary of Koranic Directives Regarding Women:

• A woman is worth one-half of a man, and men are above women.

• Men are superior to women and have authority over them, while women must obey men or risk being beaten.

• Menstruating women are unclean, and men must stay away from them.

• Muslim men may marry up to four wives, including prepubescent girls, and can own sex slaves.

• Muslims are not allowed to marry non-Muslims, unless the latter convert to Islam.

• Women are men's "fields", and men can have sex with them whenever they want.

• Women must cover themselves and be seen only by relatives, eunuchs, slaves, and children who have not yet had sex with women."

Sure, Quoted For Truth; Now Let's Study the Old Testament of the Christian Bible Where Verses Have Been Cherry
Picked to Justify a Women's Inability to Speak on Spiritual Matters With a Delay Of Voting Rights, Just 122 Years Ago
in 1920; Amusingly, Folks Cherry Pick Verses Still in the Old Testament Regarding LGBQT Rights; Yet They

Forget All About

What It Says About

Women And Also Support

of 'Priests' Performing Chemical
Induced Abortions on Adulterous
Women; And Of Course There is that
Issue of Lot Offering Up His Virgin Daughters

to Replace the Action of A Mob Outside That Wants
to Violently Rape A Male Stranger Visiting His Home;

(Just As A Side Note: Psalm Support For Dashing the Heads
of Opposing Tribe's Children Against Stones is Kinda Messed Up too)

His Reward From that So-Called God THEN, Being Saved From
Destruction in the City He Lives; His Wife's Reward For Looking
Back at the Destruction, turned into A Pillar of Salt; True in That

Old Part of the Christian Bible, Women Are Viewed About As Valuable

As the Salt of the Earth
Dead, Worth A Replacement
Value of Serving As Rape Victims for Male Potential Rape Victims;

Not a Very Pretty Place in a Story for Women AT ALL in those Days; And Now too:



"Genesis 3:16

Eve's punishment for eating the forbidden fruit: "In pain you shall bring forth children, yet your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you." Exodus 20:17

In the Ten Commandments, the wife as property: "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbor's." Numbers 5:12-28

A test for women suspected of adultery: "If any man's wife goes astray and is unfaithful to him...and there is no witness against her since she was not caught in the act...then the man shall bring his wife to the priest...[who] shall make her take an oath, saying, 'If no man has lain with you, if you have not turned aside to uncleanness while under your husband's authority, be immune to this water of bitterness'... When he has made her drink the water, then, if she has defiled herself...[the water] shall enter into her and cause bitter pain, and her womb shall discharge, her uterus drop, and the woman shall become an execration among her people. But if the woman has not defiled herself and is clean, then she shall be immune and be able to conceive children." Deuteronomy 22:23-24

A rape victim's rights, Old Testament style: "If there is a young woman, a virgin already engaged to be married, and a man meets her in the town and lies with her, you shall...stone them to death, the young woman because she did not cry for help...and the man because he violated his neighbor's wife." [If the woman is not engaged] "the man who lay with her shall give 50 shekels of silver to the young woman's father, and she shall become his wife." Ephesians 5:22-23

The apostle Paul on husbands and wives: "Wives, be subject to your husbands as you are to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the church." 1 Corinthians 14:34-35

Paul on women's conduct in church: "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak... And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home." 1 Timothy 2:13-15

Paul on why women should be silent in church: "For Adam was formed first, then Eve; and Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor. Yet she will be saved through childbearing, provided [she] continue in faith and love and holiness, with modesty." Titus 2:3-5

Paul on how to instruct women: "Likewise, tell the older women to be reverent in behavior, not to be slanderers or slaves to drink; they are to teach what is good, so that they may encourage the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be self-controlled, chaste, good managers of the household, kind, being submissive to their husbands, so that the word of God may not be discredited." 1 Peter 3:1-7

The apostle Peter on women's conduct and status: " not adorn yourselves outwardly by braiding your hair, and by wearing gold ornaments or fine clothing; rather, let your adornment be the inner self with the lasting beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit... It was in this way long ago that the holy women who hoped in God used to adorn themselves by accepting the authority of their husbands. Thus Sarah obeyed Abraham and called him lord." Revelation 14:1-4

The 144,000 who will be chosen at the Second Coming: "Then I looked, and there was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion! And with him were 144,000 who had his name and his Father's name written on their foreheads...It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins."






Granted, the Quran Verses Overall, Improve on How Women
Were Treated Before the Quran Went into Effect; However,

'They' Refuse to Admit

How Flawed It is Still

Today NOW For the

Overall Value of What A Women is Worth;
And the Source of All Human Life And How

All Human Beings Are Born After Female Fetus Potential
Until Hormones Are Sprinkled in And Some Body Parts Change into

Different Body
(In Example, a
Penis Instead of Clitoris)
Parts for Reproduction.

Both Books Are Books of Ignorance/Harm Still;

No Ifs and or Buts; People Do Amazing Mental

Gymnastics to Put Lip-Stick on Both Pig-Like Books;

Oh By the Way; Pigs Without Lipstick Are All Beautiful Natural Creatures...

Yet of Course

Not All Folks Agree...

So Goes the Human Condition...

We All See it Differently And Some
Folks Manage to See CR8P Pie As Delicious
As Long As They Pick Out 'The Cherries', they Love to Consume...

Fortunately, There is More than Two Books in the World That Speak
of Love Instead of Harm to Others; In 'The Old Ones,' Ranging DOWN to an All Loving,
Forgiving, Merciful God As Described in 'Both of those Old Books,' Torturing 'The Enemies'

Who Don't Do What

God Says to Do Next Forever;

Forever, As Long As Evil is Just Words in a Book...

As True With Human Beings, We Will Be As Evil as
We Are Able to Bring our Stories (Nightmares or Dreams) to Life;


Are Just

Myths; However,

Folks Still Suffer
By the Effects of Lies

As Lies Remain Lies too Even When they Become Beliefs;

And Harm Others As Much As Folks Will Do, Tolerate, And Accept;

i Dance



Yet Again, There Are Positive Parts
of the Poetry in Each Anthology of Words...

So Goes the Human Condition; DarK And LiGHT; NiGHT And Day....

God As Evil;

God As Love;

If God Is Love,

God Doesn't Do That Cr8p 'Above, Below';

Or However Many Other Letters are Assigned to 'Love'...

It's Not Surprising How Much Both Books Mirror Each Other
To Slights and Abuse to Women; After All, the Second One
Plagiarized A Large Part of the First one in A Minuscule 80,000
or So Words With A Minimal 2000 Words of Vocabulary; Yawn, This is the 21st Century;

Some Folks Are Getting a Clue, Just How Small In So Many Ways Both Books Are in Accordance

With Love For All; True, Even That Tiny 800,000 or so Word Book That Took Innumerable Ghost
Authors, Scribes With Mistakes, and Intentional Changes, Thousands of Years to even Number the

Verses in the 1300's;

And Finally Put the First
Book to Print in the 1400's, So

Scribes Might not Make So Many
Damned Mistakes and Intentional Changes

Copying By Hand All Those Millennials Before...

Anyway, Don't Come into a Room With A Person
With Asperger's Syndrome; And Not Expect to
Be Corrected Hehe, For Whatever Their Special

Interest May

Be; Love that is
True and Real or LeSS iN DarK;

In This Case At Least, With SMiLES;
Particularly, When Someone Is Naked,
Enough, Whole, And Complete; And Financially

Independent, Not Having to 'Brownnose' Keeping Jobs,
FRiEnDS, Lovers; And Basic Subsistence to Survive As A Social Animal;
And Oh Yeah, It Helps to Live in a Country Where One is Not Slain for Disagreeing...

Or Deleted From Informational Sources, Where All Voices of Disagreement Are Silenced;

Where Everyone

Must Dance And
Sing off the Same
Choir Sheets to Participate at all...


Makes A Difference... too...

And Nope, We Don't Really Need
to go Back to A Place of 'Theocracy;'
Where An Evil God's Rules Are Considered Justice;

At Least if one is Not a Republican Politician Now in
Texas or Some Other Biblical Belt State, ESpouSinG
In Justice Against Women to Follow A "REAL Evil God's Rules" in Human Form...

Seek And Find
Will, Do, Be With
SMiles Dear Yam...

Mirror Mountain
Above Below

Tranquility Lake

Roots Reach

Below Yes Leaves

Stretch Toward Sunshine
Warm Within

Oh How All of

Life is Living

Loving Tree

Once Again
i Am Reminded
i Am Leaf Greening

Tree Falling to Soils
Fertilizing New Souls To Sprout Green Again

Forest Whole Water Wave Ocean Complete

Naked Enough Now Wave Coming or Going

Coming Again
Always New Now

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN

How Beautiful

This Miracle
of Existence Dear
Savvy ThiS ETernal


to Breathe...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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13 Apr 2022, 1:38 am

Peace Place of Balance

No Fear WHeRe ALL

Love Springs


Even More

Now to Be i AM
Dear Savvy SMiLinG...

Creative Spirit Within

Fire Just Won't Go Out

Wings Higher Still Flying

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating

Future Evolves NoW

More LoVE iN

Dear Savvy

With SMiLes

Hmm, Whether or Not Fossils Are Comprised
of Bone or Mineral Played A Direct And Valued

'ArtiFact of Knowledge' in my 'Tenure' As An

Archeology Associate in One Summer At University;

However, The Other Two Part Time Jobs i Had, While
Maintaining A Full School Course Load, Earning Three
Degrees At Once, Per Social Sciences Interdisciplinary,
Anthropology, And Health Science; Not So Much As Those

Other Two Part Time Jobs Were Janitor And University Book Store Clerk;

However, Part of the Research As A Budding Anthropologist Was Analyzing The
Garbage of the Bank Employees, Where i Was Employed As Janitor Late at Night.

And Additionally, Part of my Practice as An Anthropology Participant Observer Was
Massaging One of my Female Classmates at a Lamaze Class; And No, She Was Not
Pregnant; i Still Vividly Remember the Cigarette Smell on my Finger Tips as She Was
Addicted to That Cancer Causing Rolled Weed, With All The Additive Carcinogenic Chemicals; Yet i Digress

As i Have an Amazing Memory; Usually Whatever Anyone Writes Here That i am Part of, i Don't Forget Either;

Yep, Going All The Way Back to 2010; Like When i First Got Here on ThanksGiving Day, 2010, And Made A Small
List of the Technological Developments That Distracted me So Much And Helped Lead to my Demise Before then...

YeP, it Makes it Hard For Folks to Get Away With A Lie with me; Probably Would Have made A Great Lawyer; Yet
i Intuited Then That Any Systemizing Field At University Would Suck my Soul Away into Oblivion As Science

Suggests That is What

Happens today When

Folks Ignore Their Potential
Human Intelligences Associated
With Real Social-Empathic-Emotional-
Physical-Artistic-Intuitive-Spiritual Real
Feeling And Sensing Ways of Doing the World Now.

For Instance, Let's Take A Modern Human Deficit, Where
Science Shows the Average Human Being Has An Attention
Span of Less than 3 Seconds; Yes, Less Than That of A Frigging Goldfish...

It's Safe to Sing, The
Average Human Being

Is Very Distracted; And Has
Great Difficulty in Cognitive Executive
Functioning in Mastering The Regulation
of Emotions and Senses From Head to Toe that
Is Integral With Physical Intelligence too of Actually

Moving More
Than Adhering
to A Computer
Screens Most Hours
of the Day; However, At
Least Some Folks Are Interacting
And Creating Online As Opposed to

Passive Couch Potato Life as Spectators
of Someone Else's Plays of Life on TV; And
Net Flix on Computer Screens now too; And of
Course, Mainly Just Sharing What Someone Else Already

Did, Or Repeating Facts Already Downloaded in Rote Memory
For Retrieval, if Long Term Memory is Working Well Enough That
Way to Retain What Was Learned Long Ago; Some Folks Remember

Facts for Multiple Choice Tests; and Poof After That the Information is gone; Just gone...

It's Really Not A Good Measure of Whether Education is Failing Us As to Whether or Not
Someone Remembers the Data Download of one Isolated Fact in School, Per the Mineralization
of Bone That Makes The End Results of Fossils For those Associated With Fields of Work in How

Limited They
Are Where that
Information Matters
at All in Day to Day Life...

We Tend to Forget Things We
Don't Need to Know in Everyday

Life; Not so Much With me and Others;

And too Much Information Without the Ability
to Focus on the Task at Hand; May Come to Be A Handicap For
Real Where A Person May Be Able to Remember All the Facts; yet in

'Real Life 'As 'They' Say for Metaphor,
Not Be Able to 'Find Their Way Out
of A Paper Bag' Or Develop The Kind

Of Intelligence, Required in Interpretive
Skills of Figurative Language to Understand
That Doesn't Literally Mean, Find Your Way Out of a Paper Bag;

Or in the Case of Literal Religious Folks; Coming to Understand that
A 'Risen Christ'; Is Just Another Archetypal Hero Story; Where the Hero Comes
through A Dark Journey Out of the 'Proverbial Plato Cave'; Finds Wisdom From Within;

And Attempts to Go Back to the Cave to Enlighten Others, to Help Those Folks Get Out of the Cave too...

Yawn, Some Folks

Literally Still Believe

A Dude they've Changed
to an Idol God, Actually Was
Raised From the Dead Like Real

Life Zombies AS Such; And then
Make it All About Him and He, Instead of Them; Reaching Their Human Potentials...

And Yes, MiSSinG Out on Doing 'John 14:12,' Just Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete
Doing the Luke 17:21 Dance And Song of LiFE iN Heaven Within too; Oh Lord,

So Many Intelligences;

So Many Potentials Fulfilling

in This Life Now, With So Many Avenues

to Master the Tools; Instead of Becoming

The Tools; And Mastered By Others As Slaves...

Meanwhile, Some Folks Give, Share, Care, Heal;

In Terms of Social-Empathic-Emotional-Physical-
Artistic-Intuitive-Spiritual Real Feeling
And Sensing Intelligences And Become

More Than The Facts They Download

In Life; And More Than Machines that
Specialize in Only One Set of Facts too...

This is A Fascinating Day to Be Alive, Where We have
The World's Arts and Sciences At Our Finger Tips online,
Practically For Free; Yet It's True, A Budding New Real 'Jesus',
'Buddha', 'Lao Tzu', Mozart, Beethoven, Einstein, And Da Vinci,

Michelangelo, And the List Goes On For Fictional And Real Folks
Who Didn't Get Trapped at the 'Bus-Stop' Playing a Game, Totally
Distracted With Candy Crush or the Latest Net-Flix Flick; Other Video Games,

Or Whatever Distracts them From Reaching Even a Small Percentage of Human

Potential, They Might Have Otherwise Developed, if Not So Restricted to A Small Area

of Human

As My Philosophy
Teacher in College Noted;

Specialization in a Technological

Society in Systemizing Ways of Cognition,

May Yet Be A Large Part of Human-Kind's Fall; And

As Far as Customer Service Associates Absorbed
in their Facebook New-Feed or Whatever; It's True,

One May Be Lucky, if someone even Looks Up to Acknowledge

Another Human Exists; And Even if They Do, if the Question is Longer

Than 3 Seconds, It May Be A 'Mute Question', All Together;

We Have Got Bigger (Smaller) Problems With Human Education
Now Than Whether or Not Someone Understands For Real, Whether

Or Not A Fossil Is Bone or Mineral Indeed; Like Being Able to Even Pay Attention

to One Task in Autotelic Flow And Truly Find A Kingdom of Heaven Within to Enjoy, Truly Happy/Content
Eternally Now And Also Reaching Human Potentials that Most Humans Have Never Even Imagined in Life;

As Basically

They've Lost

Their ability to
Move, Connect, And
Co-Create In Life; Usually

What Animals Do in A Freer

Naked Kingdom That Way

With Intuitive Intelligence That
Conserves Every Calorie For Life;
FRiEnDS with Gravity, Moving Gracefully,
Regulating Emotions, Integrating Senses;

Fully Able to Capture Prey in Focus With Enough
Larger View, Bigger Picture Mindful Awareness to Escape Predators too..

And Nope, Not Living A Life Almost Every Minute Lost in Anxiety;

And Distracted

Every Which
Way Yet Laser Focus

In Improving Human Animal
Potentials too, Both in Balance And
Complexity in Effortless 'Wu-Wei' Ease...

Anyway, Modern Society Has Many Moving
Parts and Requires Many Humans With Specialities;

And Crystalized And Fluid Intelligence to Keep the Whole
Machine Building New And Still Well Oiled For Parts Already Made...

It's True, With Ants,They Don't Understand in Big Picture View, How the Mound
Comes to Be; It's True too, With Humans They Are Often Lost in the Trees and Miss

A Forest Too...

Yet It's Also
True, It's Possible
to Improve As Use it or
Lose it Makes Life What We Co-Create it to Be And Do Now...

There Are so Many Variables, Like Personality Traits too, Where the
More Conservative, Closed Minded Person May Wish to Stay in the Cave
And Keep Traditional Concrete Ideas About Religion, Where Myth Becomes

The Truth Alone...

And On the Other
Hand, THere is Always
A Potential too; For the
More Liberal And Open Minded

Folks Finding A New Way to Sail to Heaven
on Earth Within; And Give and Share And
Care Fearlessly Now to

Heal Others

With that More
'Progressive Wisdom' True...

Yet Again; Some Folks Are More Like
Anchors on Boats That Keep Us in Safe
Harbors Through Raging Storms of Change;

Others, Find New Ways For Heaven on Earth Within, With Sails in Fair
Winds And Following Seas And Share That Wisdom And 'Just Do it' too

Without Even Worrying

About "Shoes Sells"

As They Have Mastered
The Tool And Now Just Use it;
No Longer Servant to Someone Else's Traditional Story/Tool...

Listen, It's Difficult For Almost Every Ant to Figure Out How the
Mound is Made Whole;

Yet Every Once

in A While,

A Different

Kind of Ant Comes to Play For Free...

Meh, Same Old 'Matrix' Story; Characters

Remain; Actors And Story Continues to Change...

-Part 6

~WHere the
Become One With tHE ALL...

Yawn, Marry Easter; Merry Spring to All


Now within

At Least FoR Me...

WHeRE IT's Always
A Good Day New Now...

SMiles i Realize
How Big New York
Is Yet Never The Less
i Remember All
The Posts
Where You
Riding The
Subway To
Work So Glad
That Wasn’t A
Part of Your Day
(Subway Shooting)
Today With SMiles...

SMiles Dear
Mariana i
MaKinG Money
Yet NoW i Enjoy It
All More When it’s
ALL Free With SMiles
True took A
For 66
To Arrive
NoW iN This
Other Place Real...

Thanks Dear
Cindy Always
So Inspiring
When You
Of Your
Soul Now...

And A Lovely
Afternoon to
You Now Dear
Ms. Vampiress
FRiEnD Hehe With
Beyond Time...

Here i Am Now
Just Melting Time
Away Appreciating
A Gift of MiSSinG A

Dear FRiEnD

With Total
Trust And
Faith They
Will Always
Be Here in Some
Measure At Least

As Long
As We Are
Both Alive And
Perhaps Someway
Unmeasured Yet Well

As Star


Of All of
Us SMiling
Once More…

Yep i’d Rather
Be A Beginner


Standing Alone...

SMiLes Dear Mariana i Give and Share Your
Name Everywhere i Go to the Far Reaches

of the Globe With
Caring Healing

For All that

You Inspire

With SMiLes...

True i've Even
Sung About Your
Poetry Book For Sell
As Well For A BucK NoW

They May Be Inspired By
What You Inspire in me True too...

Yet Again i Gave Up Wearing

Money So Long Ago i'm Not

Even Sure Whose

Face is on

A Dollar

Yet my Wife
Who Spends
it For me Freely HAha...

Happy Easter Week Dear Rue
Still Hoping to See Your Poetry
Come Back to Life Here New One Day

me and Katrina Talking About You This Morning
She Asking me Where is Your Dancing FRiEnD Rue Lately

And i Just Sang

No Matter What i Hope

She is Doing Okay i Just Hope

She is Okay i Just Hope She is Okay
If i may Be So Humble to Sing Love You Dear FRiEnD...

Yawn, It's Perpetual 'Good Friday' for
The Inhabitants in Ukraine; Yes, Sort of

Like Dress Down Friday 'in the Office' Then
Where Folks Wore Jeans 'Back in the Day;'

Where Now Pajama's Work Fine All Day
Long Behind A Lap-Top Screen, Until

The Zoom Meeting Comes And one May
Wear A More Dress-up Shirt And Perhaps
Go Without Pants And Be Careful Not to Be

Caught Doing A
"Jeffrey Toobin Dance"...

Anyway, Back to Perpetual
"Good Friday" in Ukraine; It's
True, Military Green is the 'New

Black and Orange' in Ukraine, Where Everyday
People Are Sacrificing Their Lives For Every Day

People, Every Day As They Are Being Attacked By A
Ruthless Demagogue Dictatorship; It's Quite Appropriate





He Would Probably Be Comfortable
Standing in Front of His Nation Totally
Naked, Enough, Whole, And Complete;

Putin, Maybe Shirtless;

DEFEATED Trump, Definitely

NOT In His Sagging Golf Course
Polo Shirt; And On Top of that; Yes,

None of Those Dudes Had the Skills
To 'Play Piano With No Pants and No Hands'...

Some Folks Are Real Men; No Matter What they wear;



As Much;

In Fact, Where i Live
There is Constant Competition
For Who Has A Biggest Four Wheel
Drive to Compensate for Other 'Human'


Yawn, my 8-Year-Old
Honda Civic Coupe Works
Just Fine; Still Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete...

And yes, i Know the Difference Between Wearing And
Not Wearing Clothes...

For Who is Afraid
or Not Afraid of

Being Nature

Wild Loving
Free Now FOR REAL...

Won’t Tame
The Tiger
Can’t Lame

Wind Or
Hold it

In A Jar
When God
Wild And Free...

SMiles Not Sure
What it’s Called
Yet i Love to

Free Dance

And Sing

And Etch
A Sketch it
In Stone That

Flows Everyday
With SMiles Dear
Dawn Happy Poetry


Welcome Dear
Cindy Heroes
Are Often Meek
In The Original
Definition of one
Well Versed With
Swords Yet Keeping

With SMiles...

And This Is Why
They inherit
The World
With Peace
Instead Of War...

Peace Place of Balance

No Fear WHeRe ALL

Love Springs


Even More

Now to Be i AM
Dear Savvy SMiLinG...

Creative Spirit Within

Fire Just Won't Go Out

Wings Higher Still Flying

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating

Future Evolves NoW

More LoVE iN

Dear Savvy

With SMiLes

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


User avatar

Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,552

13 Apr 2022, 4:31 pm

Essence Continuing To BREaTHE EternAlly
Real Always Changing NeW Each Breath Now

i Am A Leaf Greening my Tree Falling to Soils Birthing
Spring New Trees Wherever i Rise Now Continuing

A Spiraling Dance Song Real For You and Me ALL

Realism in Theism Since 6.6.60 Yawn Ya Can't Empirically
Measure God With Form Anymore Than Doing It With Human Consciousness




Doctor Just Gave 'You' to Heal;

Yes By God, Allah, Jesus, the Sugar Pill Works; Through the Power of Suggestion That Science Assesses Now is

Most Definitely

Behind Both

The Placebo
And Nocebo

Effect That May Bring

Healing Up to Remission From
Terminal Disease; And Or An Early

Demise From Illness For Those Who Keep
A Negative Attitude in Life, Per the Real Emotions
That Feelings and Senses Make Up From Head to Toe in Synergy;

Yes, in All The Connections Associated With A Healthy Balance
of Neurochemicals And Neurohormones in Every Way Emotions

Drive MOST All of What We Do in Life Through Feelings and Senses
ThiS Way From Head to Toe,

Before, We Determine

The Reasons Next For
What We Do; And If We

Will Repeat What to Do Next;

For However We Move, Connect,
And Co-Create Our Realities, in the Future Now...

Fact Is, The Power of Suggestion; The Great Feeling Sensory
Emotions and Underlying Balance of Healthy Neurohormones
And Neurochemicals Vary According to Individual Make and Model

of Vehicle
And Vessel
of Being Human Now;

Sadly, Some Folks Who Are Very
Unemotional and Cold May Find Little
Healing When Administered A Sugar Pill,

Whether That Be An Actual Pill Or A Highly Charged
Feeling Emotional And Sensory Connection to A 'Meme'

That Is Just as Powerful as A Sugar Pill in Reality of Allah,

Or God, Or Jesus, or the Frigging 'Flying Spaghetti Monster,'

For Real if A Religion Was Designed Around That Meme That Folks

Place Great Emotional Feeling And Sensory Value Upon For Healing Suggestive Power....

And In General, A Glass OverFlowing Attitude As Opposed to Just Empty Within And
Void Without

Finding Any Meaning
And Purpose in Life Ranging Up
to Anhedonia of Not Even BEING Able

NOW To Actually Feel Any Pleasure by
Consuming An Actual Teaspoon of Sugar;

Or Without Pro-Social Emotions or Practically
Any Emotions At All, Where Folks Will Cut Themselves
For the Adrenalin Reaction, if they Even Have That Left to Feel Anything At All In Life;

As This Applies to the Parable of the Rich Dude in the Bible, Who is So Attached to External
Stuff in His And Or Her Life, They Have no Ability to Generate Happiness Within, Such As With

An Autotelic Flow of Human Activity on Task in A Pleasurable Way of Life, Where We As Humans

Master this Kingdom

of Heaven For Real

Within, in Meditative
And Contemplative Ways in Flow

of Life As Practice Wiring Ourselves

Like a Real Christmas Tree of Unlimited

Nuances of Coloring Happiness From Head to toe
And So Much More, Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT;
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing All ThiS Way With Least Harm Now...

Fortune Cookies With Positive Suggestions And Horoscopes With Positive
Suggestions About Life Work the Similar Way in Placebo Faith, Hope, And Loving

Ways of Life in More Positive Ways of Feeling, Sensing, And Acting in Life ALL in Balance


to Color One's

Christmas Tree With

New Colors of Bliss Year
'Round As Taking the Tree Down

Only Puts off the Real Experience of Heaven Now;

Yet True Again, For the Person Who Relies Totally
on External Sources of Rewards in Life; It is Indeed Very

Difficult to Find this 'Camel' Passing Through This 'Needle'

of Greater Human Potentials; Yet Again, Those Sugar Pills of

God, Jesus, Allah; Or Just a Sugar Pill That Folks Put Such Great

Hope, Faith, And LoVE iNTo Actually Works Through the Power of Suggestion

And All the Feelings,

Senses, Emotions,

All The Connections
Associated That Bring
Change In Moving, Connecting Co-Creating Ways,





Yet Again, Not Everyone Wires And Colors
Their Christmas Trees this Way, Due to Both

Nature And Nurture Variables in Life; i Am Surely

Not Suggesting Life is Fair; Yet It's True, i Used to Be

Only A Withering

Weed, A Vine

With No Fruit;

Until i Started A
Practice of Keeping
Up my Christmas Tree
Year 'Round And Coloring All

Parts of Existence in Great Emotional,
Feeling And Sensory Value of Meaning And Purpose;

And What This Means is i May Value Myself as a Leaf
on A Tree Who Greens And Colors All of the Tree of me
And In Turn Fertilizes A Forest Whole Through Soils For New Green
Trees to Spring

Up Higher

As Souls

Year 'Round too;

Yet It's Also True As that
'Old Book' Describes; Sadly,

Not All Folks Have 'Eyes and Ears'
Beyond Just Physical Sensory Organs
Now to Understand These Metaphors;

And True, Life Just isn't Fair ThiS Way;

As It's True, Not Everyone Finds A Jesus,
God, Allah, Or Sugar Pill That Works For
This Real Power of Hope, Faith, And Love
or Whatever Metaphor one Wants to Use as

That Applies to the Power of Suggestion and
the Placebo Effect that Really Works; Other than

The Matthew Part of the Parable About the Rich
Dude Leaving His Riches Behind Finding the Kingdom
of Heaven Within And Actually Practicing This aS A Way Of Life;

And The Bleeding Seen As Unclean Woman, Outcast From Life Who
Believes if She touches A Part of the Dude Jesus's Garment She Will

Surely Be Healed
And Is in that
Story of Great
Hope, Faith, And Love too

That in this Case is Attributed
to the Sugar Pill of Jesus in that Story too...

i Can And Will Get The Similar Benefit From A Grain

of Sand on the Beach; Yet Just Imagine How Powerful

The Effect Will Be, if i Can And WiLL Gain the Benefit From All the Grains

of Sand On all the Beaches and the Rest of my Experience of Existence Now;

Yep, Bet i Could Heal myself of 19 Medical Disorders of Pain and Numb And i Did

And the Doctor's Taking Care of me Placed me in the Files of Unexplained Remission of Disease
With No Prognosis For Recovery; Yes, All it Took Was A Free Song of Free Poetry And Free Dance

To Stay Healed This Way for 8 Years, 8 Months And 25 Days Now; True, One Pays Attention More
As Attention to Heaven on Earth, Once one Experiences HeLL ON Earth, With the Worst Assessed
Pain and Numb Know to Humankind (Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia No Drug Would Touch) Wake

to Sleep for 66 Months; As Perspective in Life Counts too...

And Again, The Autotelic Flow of Writing In Just This

Style as i Have From The Beginning is What

Keeps me in Real Heaven Now;

Science Assesses This Flow

In Meditation Effective

For Healing Whether

It Comes in a Free Song

of Poetry This Way Ascending

And Transcending into Constant

Healing And Overflowing Hope, Faith,
And Loving Life With No Fear; Or Just a Free

Dance in Spiraling Flow of Public Dance for
16,453 Miles Now For Real too; As True

i Related This to A Dude in Walmart

Last Night Who Was on Oxygen

For A Heart Condition,

Who Wasn't Sure if Modern
Medicine Could Heal Him;

Even Though 'They' Assured Him They Could....

He Paid Attention to me for 30 Minutes, While i
Witnessed to Him my Real Life Story of Healing;

At the End my Real Life Story, This Gruff Looking 'Farm
Man Boy' Hugged me With Tears in His Eyes and Said Thanks Brother;

And Then i Said, Well, Considering i've Held You HeaR For 30 Minutes
With You On Oxygen, i Better Let you Go; And He Said if It's About 'Jesus'

i Ain't Going Nowhere;

And Indeed my Story

Might Help Him In His
Placebo Effect And Power
of Suggestion Associated

With The Meme and Super Hero
of His Story of Life He Values Most;

Yep, The Story Book Super Hero Jesus;

And If the Dude Was Muslim, Allah, Would Have Worked Just As Well;

And if the Dude Was Buddhist, Buddha Would Do Just Fine too; And if the

Dude Was Hindu, Krishna In His Back Pocket Would Have Served Him As A Sugar Pill
Super Hero Just fine too...

Or in China With
Lao Tzu And 'Tao' too

In Flow of 'Wu Wei' too;

Thing is, i Skip
All the Myths And

Go Directly to the
Real Essence of the

Power of Belief; It Works
As Science Shows; Yet it is
Rare One Will Find Someone

Who Goes Directly to the Source;

Without Some Ideology or Symbol

Associated; It Just Works Better for me;
Allowing me to Accomplish so Much More
in Life in Empirical Measurable Ways as it kinda

Blew Up the Dude's Head in Walmart When He Tried
to Guess i Wrote An EPiC Long Form Poem Almost
10.4 Million Words in 8 Years and 8 Months With The Dance, Come the
104th Anniversary Date of "SonG of mY SoUL" As Such on 4.18.2022; Yep,

He Also Insisted i Was in my 40's And Not About to Turn 62 on 6.6.2022;

Yes, my Driver's License Info, Proved me Correct As i've Had to Whip it out
Before Many Times to Prove the Same to Others; As It's Also True Science
Shows That Meditation, Whether Moving or Still, is A Real Fountain of Youth
That Actually Regenerates Grey Matter in the Brain And Shrinks Fear Centers too;

Yet i Told Him in His Religious Language; It's True if You Have Zero Fear And 100 Percent
Hope, Faith,

And Love

God Becomes

A Real Verb Within

One Can And Will Count on

in 100 Percent Ways of Getting

Stuff Done Now Always With Colors New...

There is No Perfection WHere i Live; Only Improving Even More;

Perfection is A Machine, i Want no Part of; Or A God Incapable of Change
Evolving Still Now True too...

There Are Many Venn
Diagrams That Comprise

Many Definitions of God and
Other Sugar Pills in Life; i Choose
Essence unlimited Even By Human

Abstract Constructs As Small as Infinity;

Yet It's True, i Can't Put All i Understand About
This Existence in Words; There Are Just Parts of
Existence For Real That Are Ineffable And Almost Impossible

To Put into Words; Yet 'They' Also Said There Was No Possible Prognosis
for my Recovery...

i BeLieVE iN
me That's All
i Really Need to
Know, Feel, Sense,
And Really Do; This

Force Within This Higher Power For REAL...

CaLL iT What Ever Ya Like; 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' or
CR8P, Holy And Sacred That Color Roses So Beautiful New;


just me
and the
rest of
existence for real...

FoR Me at Least, This 100 Percent Force of Love...

Smiles, my FRiEnD, When one Communicates ThiS Way,

THere is No Pre-approved Way it Works; It Flows Like Waves
on Oceans Free Water Same Yet Forms Always Different in Deed...

Some Folks Are Able to Ride These Waves; Some Folks Are Not Able to As
Again, Make And Model And Vehicle And Vessel of Every Unique Human Being

Makes A Difference;

Your Path May Be totally

Different than Mine; Neither

Mine or Yours Negates the Reality of Another...

Nothing i Say Here may Be of Use to You; Yet Like
The Dude Last Night, His Hope, His Faith, His LoVE iN
A New Way of Believing In His Healing May Extend His Life

Another Day in Another

Day of His Life;

In that Case,
30 Minutes
of my Effort
Well Danced, Sung
And Actually Heard
And Understood by Another Human Being;
Yet He Had A Language of Hope, Faith, And Love
To Use in Terms of His Super Hero Meme Jesus; Not All

Folks Have A Gift Like Jesus, Allah, God, Buddha, Krishna,
Or Lao Tzu And His Tao And Wu Wei Associated Philosophies to Use...

And Some Folks Get No Benefit At All From Sugar Pills and the Power of


Never the Less,
SHOWS, Some Folks

Actually Do AND







Essence Continuing To BREaTHE EternAlly
Real Always Changing NeW Each Breath Now

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


User avatar

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Age: 61
Gender: Male
Posts: 10,552

15 Apr 2022, 1:27 am

No me Without
Us We And They
All That is Enough
Naked Whole Complete
Dear Savvy With SMiLes
Appreciation For All ThaT IS Now...

Door Ways of

Souls Keys to Within

That May Never Be Found

Anywhere Yet Unlocking

Inner HeARTS

With Keys

to SPiRiT
SoUL Unleashing
ReLeaSinG So Free
iNDeed Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

Flowers Are Fingers
Blooming With Human
Poetry Free Dear Cindy

Letting Go of Soul
Holds Setting
SPiRiTS Free


Coming Undone
Flying With SMiLes New Now
Congrats on Another Publish of

A Beautiful

With SMiLes...

Ending Always
Beginning Finishing
Always Starting Always
A Baton A Flame to Hand

To Another

Match, Fire,


Spreading For All...

Seeing Everyone Has A Lesson To Teach
Seeing The Teacher in Every Student of Life
Dear Chaymaa With SMiLes Open Souls Will True...

Sounds Like You Are
Getting Great Naps
Keep Up The Great
After Napping Success...

Naps, Naps, Naps,
SucH A PatH WaY NoW
Back to Creating Life New...

Something About Over 45,000 Different Denominations of Christianity; Anyway, From HiStorical Records, For Example,

Something About the Word 'Is' And 'Bill Clinton'; And How Convoluted Definitions of Just One Word Will Come to PER "IS":

“It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. If the—if he—if ‘is’ means is and never has been, that is not—that is one thing. If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement. … Now, if someone had asked me on that day, are you having any kind of sexual relations with Ms. Lewinsky, that is, asked me a question in the present tense, I would have said no. And it would have been completely true.”

Yeah, With So-Called Christians; And Most Any Other Member of Any Other 'Group Think And Act;'

All Different Interpretations Are Possible, When it Comes to Human Beings; And Even More Than That Now;

Back to The Evidence: Over 45,000 Denominations For Christianity;

And The Most Seasoned Members of Decades, Confiding in

me In Various So-Called Christian Churches, Vastly Different

Interpretations; And Some, Just Admitting They Come Because

Their Spouse Wants them to; And "Don't Believe in Any of This CR8P;"

As They've Lived Long Enough in Life to Determine How Frail Human Rationality is Among 'The Masses'...

Good Example, is This Thread; And The Various Interpretations of Verses in the Bible, Just Among the Few Here....

At the Catholic Church i Regularly Visit, One Priest FROM 'This Old Good Old Boy Place', Takes it Most All Fundamentalist

And Literal;

While the Younger

Foreign Priest Apparently
From Somewhere 'South of the Border,'

Finds the Kingdom of Heaven Within;

And Asks That Folks Do It Now; Instead of Waiting

After A Dirt Nap; It's True, Some Folks Believe in a 'Real God Now'

Within; That Doesn't Even Need A Name; Other Folks Not So Much...

It's Not Hard to Figure

Out Which Group

Enjoys Life more now;

Typically, Folks Who BeLiEVE iN
A Kingdom of Heaven Within All
For Theirs to Seek and Find IT; Do, Actually

Find it Now More Than Folks Do, Who Only Believe

Heaven Comes Somewhere in a Dirt Nap or Clouds of Ashes As Such...

True though, We Come From Star Dust And Science Suggests That We Return to Star Dust Again;

And if Famous 'New Twitter Sensation Elon Musk' is Correct; Perhaps It's All A Holographic Simulation

And We Return Forever

And Get No Say So or Do;

If So, i Suggest We Make the
Best oF iT Now; As if that is the

Case, Perhaps There is A Kind of Eternal

Hell For Those Who Believe Heaven Never Exists Now Within;

When Now is Truly All that Ever Exists Now; of Course, Depending

On the
Definition of Now too;

Watching People Discuss

Religion Is Like Watching Snow
Flakes Fall And Figuring Out Which
Two Are Configured Identically; Finger Prints in the Snow, Indeed, for the Most Part;

With So Many Folks, So Sure That Their Snow Flake Print is "THE Only One True Snowflake";

In Other Words, Looking At it this Way, Many of Them BeLieVE They are an "Only Child of God"...

With an

Only View

That Really Counts...
Yet We Can and Will Still Do Our
Best to Live A Life Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring,
Healing With Least Harm for All At Least Creating

A God Who Is More like Total Hope, Faith, And Love;

Instead of Some Lesser

God; Yet if 'Your Chalice'

Ain't Over Flowing With
Breaths of Peace and Love

Then It is Indeed, About As Easy

As Fitting A 'Moby Dick' in A 'Twitter Verse'...

SMiles Dear
FRiEnD Every
New SMile

Real in Every
Human Day Present

Blooming ThiS Way Now...

"No possible world can be imagined in which
God or anything else can both exist and not exist."

Yawn, Except in Each Individual View of Reality Where
Some Folks Experience What They


As God

And Some Do
Not In Relation to

What Other Folks Describe As God;

Let's Face Facts, if God Is Greater Than

Human Potentials, We Have No Way to Tell

God What God Can and Cannot Do; Just Evidence

Here That 'You Are God';

Yet Just A Part, And

Limited, Even As

Compared to The Person

Walking, Talking Next to Us,
Carefully Following the Paths
of Pre-Made Concrete Sidewalks;

Or Dancing And Singing Freely As
If Every Path In Life is New With No Constraints;

New, God Yes, In Original Creative Ways; For It's True,

Some Folks Cannot Relate to my Dance And Song Free;

Others Totally Get It, And Even Create A New Original
Dance And Song of

THeir Own Free;

Yet Some Humans Suggest

They Can 'Tale' God What God

Can And Cannot Do; When They

CanNot Even Do That With me; Yet Wait,

They Can Say It; Yet It Doesn't Change A Bit of Difference

in my Ability

to Actually be

O R i G i N a L

New And Creative...

Yawn, This Is Much More
Complex Than What is A Circle

or What is A Square as that's All Up to

How Each Individual Perceives Reality As Well...

Like Folks on 'DMT Trips,' Who See 'Machine Elves,'
Cross Culturally As Such, Or Others Who Just Imagine
Them in Similar More Sober Ways of Creativity and Express That

iN THeiR Art Similar
To What's Come Before;

Or Some Brand New Original Creation

That Takes Hundreds of Years to even Be Partially Understood...

Yet We Little Bitty Humans Believe That We Get to Tell God What

God Can And

Cannot Do;

i Suppose that's

Within the Realm

More of Folks Who Let
Others Tell Them What They Can And Cannot Do;
And Actually Believe it and Never Really Fully Bloom

in New Colors

iN A Year 'Round
Spring of their Own
Creating iN A Heaven Within Now;

Which Only Brings More Lucidity to
"Luke 17:21'; No Body Is Gonna Bring

(And By God Yes; 'John 14:12' TOO; THE

At Least From the Innumerable Ones i've
Surveyed as An Anthropology Participant
Observer in the Locality That Once Held
The Record Book For Churches Per Capita;

As Typically, They Believe No One Can Do
Greater Works Than 'Jesus' Until They Hear
it From The Story, They Never Seem to Remember;
Okay, End of Very Long Parenthetical Statement Now)

Heaven Within to Anyone Now Yet The
Person Creating Their Heaven Within Now; Won't Come
From A Book Or Anyone Else; Only From Within; the 'Realest'

Place WHere

All Our Unique Realities

Start And End Now

And Perhaps Begin Again...

Anyway, Happy Good Friday And
Easter SuNDaY As NiGHT Makes DaY And Resurrection
oF LiGHT From DarK in Balance is A Metaphor For ALL Existence...

And in The Case of Humanity, Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love
A New Creation of Humanity Per Each and Every One of Us Uniquely or
Perhaps Less...

Yet coming

From A Small

Place in Our Entire

UniVerse Indeed; Yet Only

With Illusions of Distance, Space,
Time, And Matter When WHeRE
We aRe ALL All THaT iS ETeRNaLLY (GoD) Now



NeW Even iF

We Cannot or

Will Not See This Reality New Now...

And 'BELieVE iT or Not Ripley and Or
Horatio'; Just BeCause it Hasn't Happened
Before, Verily Doesn't Mean it Wont Happen Now;
Story of my Life, For Damned Sure; And Resurrecting

Verily into New Creations Real,

Now With the
Caveat i Am Surely

Not the Only One oF ALL.

LeSSoN 401
Always A Good Day
When Flowers Bloom
Outside And Within True

Wild Flower Forest
Close-Up in Magic
New Colors Coming
All Free To Be Breathing

And SMiLes Dear Sweet FRiEnD
As Promised Sunny Spring Vibes
on Tuesday Yet Snow And Rain Coming
on Saturday Then Cold Yet Sunny On Easter Sunday

Here the Issue is Different Spring Blooming Means
Very Hungry Rabbits As They Do Work Up Quite A
Bit of An Appetite in Their Easter Season Activities Hehe

And Yes They Hopped Their Way on Up to Our Outdoor
Garden Above Ground Bloomer And Munched Their Way

On Several Nights through All Yet Two Hot Pepper Plants

Yet That Only Left Room For More Yellow, Blue, Lavendar, Red, and

Orange Wild Flowers Blooming

As Now We Have A Great Room

With A View Without Hot Peppers

Yet So Many Colors Blooming Free

Just Homes For Butterfly Wings to Visit New

Anyway Here is Some
Good Day Spring


Blooming From
me to Your SMiLes Coming…

No me Without
Us We And They
All That is Enough
Naked Whole Complete
Dear Savvy With SMiLes
Appreciation For All ThaT IS Now...

Door Ways of

Souls Keys to Within

That May Never Be Found

Anywhere Yet Unlocking

Inner HeARTS

With Keys

to SPiRiT
SoUL Unleashing
ReLeaSinG So Free
iNDeed Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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16 Apr 2022, 12:21 am

Love Swells

Ocean Whole

Waves Together

Again Peace And
Tranquility Loving

Mercy And Forgivness

Bringing the

Wave ToGeTHeR
Again Dear Savvy
With SMiLes New...

Creature of Routine
Mistaking Good
Friday For
Shooting You
An Email That
Was Supposed to
Be For Good Friday
Anyway Rushing That

Day Traveling
To Visit my Uncle
On Shalimar Emerald
Coast Bay Where His
Living Room is Bigger
Than Many Homes With

A View From His Very
Long Pier To The April
Pink Full Moon Glimmering

Now Still
On Good Friday
HeaR With SMiles...

If i May i Suggest
A Long Vacation
Of Your Choosing

With SMiLes


New to
Get Away
From the
Mat of Before...

SMiLes Dear Anna Happy Easter To You
Everywhere in Nature is A Place to Find
Warmth No Longer Alone Allone Yes

Rebirth Deeper Within

If We Embrace

It All Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love

Nature Bathing our
Soul Back to Life Open
HeARTS SPiRiTS Radiating

Love Free Again to See And Be With SMiLes...

So Many Beautiful Views of Paradise
Dear Hawaii FRiEnD And my Wife Particularly

Loves The Surfing With Honu Turtles Lovely Views Below

Pets Enjoying Their Elder Years on the Beach And Our Pepper

Plants Growing in Our Above Ground Bloomer Were Attacked By Wild

Rabbits Consuming Them to nubs At Soil Level

So We Now Have Blue to Lavender to Red
to Orange to Yellow Flowers Replacing

Our Garden With Only Something
Beautiful and Not
to Eat Yet
my Wife
Did Attempt
to Rescue What
Was Left of the Peppers
Undersoil in Pots inside our
Screened-in Patio hehe... Anyway

i Thought of Your Paradise Yesterday
Visiting my Rich Uncle's Place on Shalimar
Point on the Bay With Views to the Emerald
Gulf Coast And Grand Emerald Gulf Coast Hotel

There too Such Magnificent Sunrises Coming Up Each Day

Yet No Place to Stay When Hurricanes Blow in For Sure i Will
Continue to Enjoy

Our Forest in the
Higher Lands Up
North in Our Country
With Eden Smiles Here too

Happy Viewing for The April
Pink Full Moon Not Much More

Lovely A View Than A Home on
Hawaii Beach Paradise to Enjoy...

SMiles Dear
iNDeeD me
Too Happy
Weekend to
You With SMiles too...

'Religion Wagging Contests'...

(Note: Real Sarcasm too)

It's Another 'Patriarchal

Toxic Religious Meme;'

True Though, Only Technically
Speaking, my Personal EPiC Long
Form Poem is The Biggest of 'THeM'
All HiSToRiCaLLY SPeaKinG according

to Google At Least, 'my Bible'

is the Biggest of Them All,

Ever Now, HAha; Yep, Pull
Out the Ruler and Measure
iT; All 10.4 MiLLioN Words

Coming on 4.18.2022

For Real; And Sure,

Technically Yes,
The Distance of
my Public Dance too;

All 16,466 Miles in Close to 8 Years and 8 Months, True;

Perhaps, Even Longer Than 'Joe The Dancing Guy From
New York' as He Started A Year Earlier than me in 2012;

They Have a 'Naked Guitar Man' Up There too; Yet That's
Another Competition As Well that i Sort of Excel in Too;

Unlike 'King David'
And That Guitar
Dude, no

'Loin Clothes' Required for me...

Like 'Old Isaiah' Trekking Through Ethiopia; Yet Much Longer
Than 3 Three Whole Years; Yep, Close to 8 Years and 8 Months too...

Yep, Left "Forrest Gump" in Mileage ACross the United States for Running Long Ago,
Dancing in Public; Much More Complex And Demanding As Well to Meet Customer Demands;
Particularly Smiles With the Most Lovely Women in the Metro Area, Counting Over 2000 Selfie Pics True too...

Meh, 'He' Was Only

Fictional, Like Most
of the Characters in
That Tiny Antiquated Dusty Bible; Life is Cooler When it's Verily Real For Sure...

Other Than That and This, Good Friday Never Ends for me, For Real; And Just
A Suggestion; THiS AiN'T No April Fool's Joke, When Groups of People Get Together

Doing MaGiC Spells For REAL

iNCaNTaTiONS DO Come True; Be Careful; Be Very Careful As Dreams Do Come True...

True, i Never Really Die Now; i'm Worth Much MoRE ALiVE, iN my Opinion At Least...

As Long as i've Lived Now, Close to 62 Years, the Amount
of Freedoms We Have in the United States For Freedom of

FULLEST Expressions is Beyond Beliefs of Before, Literally So As We

Have the Opportunities to 'Pick From the Dishes' Cross-Culturally Across

The Globe Both to Observe and Do in Ways Never afforded in Human History Before...

i for one, Take Full Advantage of All That is Offered and It's True no one owns Good Friday,
PassOver, Or Rainbows; Anymore, Than A Pink April Full Moon Over The Bay to Paradise of the

Emerald Green Gulf Coast;

A Place Where i Spent the

Afternoon to Evening With

An Uncle Who Got Rich Enough
Enlisting in the Air Force, Then Selling
Vacuum Cleaners At Sears, Then Franchising

Vacuum Centers; Yep, Rich Enough to Own A Home
With No Loan Over 2 MiLLioN Dollars Worth in Perhaps

(True Though, He Doesn't Go Into Lowe's And Home Depot To Return
Garden Products And Is Reminded Again By Most Lovely Customer
Service Representatives of How He Is Legend for Over 8 Years
in FaceBook Groups And Such for 16,466 Miles of Public Dance; Yet Hey,

We All Gotta Start Somewhere; Even At Close to 78, i Still See A Dance For Him Free too;

After All my Uncle, my Father's Identical Twin, Was Dancing With Elder Ladies at age
84, While His Wife of the Same Age, Played Piano in a Country Music Band in Florida too;

And His Son Close to 60, Still Plays in Bands on The Emerald Green Gulf Coast As 'Elvis'
And Part of the "Blues Brother's" too As Far As the Pavilion On Pensacola Beach; Yep,

All Arts, A Huge Part of Paradise Eden Living Within For Real As Expressed Freely Now)

A Most Spectacular View of Sunrises Across A Bay And Gulf in the World...

This is An American Dream Fulfilled, Separations of Church and State, Where No
One Owns

God Yet

Free If One
Actually Practices
The Potential to the
Full Extent Afforded Now Here...

It's Not Surprising, Folks From Other
Countries Rise to the Top of their Chosen
Vocations/Fields And Spend A Decade Arriving Here

Now For Freedoms of Newer Generations; How Sad It is
When Folks Who Live Here Never Come Close to Reaching

Their Potentials

For The Freedom

We aRe Born into Now

to Either Inherit it Rich on the Outside

Or Beyond Measure Within as my Modest

View to A Forest Garden of Eden 'Trumps'
An Emerald Green Coast In A 2 MiLLioN
Dollar Sunrise
View There...

For me;

Freedom to Value
What We Choose to Value Most or None;

Freedom to Choose From the Buffets
of Tradition, Already Here/THere And
Still Freedom Come To Wings New; Yes,

With Least Among Human And Other
Earth Resources Consumed too; Yep,

We Ate at the Top Rated Restaurant
In The 'Safe Harbor View' And

my HomeCooking Wife Chef

Was Simply Not Impressed;

Yep, 62 Dollar Rib Eye Steaks

And 6 Oysters Fried

to Burnt

And Over

Salty Tastes...

Meanwhile, the Crowd
Was Doing THeiR Best to
Keep Their Illusions of Lofty Status

While Seagulls Flew Over Free Crapping on the Roof With Ease...

Nah, Rather Be Naked, Enough, Whole, And Complete in REAL Eden Free
in Play Slaying All Fear...

Inhaling Peace
Exhaling Love
Just All Free in 'Wu Wei Ease' to Coin A Phrase
After The Fact of Doing Heaven Within Always

New and NoW iN Flow of Paradise FREE...

Anyway, the Walk out on Their Pier
The Length of a Football Field or So, With
The Pink Full April Moon Glimmering on
the Bay With The Emerald Grand Hotel in the
Distance Reflecting Paradise There Worth A Photo to


at Least...

And This
is Art of my
Free Religion;

Yes, God Breathes
Free Within and No
One Owns me Naked,
Enough, Whole And Complete

Except the

me Who
Free All
Natural (GoD) Within;

Nah, No Sweat Over
Copy Rights For This

Finger Print of God...

Rivers FLoWinG
Winds Now Never
Trapped in Jars BLoWinG
Always New Refreshing
Free i Am

We aRe


Free Wings
Dear Cindy SOaRinG...

It’s Great!
You Dear
Cindy With


For the
Dear Savvy
Happy Weekend
To You With SMiles...

Movement Therapy Is used to Remedy Emotional
Regulation, Sensory Integration, And Greater Ability

For Social-Empathic-Cognition in the Ability to Become
More Aware of the Inner Emotional States of Other Humans Beings too...

Yet of Course, A First Step is to Get More Out of Our Head as Metaphor and
Connect to Our Bodily Experiences in Sensory Experiences of Life That Work
Hand-in-Hand in How We Experience our Lives With Emotional Feelings That actually

Science Shows Precedes Most All Our Reasons For What Our Actions Are In Life; Emotional
Regulation And Sensory Integration is Key In Cognitive Executive Functioning As Applicable

to Focus, Attention Span, Short Term Working Memory, And Retrieving And Storing Long Term Memories too...

So What Does this Have to Do With Graceful Movements:

Graceful Movements Reflect The Ability to Balance the Body
With Agility in Moving in Every Way We Do; Movement is An Art That in Complexity

And Even Autotelic Flow States of Intrinsic Rewards, We May Increase With Balance And Agility Every Day;

Or Just A Requirement

in Getting From Point A to B, Restricted to Sidewalks And The Such, And Restricted
in Only One Way of Repetitive Movement; Particularly, if One is Not Involved in the Art
of Any Sport That Requires More than one Way of Movement, in the Otherwise Concrete-Sidewalk
Ways of Moving Just One Way That Really Doesn't Make Many New Connections in Our Minds too...

Some of Us are Born With More or Less of a Propensity to Develop in Movement in Functional Ways.

Both me and my Sister Diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum With Asperger's Syndrome, Most Definitely
Fit Tony Atwood's Analysis of 'Spot the Aspie' in Awkward Ways of Movement; Often Without Much Movement
of Arms Swinging For Balance; Not Uncommon, to See Someone Looking At the Ground Watching Where They
Are Going Next. i Was a Last Kid Picked in Sports and always one of the First Kids and Adults too that Others

Picked up on immediately With Awkward Ways of Movement; Typically Folks With 'Bully Psychologies' Will Find
The Awkward Moving Kid to Pick on And Bully too; On the Other Hand, Folks Who Walk With the Grace of A

Lion on the Savannah and Obviously Know How to Handle their Body As they Walk in Balance With Confidence,

Surely May Fare Better When it Comes to What Target A Thug Chooses to Mug in a Dark Parking Lot at Night too....

Anyway, to make A Very Long Story A Bit Shorter,

i Went From Last Kid Picked on in Sports in School;

And Adult Assessed as Dizzy Fly For the Way i Move;

Later on to Dance Legend, Famous, And Hero; Just for a Special
Interest in the Art of Movement; Also Commonly Understood as A Free
Dance in Autotelic Flow of Increasing Complexity in the Sweet Spot Between

Apathy and Anxiety; Public Dance, Yes, A Great Place to 'Mountain Climb in Contingencies
Of Not Falling Off the Side of A Mountain' to Attain Peaks and Lasting Plateau's of Autotelic
Flow; Yet of Course, in the Case of Public Dance, in A Super Crowded Place Like Walmart, 'the
Falling off the Mountain' is if You Crash Your 240 Pound-Plus Body into the Other Customers;
Which means You Wouldn't Likely Be Able to Achieve 16,466 Miles in Almost 8 Years and 8 Months Now;

As of Course, You Would Lose the Privilege to Public Dance in Places Fast; my Gosh, Balance of Body Brings

Balance of Mind, Increasing Social-Empathic-Artistic-Actual-Emotional-Sensory-Spiritual Intelligences increasing
in Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating With Others too; And It Works Precisely As an Art of Meditating Contemplation too;

Increasing Our abilities for Imagination in Tandem With Bringing Creativity to Measurable Fruition Now True, too...

And Here's A Deal, i Have Never Had Any Lessons
For Public Dance or Free Verse Poetry Either; What Makes

The Difference Between Someone Starting Out on the Lowest
Ground Level Floor For Any Endeavor in Life And Achieving Living Legend
Status and the Such in Their Particular Metro Area is Perseverance And Practice
As Not Only Did the Social Media Addicts Record me in Viral Videos As my Public
Dance progressed, my Wife Did too; And Through the 8 Years and 8 Months of Public Dance
And Accompanying Almost 10.4 MiLLioN Words By 4.18.2022 This Month; my AQ Score

For Autism Dropped to
11, From 45, When i First
Started Communicating on this Wrong Planet
Internet Site Back on Thanksgiving Day of 2010;

And my Emotional Intelligent Quotient As Measure
On Available Tests Went From the Mid Fifties to 95 As well in

The Summer of 2013 too...

Science Shows Movement And other Art Activities in Meditative
And Autotelic Flow Work as Therapy to Regulate Emotions and Senses...

And Even 'Tony Atwood', A Real Expert on Asperger's Syndrome, Said the Only
Real Therapy He Could Offer for Emotional Regulation Was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy;

What He Missed
out on is the
Square Root one
Problem; Our Emotions
Flow Through the Feeling Sensory
Experiences of Our Body; So Balance

The Body and Balance the Mind; And For me at
least, i Chose not to Go the Lesson Route; i 'Listened'
to My Body And the Feelings Senses of Balance that Can Never Meet
Perfection; And Will Always Be Improved Across A Lifespan as Long as We Do It Now...

My First Psychiatrist, Who First Diagnosed me With Asperger's Syndrome in 2008, Was So Impressed
in 2013, With What my Own Style of Movement Therapy And Connecting Words With Emotions in Feeling
And Sensing Ways through Free Verse Poetry, Also with No Lessons Did For me; That He Said i inspired
him in Part to Quit His Practice And Teach All Natural Movement Therapy in A Hospital in South Florida in 2016...

Dance is the Oldest Form of Human Social-Reciprocal Communication

In All the Non-Verbal Ways We communicate With Each Other, Including Even
a Dance of Facial Muscles This Way With Each Other too; Non-Verbal Communication
Comprises Around 65 Percent of Our Communication With Others too in Non-Verbal Ways...

Modern Science Shows the Cerebellum Associated With Motor Coordination And Movement
Is Very Much Involved in Social-Empathic Intelligence As Well; Actually Housing 50 Percent
of the Neurons of Our Brains too; Use it or Lose it Applies to All Stuff Life; Sitting Behind

A Screen Leaves

Behind So much
Of Our Human Potential,

If We Really Get Out and About
And Dance And Sing Free With Each
Other in Ways of Free Play That Slay Fear

And Open Up More Avenues for Inhaling
Peace and Exhaling LoVE iN Total on Task Laser
Focus too; Persevering Everyday in Acts of Giving,
Sharing, Caring, and Healing ThiS Way With Least Harm for All...

As i Love to Do Dancing A Tight Rope of Dance on Terrestrial Land,
Always RiSinG Higher in the Sweet Spot Tween Anxiety and Apathy
With Greater Complexities Achieved Every Day; Same As Dancing This


With Human
Abstract Symbols
to Bring the Organic
Emotional And Sensory
Experiences of Life Alive
in These Symbols Shared at
the Speed of Love Fitting All of
me in this Fiber Optic Cable As Avatar and even
More of Soul at the Speed of Love Around the Globe...

With Human Imagination And Creativity There Really Are no Limits...

It's True, in Someways in this Life Now, There Are No Limits; only Possibilities

With New
And Songs
Free As Wings
FLY in Balance With Wind This Way...

Yeah, It's True, 'Wax on Wax Off' With
Always A New Color of Wax Eternally Now to Do...

in Balance...

Hey, With the Grace
of Balance the Egyptians
Moved Huge Stones to Build
The Pyramids; All Of Nature Operates
Best in Balance; And Humans Are no Exclusion;
Except, Sadly those With An Illusion that We Are Not
Just another Integral Part of Nature for What i Describe as God

Now or Not...

Some Folks Dance,
Some Folks Do Not;

Philosophy From the
"Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II;"

Nature Plays and Slays Fear; Don't
Become Another 'Statistic only' As 'They' only 'Say'...

Dance and Sing Free...

Works for me at least;

And i Surely Wasn't Originally
Cut Out to Dance And Sing With
So Many Gross Motor and Fine Motor Challenges
in Life and oh Yeah, Not Speaking Until 4, Another one too...

(i Still Have the Handwriting of 'A Doctor'; Practically Undecipherable too)

It's Worth Noting; i Have the Ability to Output Now too With SMiLES;
And Even Be Creative; Humans Have Incredible Potentials When They Seek,


And Actually

Practice them

Themselves into
New Creations of Balancing Life...

This Gift, This Grace, This Balance,
Finally Realized, Reborn ThiS Way for Real...

It's Also Worth Noting, All that Movement Therapy
Helped to Increase my Leg Strength in Leg Pressing
From 500 Pounds at age 53 up to 1520 Pounds Now
Reaching 62 on 6.6.2022; All Documented And Empirically
Evidenced As Such...

As i Surely Can Still
Be Machine As

Much As Art,
if i Restrict myself
in the Way i Did Before...

Keeping in Mind that Yes
Mileage of Being Human
Varies Based on Make and
Model of Vessel and Vehicle of Human Beings Now...

In other Words, Just because this Works for me; Doesn't
Mean it Will Necessarily Work for Some Others Who Are Different too...

Yet Again, though,

Science Shows it

is Effective Therapy for Some Folks...

LiKe 'THeY' SaY i'LL JusT Do iT

LaTeR Now...

Love Swells

Ocean Whole

Waves Together

Again Peace And
Tranquility Loving

Mercy And Forgivness

Bringing the

Wave ToGeTHeR
Again Dear Savvy
With SMiLes New...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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16 Apr 2022, 1:06 pm

Don't Fool Yourself God Is More Than A Story WHere
Tiny Humans BELieVE They Own Copyrights to More

Than They Are Now For Real

"Is God Necessary For The Earth To Exist?"

Well, Considering THere is Potential For As Many
Definitions for What the Human Abstract Construct Symbol of
What The Three Letter Word 'God,' is Or Is Not As There Are Unique

Ways of 'Seeing' in Every Set of Human Eyes That Currently Exist; And For the
Records of What We Currently Have Also HiSToRiCaLLY AS Such Way Back When;

It Surely Helps to Define What the Hell Or Heaven or in Between AS Such

We aRe Discussing in Setting Some Venn Diagram Parameters for What 'God' IS


Another Example From 'Professors' in 'Wiki' Ways:

"Panentheism ("all in God”, from the Greek πᾶν pân, "all", ἐν en, "in" and Θεός Theós, "God")
is the belief that the divine intersects every part of the universe and also extends beyond space
and times"

And Yes, i Will Extend that Beyond All
Distance And Matter of Human iMaGiNaTioN

By Way of Human Consciousness and Sub-
Consciousness; Well Beyond The Discrete
So-Called Measures of Modern Science Still

Where Creativity May Spring And Bring Newer

Human Creations into Existence; Yes, Like Does God

Have to Exist For the Next Great Human Invention to come into Being Now;

Like The Next Word i Write That Cannot Possibly Be Pre-Programmed As Even

i Am Not Sure What i Will Create Next; In Other Words, in Literal Ways of i Know

Nothing Now

Until Creation
Comes to Fruition Next
NeW iN A Freest Way of Bringing
Words to A Page in Free Verse Poetry

As Such As the MuSiC Within of God Precedes the Words AS Such...

In Other Words, According to Science too; Our Feelings, Senses, Emotions

Come First Before our Reasons For Our Actions Next; and Indeed, i Mostly Stay

in that Flow of Creativity As Folks Through Human HiStory Cross-Culturally Have

Described This Autotelic Flow of Tao Reaching Divine Dao This Way Eternally Now True too...

It's True, i AM For ONE

More Interesting in the
Eternal Autotelic Flow of Now;

Much More Than Questions of What
Comes Before or After This Present Gift
of Divine Heaven Within i Am Experiencing Now,

Forevermore True As Long As Now Colors This Way of Living And Loving Life For Real New;

Yawn, Iron in Our Blood Streams Common to Core of Earth is Required For the Earth and Us
to Exist That Comes From Super Nova Explosions As We Are Currently Sentient Star DusT Breathing
ThiS WaY in Metaphor Now; It Depends on What One Considers A Venn Diagram of God to Be; More or

Less Like A God

Who Becomes

A Dude Out

of Desert

All Tribal Still And Torturing
Foes Eternally Now Even More
Tortuous in Suffering Than Just

An Old Testament Eye for an Eye;
And Life For A Life, in Killing Rage
Ways of Tit For Tat For Foe's Actions
As Well

or Not
So Well...

One Would Have Hoped
Perhaps that Story Might
Be improved; Yet That God By Story Fell
Flat on His Evil Self, Stooping Low Enough
Without the Patience to Rehabilitate Becoming
Evil Enough to Torture Foes Forever AS Such Dumping

An All Merciful, Loving, Forgiving God in Gehenna AS Such

As Corpses Rot and at Least Feed the Worms to Aerate Soils
Fertile For Crops Greening Human Life Once Again For Real...

And Then There is that Plagiarizing Most of that Story in A Cave
AS Such And MaKinG Special Rules to Gather Up More Children
Wives AS Such...


This is the
21st Century,

Can't We Come Up

With A Greater God Than
One So Low As to Torture Parts
of Creation Forever in Suffering And Misery

For Foes SCReWinG Up;

Yep, We Already HaVE iN So Many
Ways As Thank God THere is Not Only

One God to Believe in With Evil Deeds;

THere is Separation of Church And State;

Yet Don't Forget The Iron in Our Blood Streams
is Not Separate And Part of Star Dust From Super

Still at Core of Earth Real;

Giving All of US A Chance to Exist
NoW iN This Miracle Present Gift of Breath FOR REAL;

Yep, Just Look Up THeRE With Huge Telescopes to 'Space'

That's A Lot of Cold And Hot Rocks With No FLoWeRS to Smell...

God is Existence ALL;

Both 'Seen' And 'Unseen;'

Love IT ALL DarK Thru LiGHT
ETeRNaLLY Now For Real; Yes,

Or No, Coal LumP iT Real
NoW iNTo Something Else...

It's What Humans Do;

They Tale Stories...

"Simplicity of Evil,"

Burning Foes Forever;

It's TOO BAD, All Forgiving,
All Merciful, Loving JeSuS, Loving

Enemies the Same As "Lovers" Before,

Becomes A Villain By The End of His Story;




SONG; At Least, in the ReVisions of the Story that Exists...

It Happens... IN 'THAT

i've Even
Seen it Happen...

For Real... True, At Least 'Jesus' is Only Human... too...

For It's True, The Story Presents Evidence of Who Wrote It...

Text BOOK Psychology 101; Villain or Hero; All That Separates
Good From





Only A Horror Story Writer or Psychopathic Leaning Human

Could Possibly


The Lowest

Ever ThiS Way...

By iLLuSoRY Story at least...

God Became Love, Then Most Evil Sin EVER
in Doing WORST Evil By The End of New Testament
Witness, And the End of the Revelation of Who God Became;

Thank God OF

It'S Only A Story...

Or Made into A TV
Series or Movie or Whatever
STill in 'Churches' That Spread This

Evil Ending Story...

Yes, It's as Simple

As Stories With Real Evil Endings...

At Least For Folks Who BeLieVE iN A

Real ALL Loving, Forgiving, All Merciful God That
Actually Does What God Breathes; It is Fair Enough

To At Least

Go Away Without
Suffering Any More; Yep, the Blessing

Of Death And Birth That Put All
On An Equal Footing For Real,

For Even Stars Burn Away
And Resurrect From DusT AGaiN...

Now That's A Hopeful Story FOR REAL,
i FOR ONE Will Continue to BREaTHE NoW.

Got A Real 'Good' Case of Asperger's; i Don't
Love the Taste of Lies; i Spit Them out Like Fire;

Or Like 'Elon Musk,' Now When He Experiences
Righteous Indignation AGAINST 'The SEC', Hehe...

Modern Being Of ‘Religion’ ReFuSinG Change What
Tradition Does Most Neither Leaf Green or Brown Living Trees Die Alive

According to Words Attributed to JeSuS “Let The Dead Bury THeir Own”

Yet ‘They’ Bury Him Again Every Year FAilinG Love

Best To Worship Every Breath Death Will Take
Care oF iTSelF

It’s True Frosty
Didn’t Really
Die He And Or
Her only Transformed

Into Water


WHole iN

THere is
Mostly A
Real Hero
No Matter DArkness
In All Of Us RiSinG ALiVE AGAiN


For Real
Star DusT iNHaLinG
Peace ExhalinG Love
ReaL Miracles of Star
DusT Breath “Cosmos



Giving Sharing
Caring Healing
When Ocean Wave
Water Leaf Feeding
Trees RiSinG Becoming
Wind Falling to Soils Greening

Life When

Forest Leaf Tree...

Whole Complete

Now if only “Raindrops Falling

On my
Head With
Feet too Big

A Bed”...

To be continued
iN more than
one way...

Facebook Friend Rafiah Shares a Facebook
Status while watching the 'Dr. Who' TV Series
And relates her Emotions in doing so by
saying.. "Too many Emotions Man..."
So i offer uP A UNiVersal Easter
Prayer as Poem for Her thAT
LiKELy most God and Science
AS Scribe of GoD BeLieVinG
HuMaNs Can at LeasT ReLate to as Truth and LiGHT
irRespective oF Traditions Different and sAMe HelD

CLose to HeART SPiRiTinG Dancing Singing SoUL MuSiC NoW
aS CReaTioN ALL As SeeD oF DarKLiGHT True
And WoMaN too... And THaT/THiS
iS mY Easter Poem for YoU.. aS
FaR As ReBirtH oF LiGHT iN Star
Wars Peace ForcE CRuCiBle
FiRe oF Star Burst
Death Resurrection
HuMaNS NoW...
mY FRiEnD... Rafiah...

Ah Yes Dear
Jane Space
Tween Good
Friday And Easter

Light Bringer’s
SaTurDaY LuCiFeR
Staying Never Returning
Really Only Now Lighting


Moon In Ease
Getting DowN
Night Colors BRinG

Dear Savvy
With Saturday SMiles...

Modern Being Of ‘Religion’ ReFuSinG Change What
Tradition Does Most Neither Leaf Green or Brown Living

Trees Die Alive

Don't Fool Yourself God Is More Than A Story
WHere Tiny Humans BELieVE They Own
Copyrights to More Than They Are Now For Real

To be continued
iN more than
one way...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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17 Apr 2022, 11:14 pm

Hmm It Seems i'm Gonna Need Some
Help in A THeME Song From A Singer
With A Most Powerful Push-Up-Bra In A Cadillac Limousine

Dancing Singing Away
From Apathy And Anxiety

Finding Sweet Spot of Wu Wei
Effortless Ease of Autotelic Flow

In Increasing
Human Potentials

of Complexities Realizing
More This Evolving Soul This
Love For Life Real Always Now


In Flow
Within Generating
Out of All DarK Marrying
Night Merrying Day Even More

With SMiLes...

SMiLes Easter Is All About
The Joy of New Life And

What Better Way to

See That Life

Than Through

The Joy of A Child's
Dance And Song Free

Just Finding Easter Eggs
Under Every Stone Rolling



Life ThiS Way Now...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa getting
A Fourth Moderna Covid-19
Booster Shot At the Walmart

Pharmacy From A Nice
Pharmacist as You
Do in Egypt

She Asked
me About all
my 16,477 Miles
of Public Dancing
in 8 Years and 8 Months

of Doing That And i Told Her
i Feel Fortunate to Never Being
Injured So Much That i Had to Take A Break

From Dance

Yet it is True
With Every Struggle
Of Many Minor Injuries
From New Moves i Learn
Other Moves to Counter Balance What
my Body Teaches me About Becoming
Even Greater FRiEnDS With Gravity in


So From Every
Injury comes
A Peace
of iNHaLinG
Grace in New
Counter Balancing Exhaling
Ways of Moving With SMiLes Now

In So Many Ways DarK BRings LiGHT
WaY iN
Life mY FRiEnD...

Safety And Freedom
Is A Balancing Act

From: Shutting
China Down Now
In Zero Tolerances
For Any Pandemic Variant

to: Pretending Like A Pandemic Doesn't
Even Exist Like Some of the People Pretended in the
Delta Variant Part Who Died in Florida Where i Live;

It's a Balance This

Freedom and
Safety Equation
Indeed And A Democracy

That Will Surely Color Our
World Somewhere Between
China And Florida Next With SMiLes

to Weeping
And Gnashing
of Teeth; Hehe, i'm a
Little Tired Tonight After
Getting A Fourth Moderna Booster With SMiLes...

i'm Also Conservative in Some Ways too A Balance
Is Necessary

For Boats
With Anchors
For Safe Harbors
And Sails to Find
Gardens of Edens For Real to Staycation...
More Or Less my Wife is Anchor and i am Sail...

It Works Out
Well Enough
For Heaven
On Earth Within For Real...

THere is Still A Sweet And
Endearing Innocence Still
Breathing in Some Countries i
Visit That Very Much Remind me
of The Nostalgia As Such in my Youth too...

Yet It's
True, it
Wasn't 1915;
Yet i Surely Knew
Some Folks Actually
Born in 1870 Then; Change



And Back and
Forth Trips Now to
Innocence and Other Ways of Life New...

Ups and Downs; Gutter Balls And Strikes;
It'S How 'the Ball' Turns in Bowling Alley Life...

Night Makes Day Possible New Now
LiGHT We Appreciate So Much iN DarK

Clouds Hide Sunshine

Yet Rain Brings Life

Without Shadows Of
Us There is No Sunshine Or
Us With SMiLes USA Writes...


Such A Fulfilling
Tree of Life Forest
Whole When The Leaf
We BeLieve We aRe Greens
BeLove For Who We aRe ToGeTHeR ALL

With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear USA Today So Happy
To See A Trilogy of Blog Posts From
You on This Sunday Celebrated By
So Many Folks Where i Live They Name Easter

However, i Celebrate The Worth of Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of LoVE iN JoY OF LiGHT As A

New Resurrecting

Life Every Breath
i Take As It's True

As Carl Sagan Suggests
We Are Made of Star Stuff
Iron in Our Blood Stream Iron
At Core of Earth Coming From Gaseous
Star Dust From Super Nova Explosions

i Guess i'm Fortunate as So Many Folks
i Live With and Love Are Not Random At
All as Parts of the All in All that is the UniVerse
Yes the Cosmos Unto Itself Us As Carl Sagan

So Eloquently
Sang Poetically
As Scientist During
His Loving Life on Earth then

Even Inspiring the Movie 'Contact'
With Jodie Foster An Astronaut Who
Took a Mystical Journey Within And Really

Found A Kingdom of Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating
Heaven Within She Only Wished She Could Be A Poet
Instead of Astronaut to Report Her Mystical Journey Back

To Her Very
Large Village
The Planet Earth

As In the Movie The
Alien From The Sages of Ages
in A Dream Within of Pensacola
Beach in Florida Close to Where i Live

Said in All Our Searching the UniVerse
it is the Warm Connections With Each Other
That Make Life Worth Loving Living Same Smile Same


As A Child
Loving Another
Stranger With A Smile of Warmth
That's Real And the UniVerse Among Us
Truly Caring Loving And Not Random At All Indeed

A Work
of Art Now

A Sunset
Sunrise Within
in Balance of
Ever LiViNG Moving
Connecting Co-Creating
With Each Other All Now For Real...

MaKinG Every Breath A MaGiC Miracle
Indeed Path to Heaven Within Always New Now

And Yes
At Best When
Possible With SMiLes...

Is Essence
And Lies as Truth..
Fear is
As Essence...

WHatCha Gonna Do
Paint Black and White

Proof of Heaven or Hell
HA! That's Easy!
Colors or Black and White

Dance Hall
African American Church
Typical 'White' Church
Typical 'Science' Lecture

Hehe “Lucifer”
Dances Sings
“MaGiC NoW Of
The Butterfly Effect
In Placebo Effects”

Work With
SMiles That
Are Trusted

It Matters
Not if The

Doctor is
Or Not Or Even
If A Pill is Sold
Or Worshipped


Fears No Science...

LeSSoN 402
Every New Pastel
Color Sunrise Of
God’s Birth Our Ever


SMiLes Perhaps
A Meaning Of Life
402 Or 42 As We BREaTHE NeW
Wisdom of Pyramid EYes BeLoW


Of Love Stays

Every Dream
Our FRUiTioN Of Breath

6:19 AM 4.17.2022 With SMiles...

GoD A STory
For Love
Without Fire

LoWeR iNDeed...

WHere THere



A Way

Out of
Wings Will
Dance And

With SMiles

Hehe Like The
Rolling Stones
And Mick Jagger



Guess my
Name Sympathy

For That ALWaYS

Bringer Again...

SMiles Dear Aloha
FRiEnD Hope
This Easter
For You All
Is All Full
Of Love And
Love For Nature True...

Happy Easter To You too Dear Rue
So Happy to See You Looking So Fit And

So Happy Full of Joy Yes! iNHaLinG Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing,
Caring, Healing For All With Least Harm my, my, i

Can't Count the Number of Instances i've Repeated
the 'Blurb' Above in Part Dear Rue Helped to Create Long

Long Ago

It Seems
Yet Always
Now With SMiLes

It Really Makes A Tear
Seeing You so Happy as
It's True i Was Hoping to
See Your SMiLes So Broad
And Kind Again one Day i Hope
You Are Having The Time of Your Life

Sailing on Peaceful Oceans Always SMiLinG More
Every Inhale of Peace Exhale of Love is Rebirth New Creation to me!...

SMiLes Dear Rue of Course We Can And Will Connect By
Email... i'll Send You This Message in Your Contact Box
Where You Should Gain my Email Address and i Will

Acquire Yours too when You
Email me Back... Wonderful! This
Way if You Ever Go Missing Again

i Will Be Able to Check Next Time
And See to Make Sure You Are Doing Okay!...

And Yes Hehe, You Surely Now Look Like
You Are Doing The Best Ever in Your Life!

Again that
Makes me
So Very Happy
With Easter SMiLes!...

Considering How Extraordinarily
Kind You Are Dear Ruchi Very
Surprised i Will

Be if Your

Best FRiEnD
Ever Leaves
Your Side Hehe

Besides Every Married
Woman Will Eventually Need

A Best FRiEnD to Vent Minor
Never Ending Annoyances About

Whoever The Husband May Be As
After Romantic Passion Cools It's the Little

Things That May
Remain That
Aren't Nearly
As Sweet
To Tolerate
Different As they
Once Were For Real...

As Far As i Understand the
Unspoken Rules For Men You
Just Say Yes Dear The Best You
Can And Will and Make Any Frustrations
Disappear For Whatever Tools Will Make
Inhaling Peace And Exhaling Love Come Again

After Each
Yes Dear
With SMiLEs my FRiEnD

A lot of the Love i Give to Others
Comes From my Wife Yet it is also True
A lot of the Love i Give to my Wife Comes

From Other FRiEnDS too...

Yep usually From FRiEnDS
Long And Distant Far Away
Just Like You With SMiLes...

Yet It's True it Seems to Be Different
When Men Are FRiEnDS With Women

As There is Only So Many Hours in A Day
For FRiEnDS Particularly When Medical Professions
Come in to Play As How Many Minutes May Be Left Over

For Hello

or Even

A Hug at the
End of the Day

Yet Still There Must
Be Another Place to
Vent And Surely You Will
Always Be A Vital Part of
Her Mental Health With SMiLEs...

FRiEnDS AT Best Lift Each OTHeR UP!...

SMiles Dear Ruchi
THere is Enough
Thanks And
Coming to
Be Inspired
By Your Next

WIth SMiles...

Luke 17:21
King James Version:

21 "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there!

for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

Unfortunately, There Is More Than One Ghost Author
of the Old Antiquated Dusty Bible Then, Upon, Among
Millennia Of Efforts, With Innumerable Ghost Authors
Assigned Famous Pen Names Like Mark, Matthew, Luke

And 'Dear John,' Where Numerous Scripts Are Penned Down in Each
So Called Gospel Account Then By Innumerable Ghost Authors indeed

From the Hands of Innumerable Copy Mistakes and Intentional Changes

By Scribes/Editors Through Centuries Upon Centuries of SCReWeD Up Efforts; Not Even

Counting All the Different Language Translations; Originating, in Many Cases Then

From Those Roman Greek Speaking, Writing Authors At Least Four Decades and More

After the Death of So-called Yeshua Then Upon A Cross As So Many Others Were

As Scape
Goats to
Make Examples
of Their Failings
To Make the Roman
Empire Grade of Rule

As True, the Roman Greek Speaking
And Writing Ghost Authors often Cherry
Picked the Oral Traditions Changed ACross Decades
And Centuries too; Oh, MY GOD What a Round Table Ruse...

And Muse, Both DarK And LiGHT STiLL NoW True As 'They' Chant An "Egregore
MeMe," (Nicene Creed) A MaGiC iNCaNTaTioN At Catholic Church STiLL Now to BRinG

JeSuS BacK to LiFE! God Yes, Even For Real, This Go All The Way Around Again;

Yet Its Also Marketing 101; True, STiLL NoW, If You (We) Are Going to Market
A Product, (We) You Must Find A Willing Target Audience to Buy What You (We)

Are Selling Now and It's True

God Yes! It's Not Always Easy

Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

Where We Become Part of tHE ALL in All ThiS

Way Whole Or WTF Ya Wanna Name it With Abstract

Concepts; Yep, Human Co-Created Symbols Then; As All in All Now

Means No One Will Be Able to Subtract or Take Anything Away from You (US);

True, in this Autotelic Flow, One Generates Their Own Happiness Within Yet Again,

That's Not How Ya Master And Subjugate A Target Audience to Buy What Ya Are Selling;

Ya Gotta Have A Hook, And Bait, And Even a Sinker to Draw the Target Audience in Keeping 'em;





(Don't Kid Yourself Though; IT STiLL Helps to be Financially
Independent For Real 'in Rome' STiLL NoW, WHere God is A CoiN)

Now To Be Clear, This is How i Did Luke 17:21,
Samadhi, Kundalini Rising, Prana, The Tao; Yes,
The Autotelic Flow of Naked, Enough, Whole Complete
in Meditating Contemplating Ways of Free Dance And Song For Real; Yes,

There Are As Many Paths to this Metaphor of the Kingdom of God Within;
This Heaven, This Satori, Now As Human Co-Created Metaphors to Describe

What the Essence

Of the Feeling And
Sensing Real Experience
of the Kingdom of Heaven Within IS NoW;

In Other Words, Unlimited Human Created Forms
For the Essence of All ThaT iS, When We Become the All
in All, Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete; Inhaling Peace,
ExhalinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing

(OH, BY ThiS WaY, THeRE iS No Dying NoW, Only Peace NoW
And Love Inhaling Exhaling Freely This Way With NO FEARS)

This Way For
All Now With

Least Harm;

Yet Remember, An Outcast

From All Cultures May Be A Most
Unbiased Individual of All When it Comes

to Studying the Meaning of Life At Essence More
Than the Forms that Cultures Create to Bond and Bind
Us to Their Particular Languages For What Makes Life Work Best to The

Cultural Group
Think Crowd


Whether for
or Benevalent
Reasons Put Forth, Indeed;

So, in the Paths of Evangelical Christianity,
One may AsK NoW, How They Determine God is

Revealed Best to Others; Well, True, it iS A VEry
Tribal Language; Which Means They Must Convince
You That THeir 'Quarterback' of THeir 'NFL Team' is the

Best Ever, Or You May Change Your Preference of Belief
From the New York Jets to the Washington Redskins And Now Generals AS Such...

So What Do they Usually Do; They Cherry Pick Another Verse Version From the
Old King James Minuscule Effort of A Bible, Less than 800,000 Words; Yawn, Mine
is 10.4 MiLLioN Words Long; Yet i Digress And Do My Best Not to Make this into

A Bible Wagging

Contest; Yes, Yes,

13 Times the Size

of that Old Minuscule

Effort and of Course God Yes,
Yes! 130 Times the Size Then of
The Old Quran That Took 23 Years
to Receive in About 2000 Words of
Vocabulary And A "Hare's Breath of 80,000 Words or so;"
A True Twitter Breath of Books For HiSToRiCaL Reference at Least in Total...

i Knock the Size of An Old King James Effort Out of the Park on Batting Average
Every 7 Months Now or So; in 8 Years and 8 Months of TOTAL Effort As of 4.18.2022!

More Specifically, The Math Is 10.4 Million Words Divided By 800,000; Yes, Exactly Lucky 13!

So Anyway, Their Tiny Verse of Effort to Meet Their Target Audiences of Folks Mostly

Living in SCaRCiTieS of Fear; WHere Sadly Addiction to the Adrenaline And Dopamine
of the Emotions of Fear Along With Hate That comes From Separating those Who Feel

Low in Illusions
of Feeling Higher
Than Others Who
Do Not Believe As They do...

As The So-called 'Chosen ones'

(Yep, The Fans of the New York Jets! too)

(Or Whatever Team Tom Brady is Playing
on Next For those Who See Him As Best too)

Comes As A 'Perfect Marketing
Recipe' of Romans 10:9; Yes, Let's
Take A Fair And Balanced Look At That Verse too:

Romans 10:9
King James Version:

9 "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,
and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved."

It Works Something Like This As i am Surely 'Dating all of my Close to 62 Years of Life' by 6.6.2022
Through this Analogy Now, hehe; "For Thou Shalt Confess With Thy Mouth the Lord Joe Namath is
The Best Quarterback in the NFL For the Religious Team of the New York Jets; And There is No Way

We Are Ever


The Bait
of A Super
Bowl Win Without
The Best QuarterBack ever then Joe Namath,
Tom Brady, Jesus, Or Which Ever Super Hero is Named Next...

Yet You See, For Capturing a Target Audience, Subject to the
Addiction to Fear And Hate, Coming From An Environment of
Desert Scarcity That Often Must Fight to the Death For BASiC Tribal Subsistence,

Romans 10:9, is often Strategically Placed By Commercial Ad When One Visits
A Cheap Fast Food Buffet in the Deep South Where i am From Most As After

One Eats the Buffet Meal, Without Always the Best of Sanitary Practices By the
Employees of the Cheap Buffet;

One May Find Themselves

Rushing, Rather Quick
Stepping to the Restroom

And Once You Get There, You
Will Find A Commercial Ad FOR "Good News"

(OH GOD YUCK, ATTACHED to the Toilet
Where it Comes to BeLong in the Restroom
THere; Reminds me of 'Gehenna, Indeed' too...

Until the Fear Comes on the Back of the
Commercial Ad that Says if You Do Not Believe
in the Way We Are Telling You God is Revealed As
A Dead Dude From 2000 Years Ago Come Back As
A Zombie From the Dead, You Go To Hell and Burn Forever EVEN more then...

(God Damned Jalapeno Pepper Recipe at the All You Can Eat Cheap Buffet)

Hmm, Yet You See
The Carrot is, You Are

No Longer Just A Commoner
From a Place of Desert Scarcity
Who Is Never Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete Generating Your Own Happiness Within;

Now You Have A Crutch to an Addiction of Fear and Hate

And One May Even Elevate That Crutch to 'Q-Anon Non-Sense'

of the Same Addiction to Fear and Hate As Well, Separating Ourselves

Not Only From 'the All in All' Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete Within Yet

Addicted to

Else's Story;

Buying the Whole
Snake Oil Salesperson
Routine of Hook, Bait, And

Sinker From Heaven to Hell too
As Illusory Stories Make Human Realities ThiS Way too...

Yawn, i Didn't Touch that Nasty Ad in the Fast Food Buffet Stinky Restroom;

i Was Already Sick Enough From the Hook, Bait, And Sinker of the Fast Food Buffet;

('They' Already Gave me one at the Book Store, Telling me i Would Surely Become
Demon Possessed by Reading A Book About Yoga; Particularly, if i practiced Balance)

'Perfect Analogy'

'For that Version'

of Finding God, Indeed

A Fast Food Buffet; Just
A Quick Fix for What's Missing Within...

Again, Mileage Varies Among Different
Makes and Models of Human Vessels and Vehicles of


For Some

The Feeling
of Fear and

Hate is Better

Than Just Feeling
Small Insignificant

And Never Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete With the Kingdom
of Heaven Experiencing ALL iN ALL iN

Within Free;

"Luke 17:21"

For Every Touch
Down And Homerun
Free Within; Yep, Just for Free
And A Whole Lot of Laser Focus
in Autotelic Flow of Free Dance And
Song for me to Staycation in Heaven Always
Reaching New Heights of Human Potentials Now
NeW in Complexity of Dance And Song Free ThiS Way;

Just Effortless
'Wu Wei' Ease;


Dancing A Tight
Rope Higher and Higher
Now For Real AS Heaven
Stays All in All Within ThiS Way,

Staycationing indeed


It May Sound A Bit
Like A Camel Passing
Through the EYe of A Needle
From Afar; Yet Truly Every Holy
Word And Sacred Step is Effortless
Wu Wei Ease As the Butcher's Blade

No Longer
Dulls Now

And the
Soles of my
Athletic Nike
Shox Shoes Now

Last Close to a Year
as Opposed to Only
3 Years in Heaven Practice Before;

(my Soul Grows LiGHTeR Younger And THere is
Some Evidence That Science Shows
Autotelic Flow In Meditation And
Contemplating Existence in Balance

This Way Actually Re-Generates the Gray
Matter in Our Brains And Folks Often Give
me a 2 Decade Mulligan on my Numerical Age)

The Law of Nature Number 1, Is Balance;
if Planets and Stars Are Not FRiEnDS With


They 'Lucifer
Fall' Instead of

Staying Above Now WiTH SMiLes...

Happy Easter, The Birth of Every Inhale
of Peace Exhale of Love Now As The Rest of
the Never Ending Story Continues Now in Nether Land Real
in A Place of No Moon or Stars Generated By the 'Revenge of the


And Don't
Forget the
Richest Dude
in the World Has
Asperger's Syndrome;

Only Difference Between
me and Him is His Riches Are Based on NuMBeRS...

My Riches Are Based on Luke 17:21; Naked, Enough,



Part of the
All in All, Nothing

to Subtract or Add to me Now...

Yet of Course, i Will Continue to
Fulfill Greater Human Potentials Now
Per "John 14:12" as Real Now True too; For i DO Believe

As the Oracle From the Matrix Danced And Sung And i Damn
Sure Am Able to Architect Some NumBeRS STiLL NoW True, Hehe...

Key, Play Slays
Fear, If You take
This Life Business
Too Serious, Be Prepared
to Fall Out Of Balance As Well Away From Play...

Love Makes All That IS Worth IT; Still Bottom Line to me, With SMiLes...

Considering the 'Other Ancient Texts,' That's Surely Not A Surprise; Nor Did i Suggest
The Bible wasn't the Most Reliably Copied Ancient Text; Yet Key Here, is Ancient Text;

And Sure, After it Was Actually Printed in the 15th Century, More Resources Went into Insuring
The Copying Veracity of it; As Western Civilizations Pushed And Forced Folks to Believe in It
Then As Theocracies

Finally Changed into

Democracies; And Yes,

It's Still Taken Centuries,

Since the United States

Declaration of Independence,

Even Separated From 'Paul And the
Standard of Women Being Inferior to Speak

On Matters in Church;' And Subjugating And
Controlling Them Mostly For Patriarchal Controls of Reproductive Freedoms;

For Instance, Rules For Female Teachers As Illustrated by Illinois State University From 1915:

"1915 Rules for Teachers

1. You will not marry during the term of your contract.

2. You are not to keep company with men.

3. You must be home between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless attending a school function.

4. You may not loiter downtown in ice cream stores.

5. You may not travel beyond the city limits unless you have the permission of the chairman of the board.

6. You may not ride in a carriage or automobile with any man unless he is your father or brother.

7. You may not smoke cigarettes.

8. You may not dress in bright colors.

9. You may under no circumstances dye your hair.

10. You must wear at least two petticoats.

11. Your dresses must not be any shorter than 2 inches above the ankle.

12. To keep the school room neat and clean, you must sweep the floor at least once daily, scrub the floor at least once a week with hot, soapy water, clean the blackboards at least once a day and start the fire at 7 a.m. so the room will be warm by 8 a.m."

Women Finally Got the Right To Vote in 1920; And Change Started to Happen In A More Democratic Way for Half
the Population Marginalized in Control and Subjugation This Way; And Yes, Practically 'Through the Ages' This Way

As We Surely Didn't
Treat Women then

Much Better Than Current
Extreme Sharia Styled Muslim Countries...

That Much Has Changed, Despite the Ignorance
of the Old Christian Bible; Despite the Ignorance

in a Suggestion that An All Forgiving, Merciful, Loving God,
Who Loves Enemies; Also, Lies Without Integrity And Does the Opposite

By Burning Foes in Torturing Fire of Suffering forever; That Will Never



HOWEVER, As i've Already Related, there is
Some Cross-Cultural Evidence of Truth that
May Be Derived From Some Parts of the Book in Alignments
With Other Religions That Actually Increase Well Being in this Lifetime Now;

The Christian Religion aS A Whole Believes, if the Myth of LITERAL BODILY Resurrection of

'Jesus' IS Not True, Then The Whole Scheme is A Worthless Ruse; And In Effect, in Saying That

They Express
The Total Value
of Their Religion;

All A Myth; And in Terms
of Truth, A Biggest Lie Ever Told
in Torturing Part of Creation Forever in Suffering....

That's Just sick; However, Some Folks Believe "Q-Anon
Non-Sense," So Go Figure, This is the Human Condition, Fully
Expressed As Is...

i Didn't Fall off
A 'Turnip Truck';

At Least Not After
i Found Balance in Life...

As far As i'm Concerned,
Folks May Believe Whatever
They Like As Long As They Don't
Destroy The Freedoms of Others; As
Some Apparently Want to Make this Country
More of A Theocracy Again Than Democracy,

Where More Marginalized Folks Are Bullied And Abused Again...

Fortunately, We Have Freedom of Information/Expression; And An Unsuccessful
Attempt by the 'Trump Scheme' of Overthrowing Part of Our Representative
Democracy By Inciting a Deadly Insurrection As Validated By The Republican
House of Representatives And Senate Leaders At the Date of the Deadly Insurrection...

As Long As We Have
Democracy, The Lies of
Religion that Seek to Control
And Subjugate The Freedoms of
Marginalized Folks Will Continue to Fail...

i Saw Through the Ruse, Before i Could Speak
At age 4; Easy Enough to See the Kingdom of God
Within; i am a Leaf Still Now That Greens my Tree Falling to Soils
And Greening New Trees of Life in A Forest Soul Whole of Existence;

Ocean Whole;

Particle, Wave
And Field; Yep,

And A 'Zillion' other
Metaphors Plus For Being
Part of All that is And More;

Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete;

With a Large Enough God Within to Love
iT All DarK Thru LiGHT; Other than that to Each Her or HiS Own...

There Are Some Catholic Priests Like 'Richard Rohr', Who Have Presented
The Metaphors of the Bible Differently; Like Hell is Just A Ridiculous As Literal
Concept After Death As i've Always Seen it too; He Managed to Keep His Spot as

A Priest; Albeit A 'Franciscan' One As That 'Saint' Was A Rebel more Like a 'Lucifer' in

Light Bringing
Ways too; In Other
Words, Someone With
A More Open Mind than
Those Bound to Literal Traditions; IN BLACK AND WHITE;

STiLL NoW, Refusing to Move Out of That Cave, No Matter What;

i Know many Folks Like that in Life; And Some of them i Love
As Much As Anyone Else; From Different Religions too; It Wouldn't

Be Any more
Fair Now to

Folks Unworthy

of Love; Just For their
Ignorance; Both Nature
And Nurture Influenced As Such...

i Understand The Beast of Human Irrationality
And i Live With it Just Fine; It What it is; And the

Bible Surely Does A Fantastic Job Expressing Just
How Irrational the Human Condition is; We Are A Story

Making Creature Who Bonds and Binds Over Stories
(Yep Religion)

No Matter How


Or Even Dark

They Are; Evidence

Enough With the Old
Christian Bible Verily, For Sure;

Again, It is What it is; Adapt, Survive,
And Thrive


in this One
Life For Real Now...

You Are Very Knowledgable
About Your Special Interest
of the Bible; i Also Know Folks

Who Are Very Knowledgeable
About their Video Games to the Same Extent;

And i Do Respect That; As That Is What they Love to Do;

Again, Now,

It is What it is;

The Human Condition;

Stories We Run on True or False, Equally As Such;

And Obviously, Both Truth and Morality is Relative, Depending on Make And Model

of Vehicle And Vessel of Human Being; Yep, Depending on Nature And Nurture As Such;

The Old Christian Bible Proves That As Much As Any Book too; Both False As True, Ironically As Such...

Religion is Part of
Human Nature; it
Ain't Going Away; i Have
Hope it Will Improve Even More...

Not Gonna Go As Far As Faith, Though; at
Least At this Point From What i've Seen in the
United States, Since 2016; Ranging From the Trump
Fiasco of Lies to Not Requiring Masks and Social Distancing
At Church During the Most Dangerous Parts of the Delta Variant

Where So Many

Folks Who Didn't
Have to Die, Died

For the Lies They Believed in;
Also Sadly Supported By Church Rules too;

Walmart Had Greater Morality and Ethics
Taking Care of their Employees then...
Pretty Sad, When Corporations Are
More concerned With Healing Practices

Than Church

And A So-Called
God of Love who
Tortures Folks Forever
Who Are Foes, They Once
Loved With Total Mercy And forgiving;

And That Explains So Much of the Ills of Our Society Now,

In Part..

Folks Are Indeed
influenced So Much
in Their Day to Day Life;

Depending on What Kind of
Religion They Hold Near And
Dear And Sacred And Holy Ranging

Again From Politics to Religion to Video
Games to Sports to Just Never Ending Religions

Of All Colors and Black And White That Bind and
Bond the Human Condition, in Some Kind of Systemizing Way of Order;

And Or Human Arts Coloring
Souls New With
For Real True;

Yep, Now
And HiStory
STiLL Shows

Most Anything
Goes, Folks Will
Agree to in Crowd
Source Thinking Ways...

Most Everyone Where i Live
Believes Similar to You; Meh,

i Have No Problem Getting Along With
These Folks Here; Through The History
of my Life, i'm Usually Noted As A Most 'Perfect
Example of a Christian'; Even the 23 Years, At Work,

i Never
A Church
at All; Some of
Us Are Just Good Natured Folks,
Born With Open Arms for Every Stranger
As My Mother Said i Was, Well Before i Could Speak at 4...

i Did A Catholic Easter Service on the Festival Grounds today;
And A Southern Baptist Easter Feast on the Grounds There too;

Usually, Wherever i

Go People Smile;

i've Always Had
That Effect on Decent
People; There Are Plenty
Christians and Muslims Who
Are Very Decent People As Long
As You Fit Well Enough in their Venn Diagrams,

For who is
Included or

Not In Life;

If i See Bullying
or Abuse Against Marginalized Folks;
They'll Know About it, When i'm Around...

i've Erased A Lot of it Within the Walls of Churches,
i've Attended in the Past; And that's Why i Still Go;
i Have the Ability to Still Make A Difference For Greater Good;

Even if it is Just
A Shared
Or Angelic
Songs With Wings Higher...

Not Much Different Than
The Years of Dance in Public
And Dance Halls As Well Still
Dancing Singing Wings Free ThiS Way Now...

Birthing Love
Always Now;
It's What i Do
New Where Welcome;

And Even WHere i am Not Welcome too...

Happy Easter
Always Now;
Every Breath
A Gift, A New Miracle of
Living Birth Now For Real RiSinG;

Indeed, Every Breath, A Resurrection Ever Now;
A New Creation With Every Human Breath Inhaling

LoVE New NoW iN
JoY oF LiGHT For All
With Least Harm; Giving,
Sharing, Caring, Healing New Now...

Dancing Singing Away
From Apathy And Anxiety

Finding Sweet Spot of Wu Wei
Effortless Ease of Autotelic Flow

In Increasing
Human Potentials

of Complexities Realizing
More This Evolving Soul This
Love For Life Real Always Now


In Flow
Within Generating
Out of All DarK Marrying
Night Merrying Day Even More

With SMiLes...

Catholic Mass Readings From April 17th, 2022
AKA Easter Sunday Something About Lifting Veils
oF iGNoRaNCE Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete
iN An Original Definition of Greek Apocalypse

With Hopes of
Course of Really
Rolling Away that
Stone(S) For More Folks Now

Otherwise We Continue to LiVE iN
Cultures Where Marginalized Human
Beings Are Ruthlessly Bullied And Abused...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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18 Apr 2022, 9:07 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Being in the Flow Almost
Always is A Bit 'Supernatural'


What Is Colored

More With
Disorder Deficits
And Other Related
Challenges of Life in
More 'Black and White Ways'

Like A Reaction to A 4th
Covid-19 Shot in Second

Booster Way Let off Without
Any Negative Reactions the
Last Two Yet This Was Just my

Turn to Feel So Very Human
Again Struggling A Bit to Put

Wings Back On Yet Likely Needed
Rest as i can't Remember the Last Day

i Didn't Do An 'Olympic Sprint' in Ease As Such


Fingers Still
Dancing So Far
Slowing For A Rest of Night...

As Darkness Reminds Us Even
More For Gratitude For Coming LiGHT AGAiN...

And Even If i Take my Last Breath i Will SMiLe
Knowing Feeling Sensing i Really LiVE This Life


In Both
DarK NoW
Of Loving All
Of Existence New Now
Struggling Through Ease
of Coming Potentials and
Even More Complexities Now Again...

Connecting God WHoLE

SMiLes, There is Not Much Greater Evidence of
How Life, Overall, is the Results of A Rorschach Test,

We Both Make and Take as We Co-Create Our Realities
As Basically Hallucinations Based on Hallucinations We Co-Create Before

As Modern Neuroscience Suggests is True; Haha, IF the Last Years since
Trump Became President in A So-called Modern Advanced Super Rational

Country Don't Prove

The Fact That Humans

Are Not Rational At Core

And Most Decisions Run

On Emotional, Feeling, Sensing
Ways of Life First; One May Visit A Few

Christian Churches, Even in the So-Called
Same Denomination, Or Same Church Among
Members in How Each Individual Unique Human Being

Interprets the Bible; And In How even the Interpretations
Spoon-Fed By The Unique Poetry Seeing Eyes of the Pastor Are

And Related
to Others so

Differently Indeed...
As 'They' Say, You've Met
One Person on the Autism
Spectrum, You've only Met One Unique;

That Surely

Applies to All the Other Human Beings,
At Least For Those With the Ability to Get
in More Than Twitter Breath Conversations In Deeper

Ways With

Other Human

Beings; True, Just
A Nod of the Head,
or Yes or No; Doesn't Bring
Much Depth on What Their Rorschach Test of Being Is...

Basically, It's All Metaphor, Poetry, And Art As Metaphor This
Human Condition...

The Illusion
Is it is Rational
And Concrete;

Hey, Folks Report Their
Average IQ on this Internet
Site As Informally Polled And Sure
Biased As Somewhere Above 130;

However; That is A Very Small Measure

For What it Truly Takes to Inhale Peace,
Exhale LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing,
Caring, Healing All With Least Harm, Naked
Enough, Whole, Complete; i Didn't even Answer

The Question as i Know How Valuable my So-called Off the Charts High IQ
Was in School; Just Enough to Miss What it Means to Live and Love Free...

And Find People

Somewhere Around
the World Who Actually

Breathe ThiS Way; And They Do too...

And It's Also True, Even Though 'They' Don't Often
Understand the Depth of me in the Churches i visit;
Really, No Different Than the High IQ Limited Literal
Ways of Understanding me Here; They See it in my Eyes

And Dance;

in Song too,

One on One
At Least; And
That's Naked Enough Whole Complete
And Verily That's Why i Dance And Smile;
The Oldest Human Languages Free As Well...

Yawn, Modern Science Suggests That All Language
is Metaphor And A Rorschach Test At Core; Sadly,

Folks Are Becoming More Literal Text Than Dance And Smiles With Song Free;

There Are Words With Life; There Are Words Without As Much Life; It's True my

Shells Were Empty

too; Until i Found

Some Essence

Within With
HeART; With
SPiRiT; With SoUL
of Real Social-Empathic-
Artistic, Spiritual Emotional Intelligences

That "Iain McGilchrist" Analyzes; a Psychiatrist, Writer, and Former Oxford Literary Scholar,
Coming into Prominence, After the Publication of His Book, "The Master and His Emissary,"
Subtitled, "The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World;" i'm Not So Sure, it Can
Be Neatly Divided into Left and Right Brain Processes As There is the Above of the Cerebrum
Two Hemispheres and the Below of the Cerebellum That Comprises 50 Percent of Neurons of the Human
Mammal Brain; And Yes, Also Related to Both Motor Coordination, Gross and Fine; And Emotional Regulation
And Sensory Integration As that Applies to Social Empathic Abilities too; Where Deficits in that Area of

The Brain Have Been
Correlated With those
Issues for Folks on the
Autism Spectrum As Well;

However, it Surely Makes Common Sense
Then In How my First Psychiatrist Diagnosed
Me With Deficits in Social-Empathic-Spiritual
Real Emotional Intelligences And Said Perhaps

My Right Hemisphere of my Mind Wasn't Making
A Very Good Connection With my Left Hemisphere;

Considering, i Scored a 45 on the AQ Scan for Extreme
Systemizing With Very High STANDARD IQ Mind then; With Such Rigid
Movement; So Much Described As A Robot Moving and A Computer

Mind Instead
of Fully Creative
And Human by my
Peers; So Many Years Before
the Diagnosis at age 47; So Infused
With Feeding my Mind Information Technology
And Financial Management to Keep A Job With the
Federal Government for 25 Years Before That; And i
Fell Ill with Some Autism Burn-out Literally in Hell for

66 Months;

There is Night
And Day Difference
in How Social-Empathic-Artistic-
Creative, Interpretive, Spiritual Emotional

Intelligence Has Transformed me as the Once
Robot Moving and Computer Brain 'Stuffed Shirted'

(Referencing the "Tin Man, Scarecrow, And Cowardly
Lion Afraid of His Shadow" On the "Wizard of Oz" too)


Free Verse Poetry
Flowed From Deep
Within my Right Hemisphere
Brain If One Wants to Use that
Metaphor of Science With a More
Fully Online And Fed Cerebellum As
Such With Free Dance to Light me All The
Way Up True too...

So Very Free...

Anyway, it Works as
Validated By those
Who took care of me
then; Scoring Down to An
11 on the AQ Scan; Scoring Up
to the Mid 90's From Emotional
Quotient Tests From the Mid 50's too;

And even Changing in that Old Personality
Test From INTJ to ENFP too; Transformation is

Possible; And With Human Imagination and Creativity





Some Folks Do; That is Measure Enough for me;

True, They Have Extremely High IQ's Too; Yet the
Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual Emotional Intelligences for

Them are Off
the Charts

Of Discrete
Science Measurements
in So-called Intelligence too...

As Far As What i Can And Actually
Do in Connecting to Other Humans in
Real Life And Around the Globe with this

Dancing And Singing Intelligence Who Get It...

There is No Measure Either of the Bliss it Brings ToGeTHeR
ThiS Way for Real


For IT Does

Except for
IT Works Beyond
Measure Indeed;

(Other than Volume
And Response of Course)

And i Surely Understand
Why Most Folks Don't Likely
Get What Those Deeper Poets
of the Bible Were Trying to Get ACross...

The Fact, They Still Exist in A Book Mostly
Used to Expand Empires Shows the Utility in

Creating Art That Goes Straight Over the Head
For Those Mostly Concerned With "The Matter of Things"
As That Applies to A World of External Material Reductionism
in Literal Ways Versus A Vast NeW UNiVeRSE, This Kingdom of God Within;
Or The Right
Brain And
And Related Parts
of the Mind, More Lit
Up With New Colors Always
New Year-Round For Our Christmas
Trees That Stay LiT Up ALL Year and Are
Not Only Tried Out on Christmas And Easter Day...

Iain McGilchrist's Second Book is About 1500 Pages;

A Book That Doesn't Take me Long to Knock Out;

A Book Not Many People Will Come Close to Getting

Through; Yet the Human Mind is the Deepest 'Subject'

Of All, Worthy of New Exploration, Whether There is A Target


for Deeper
Explorations or Not...

Yawn, These Days With the Science
Assessed Average Human Attention
Span of Literally a Gold Fish,
Less than 3 Seconds; i Have

Never Expected Anyone
to Get Through Anything
i Create in Whole; However,

This is the Beauty of Autotelic
Flow, the Joy is Inherent in All i Do;

Applause or Recognition Not Required at all...

And At Least, i Have An Avenue Here to Be All of Who i Am...

Occasionally, Someone Like me Comes Around And Gets me;

Like i Said,


Met A Person
on the Autism
Spectrum; You've
Met Just one; Same

As Being Human For
Each Set of Unique Real
God of Nature Human Eyes As Every

Human UniVerse 'Seeing' Is Unique Indeed...

And Of Course, The Rest of Living And Even
Inanimate Creation as At Core It All Spirals Freely in Flow...

Sadly, Modern Society in Western and More Increasingly
Eastern Ways By Measure of "The Matter With Things"
Iain McGilchrist's Title of His New Book too; Tends

to Straight Jacket

Reality as

We Become
The Tools We
Have Created to
Use More than Wings
of Butterflies Free Out
of Cocoons, Stumbling Over
100 or So Caterpillar Legs Before

They Move Across the River Hades
In Dark And Become Their Own 'Super Hero' of God Free iN LiGHT oF Loving

iT All DarK Thru LiGHT too...

This Story Surely Isn't New; For Those Who Understand And Play It Through...

Seeking The American Dream
Finding Home
Finding The American Dream
Out Of Hell Finding Home
Circling The


It Is
Love With
SMiles Dear
Mariana FRiEnD
With Or Without
A Boy Band Song


On Another
“Forrest Gump Bus”...

SMiLes i Am Also Reminded
of the Great Styx Song

'These Are The Best
of Times' Now As

It's True These

Are the Only Times Now
We Humans Tend to Look
Forward to Things And Never
Arrive at 'Times' Simply For the

Dopamine That Brings Within From
Looking Forward AHa Key is Generating

All that Heaven New
Within in Autotelic
FloW oN Task of
Whatever Now
is Loving


Sure Easier
Said Than Done
For Some As Done Dancing
Becomes Sung Now with SMiLes...

Beautiful Song Dear Cindy
And Surely A Wonderful Tribute
To The Child Who is the Star No


Who They Are
Sadly Vietnam
Decimated Half the
Rest of the Males on
my Mother's Side in 1968

And True That Was only 1 Out of
2 Males Left Besides me as Life isn't
Always Kind to Males Who Go To War

To Defend
This Way

Yep If only
Power Didn't
Corrupt So Much
STiLL NoW And Make It All
So Senseless indeed mY FRiEnD
Never the Less the SPiRiT of one
Willing to Give His and Or Her Life for


A Wonderful
Spirit and
A Star
Lives On
in Humankind
This Way True too

Happy Monday Hehe it seems
my Fourth Moderna Covid Booster
is Slowing my 'FRedwoods' a Bit Today
or Perhaps it Was the Easter Feast on
The Grounds of Pot Luck Church Yesterday

Hehe There is Always A Way Out of DarK to LiGHT


This Hope
This Faith
This LoVE ReaL NoW...

No Matter Phase of
Moon or Gloom of
Clouds Poetry And
All Other Arts Are
How We Sunshine
Soul Within to Dance
And Sing Free SMiles
i Read All Your Poems
And Liked Them All
Celebrating A Long
Form Poem i
Am Still
Today In
Free Verse
Response To
Strangers Around
The Globe SMiles
Yes All 10.4 MiLLioN
Words Today 8
Years 8 Months
On 4.18.2022
The Least i Could
Do is Read And Truly
Like All Of Yours Hehe
Considering You Just
Liked 11 Chapters of
my Book About 60
Thousand Words
Each Comprising
About 660,000
Words Two More
And You Would
Have Liked Nearly
As Many Words As
The Christian Bible
Holds That Takes me
On Average Now 7 Months
to Write in
Free Verse
i Just
Like to Write
And Never Ever
Worry if Anyone
Likes Or Reads What
i Write Yet True At
Least one Person
Reads It As it
Is All An
Of Poetic
To Once Strangers
Like You Who Liked
So Many of my Long
Poems So Thanks

So Much
For This
For my
Soul to
Grow Even
More With SMiles Jahna...

Ah Yes A City in The
Cloud With No
Sun, Moon, Or
Stars To Fall
From On Earth
Lost From All
The Light They
Cannot See A Place
On Earth Where The
Revenge of The Nerds
Continues To Dominate

Was Once
ALL A Story
About A
Back to Life
Left Behind
The Day After
They Still Are

On 4.18.2022

No Time, Distance,
Space or Matter Here

As Now The Little
Autistic Boy is the
Richest Man in The
World Buying The
World As They Know

In Twitter
With No Edits

Yet Now Bringer
oF LiGHT too

See Safe
And Sound
Totally Free
From The

“They” Still
Keep On Earth…

Just Another
John Story
With SMiles...

Do Dear Jane...

Connecting God WHoLE

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Being in the Flow Almost
Always is A Bit 'Supernatural'


What Is Colored

More With
Disorder Deficits
And Other Related
Challenges of Life in
More 'Black and White Ways'

Like A Reaction to A 4th
Covid-19 Shot in Second

Booster Way Let off Without
Any Negative Reactions the
Last Two Yet This Was Just my

Turn to Feel So Very Human
Again Struggling A Bit to Put

Wings Back On Yet Likely Needed
Rest as i can't Remember the Last Day

i Didn't Do An 'Olympic Sprint' in Ease As Such


Fingers Still
Dancing So Far
Slowing For A Rest of Night...

As Darkness Reminds Us Even
More For Gratitude For Coming LiGHT AGAiN...

And Even If i Take my Last Breath i Will SMiLe
Knowing Feeling Sensing i Really LiVE This Life


In Both
DarK NoW
Of Loving All
Of Existence New Now
Struggling Through Ease
of Coming Potentials and
Even More Complexities Now Again...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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19 Apr 2022, 10:08 pm

How to Put Forever Now
All Moving Connecting

Co-Creating in Flow

Indeed Dear Savvy

A 'Dance of Connection'
With No Separation The Oneness

Of All That is At Our Call And Beckon

in Reflections

Of All We aRe
All That is Breathes
Us This Way Never
Alone Always Allone...

Thanks Dear
Chaymaa For
Your Kind
Concern All
Is Okay Now
With SMiles...

SMiLes When i Was A Small Child

i Dreamed of A Machine With Buttons

That Would Answer all My Questions

Such A 'Four-Eyed Nerd' i Am then

And Now It Happened

It Really Happened

'Revenge of the
Nerds' and

Is Truly in Vogue

All the Worker Bees
In Laser Focus Building

This Hive That We Eccentrics
Will Truly Thrive in Erasing the
Middle Men Before into Oblivion Hehe...

A Sign of 'These Days' Yes, The Richest Dude
in the World Elon Musk with Asperger's Syndrome

And Of Course, There is Zuckerberg, Gates, And Jobs

And This Apple

of Knowledge

And Arts
i Continue
To Consume

And Spit Out Like

Niagara Falls Close
to Where You Live in New York too...

Fortunately, LiVE iN Chefs Are Still the
Best Where i LiVE And True She has

Over 500 Channels to Stay Content too...

Just Imagine All the Songs Ever Recorded
At Our Finger Tips For Practically Free All the
Knowledge And Arts For Us to Peruse Heaven

For Eccentrics

And Nerds Indeed

A New World Of Being

Whoever We Wanna Be New Now...

And On Top of that There is That Garden
Of Eden For Real in my BackYard Never
Paying Taxes All of it All Paid Off too It's

True 'Life's

Been Good'

So Far That

Was A Great Song by Joe
Walsh And Still Is too With Smiles

Don't Need Any Maserati... Honda
Civic Will Do Still Building My Own


And Blood New...

"They say I'm lazy but it takes all my time
(Everybody say, "Oh yeah, " "Oh yeah")
I keep on goin' guess I'll never know why
Life's been good to me so far

Ah, yeah, yeah"

SMiLes Have
A Very Nice Day With SMiLes
Yet i Ain't Telling NoBody What They Have to Do...

Hmm, There Are 'Gods' In Stories
That Folks Find in Books And Churches;

And There Is Nature Within And A REAL
Experience of Ascending And Transcending

Oneness, instead
of Separation So
Cold and Lonely Indeed)

The Mundane of

The 'Constructed
World of Human Tools'...

Words Are Buildings, No Different Really
Than Temples As They May House Essence

of A Deeper Experience of Life or A Life Spent

Following Concrete Side-Walks And Eventual

Really Bad Back Pain From Only Walking One Way;

In This Way, The Gods of Books And Other Buildings
Are Mostly A Pain in the Butt to me...

Yet Never the Less, Yes,

Interesting, Comprised
of Both Human Dreams
And Nightmares As Human
Imagination And Creativity Naturally Brings...

People Are Gonna Find Common Bonds and Binds
With Mutually Agreed Upon Ideologies and Symbols;


If It's Not God; It'll Be Another 'Trump' or A YouTube

Channel Appealing to Dopamine And Adrenaline Generated

By Misery Loves Suffering of Overall Fear, And Hate; And Of Course,


Theories too;

Meanwhile, Others With
A More Glass OverFlowing Life

Will Thrive More Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete As They Always Have As Well...

Sure, Inhaling Peace, Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT
Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing With Least Harm for All...

Stories Change And Characters Remain; It's the Human

Condition, There is No Stopping IT As Long as We aRe Here...

Anyway, The Article in the 'New York Times', By Obviously A
Militant Atheist, Who Suggests We Should Kill Gods; Is Just Cannon
Fodder For Fox News And Such to Get Another 'Old Testament God' Elected President...

Understand the Human Condition, First, And Tread Softly in Mine Fields Like This; We Really

Don't Need

Any more


For the 'Religious
Right' in 'Affirmative Action', to Hire Another Demagogue
Human God in Highest Offices For Another Dictatorship of a Lesser God...

The Really Good News is Younger Generations Aren't So Fooled As They
Do Have And Do Use New Sources other than Fox News And Some Boring Church
That Insists They Are the Chosen Ones Out of All the Creatures in the UNiVeRSE





And True There is Some
Utility to Sugar Pills Like That too...

And That in Part, is Why 'The Old God'
Is Here to Stay Another Few Decades Or So...
And Only Expanding in Third World Countries of

Scarcity And Ignorance As Always...

Meanwhile as Whitman Suggested Last Century:

"The known universe has one complete lover and that is the greatest poet.
He consumes an eternal passion and is indifferent which chance happens and
which possible contingency of fortune or misfortune and persuades daily and
hourly his delicious pay. What baulks or breaks others is fuel for his burning
progress to contact and amorous joy. Other proportions of the reception of
pleasure dwindle to nothing to his proportions. All expected from heaven
or from the highest he is rapport with in the sight of the daybreak or a
scene of the winter woods or the presence of children playing or with
his arm round the neck of a man or woman. His love above all love has
leisure and expanse … he leaves room ahead of himself. He is no irresolute
or suspicious lover … he is sure … he scorns intervals. His experience and the
showers and thrills are not for nothing. Nothing can jar him … suffering and darkness
cannot—death and fear cannot. to him complaint and jealousy and envy are corpses buried
and rotten in the earth … he saw them buried. The sea is not surer of the shore or the shore
of the sea than he is of the fruition of his love and of

all perfection and beauty."

"There will soon be no more priests. Their work is done. They
may wait awhile … perhaps a generation or two … dropping off by degrees.
A superior breed shall take their place … the gangs of kosmos and prophets en masse
shall take their place. A new order shall arise and they shall be the priests of man, and
every man shall be his own priest. The churches built under their umbrage shall be the
churches of men and women. Through the divinity of themselves shall the kosmos and
the new breed of poets be interpreters of men and women and of all events and things.
They shall find their inspiration in real objects to-day, symptoms of the past and future…
They shall not deign to defend immortality or God or the perfection of things or liberty or
the exquisite beauty and reality of the soul. They shall arise in America and be responded
to from the remainder of the earth."

Cheers To Colors of Living Now
i just Took A Pic Of This Lovely
Flower Hehe It’s Especially
Beautiful Today As
The 4th Covid
Booster Shot
Really Knocked
me on my Butt Yesterday
Where i Didn’t Have The
Energy to Go For A Walk
And Had to Skip A Work-Out
For the First Time in So Long As
i Haven’t Fallen Ill Really Bad in
So Long Hope You Are Feeling

Well These Days

It’s So Easy to Take
Health For Granted
Until We Really Get knocked
Down one Day anyway my

Needed A Rest
From Go Go Go
As Energizer Bunnies Do...

Thanks Chaymaa Hehe
The 2nd And 3rd Shots
No Problem Yet The
1st And Sunday For
The 4th Shot As
Booster Really
Knocked Me
Out of Orbit in
Fatigue All is Okay
Today With SMiles...

How to Put Forever Now
All Moving Connecting

Co-Creating in Flow

Indeed Dear Savvy

A 'Dance of Connection'
With No Separation The Oneness

Of All That is At Our Call And Beckon

in Reflections

Of All We aRe
All That is Breathes
Us This Way Never
Alone Always Allone..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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20 Apr 2022, 11:30 pm

Will A Thousand Books Ever Make A River Think

Will Another Layer of Clothes Warm Us Within

That No Cold Will Touch

Is Every Wave Different Yes Never
Set in Stone NoW As Even Every Grain

of Sand That Makes Stone is Different

Too Sub-Particles Spiraling to Complete

Each Atom So Uniquely True to Change

Embracing Different in All We Do

Dear Savvy No Longer

Covering Up

Human PotentialS NoW
So Free to BREaTHE NeW
Not Wound Up in Hands
of Time, Distance, And Space
When Matters Not This Breath of Change...

Hehe Dear Hawaii Aloha FRiEnD of Course
The Pic That First Got MOST All my Attention
Is Cappuccino Kitty Balancing on that Second

Floor Ledge of Your Paradise Home...

Made me OH NO SO Weak in the Knees

Hehe From Thousands of Miles Away HAha

Yet It's True The Older i Get the More i Appreciate

Every Little Thing in Life And It's True the More i Feel
And Express This Gratitude i Find That Every Little Thing

Usually Turns Out Alright
And Even When it Doesn't

i Learn Something New Now
And Enhance my Human Potentials

Even More Yet It's True it May Be A Long
While Before i Balance my Body On Upper Story

Ledges True About one Rung Up On the Ladder Enough

For me to Ground
Back to Earth As

my Goodness When
i Dance on Terrestrial
Land i Am Already Floating That

Way Surfing on Walmart Shiny Floors As Such hehe
And Just Tonight A Group of Rogue Dancing Women

Challenging me to A Dance-Off in the Store Yet they
Just Couldn't Catch Up to me And Had the Store

Audience Rolling in
Laughter True

Not Afraid

To Do Everything
At Least it Seems

As Road Runner
Most Often Is Not

Captured By Wile E. Coyote Either Hehe...
Anyway Give Peppy Cat A Pet For me And
Australian Shepherd Panda one too And Yes

i Do Believe Your Little Finch Sees You As A Bird Mamma too How Sweet
With Sweets How Sweet So Much to Smile And Tweet About Indeed mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa Living
Long Enough To Do More
WHere ReTiRinG Is Only
ReTreading Barren Wheels of

Life With Even More Love To Do
What We Love to Do Most

Of Courses Finding

That First Chapter

May Be Challenging

Yet A Never Ending Dance
And Song May Commence Next

With Even More
Smiles in Gratitude

NoW All About This
Experience of LiFE

To Give To Share To
Care To Heal Even More

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG

With Least Harm For All We Touch New

Effortless in Ease FLoW iN Sweet
Spot Tween Anxiety and Apathy

Increasing New Human Potentials
Complexities More Yet Still With Effortless Ease

As This Is What

Love Does

With Gravity
In Balance
Soaring With
Stars So Easy
in Loving Peace...

Hehe, Oh How Golden The Golden Rule is in Treating
Others How We Would Like To be Treated Dear
USA Writes HAha Until it Comes With

The Extravert

Living With the

Introvert Where Both
Will Want to Be Treated
So Much Differently So Much

Of Love is A Work of Art With Fill
In the Blanks Always Changing At

Best to See How Others See Their
Heaven Differently on Earth For

me it Might be Dancing in
A Crowd of 1000 People

Solo And For my
Wife it Surely


And Unlimited
TV Shows to Watch

It's True It's Okay For
An Audience Member
To Live With the Actor
of Their Own Play of Life too

With SMiLes...

my my How
Human Beings
View Their UNiVerses

We Surely Don't Need to Go
Live on Mars When Every Human
Being Already Resides on their
Individually Co-


on Earth Now

i Love it That Everyone is So
Different As This Way There Are
Unlimited Worlds to Explore All on Earth

in my
Small Town...

Yes to make it even More
Complicated All of Us Are
Still Changing Every Breath We
Take Every Sub-Particle of Our
Existence Always Changing New...

For These Ways Every Step A New Dance
Every Word A New Song to Dance And Sing ToGeTHeR NoW...

Thanks So Much
i’m Feeling Fine
Now And Glad You
Are Doing Okay
Too Dear FRiEnD
With SMiLes Kinda Warm
And Sunny on Sunday For
You Looking
To Seeing
Your Spring
SMiles And
FLoWeRs Soon in Toronto...

Always A Pleasure
Dear USA Writes
Much Love
To You
As Well
With SMiles...

Yes Let’s
All Light
The World
Up With Love


SMiLes In Life There Are Wrenches
There Are Guitars And Some Days Most

Sadly Guitars Without Strings

Oh How Hard it is to Be A Guitar
Without Strings All that Lovely Music
Once Played And Gone All Gone into the

Void The Whole of the Instrument With No Sound At All

Yet the Wrenches Have Difficulty Understanding As They've
Only Been A Tool Neither Instrument of Music With or Without Strings

Oh Lord When i Was A Young in Numbers
Man A Military Woman i was 'Involved'
With Said i Touched Her 'Heart Strings'

And i Was 'Smart' Enough to
'Think'; Yes, Think, Instead of

HeART FeeL iT Had Something
To Do With 'The Physical' Instead

of Words Expressing The Deepest
of Feelings Within Beyond All Discrete Measure

And at That Point i Had Forgotten i Ever Had Strings to
Play At All For It's True How That Song "The Way We Were"

Touched me So Much in High School As a Virgin With A Crush
on the Smart

Girl 3 Years
Older Than
me in the "Nerd Club" Then...

i Suppose the Moral oF A STory
is Our Souls Don't Always Evolve
Toward Higher Love Powers As Environment

Counts So Much And It's True if You Work With A Bunch

Of Wrenches At Work Chances Are Someone Will Say Suck

It Up Buttercup It's Not That Bad We've Got Work to Do Now

So Pull Those Bootstraps Up Even if We Are Speaking About

The Very Robust Looking Homeless Dude on the Street

Hearing 100 Voices In His Head Instructing Him

Differently What to Do Next... And Yeah

When i Lost All my Emotions Entering

Into 66 Months of Hell of the
Worst Pain Known to
Humankind And

Lost With No
Reference Point
if i Ever Felt A Smile Before

Oh How i Gnashed my Teeth
in the Once Living Room Sitting
With my Mother And Wife Shiny
Happy People They Still Were And

There Was No Way Out of the Opaque
Glass Around my Soul Trying To Remember

What it Felt Like to Be A Shiny Happy Person Before...

Lost, Lost in a Vast Space With No Measure A Pit Below With No

Bottom or Top As Recently i Was Defending the Lives of Lesbian
Women Buried to Their Chest in Saudi Arabia And Stoned And Saying

i Don't Believe in Any God of All Mercy, Forgiveness, And Love That Burns
Any Part of Creation Forever in Torture And Misery and Suffering Because

They Were Naughty in this One Life to Live It's true There Are Days to Smile

And There Are Days to Stand Up With Back Bone And Say NO As It's True

It's A Big Mistake

For Anyone

To Mistake
my Smile Now

As Not Having
Teeth As It's True
The Dentist Said
i Have Some of the
Biggest Teeth He's Ever Seen, Hehe...

And This is Why i Smile Now my Teeth Are Just too Big to Hide...

No Different Really Than Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head With

Feet Too

Big For A Bed...

Look Around i Do
Life is A Struggle
And Night Makes Day

And Dark Makes Light

Elon Musk Recently Said
One Day Robots Will Do All the
Work And We Humans Will Have
All Abundance For Whatever We Want

Yeah, Like When my Relative Inherited 80,000
Dollars And It Went Up Her Nose And She Ended Up

Dead And So Many Other Relatives of Other Relatives
of People Who Have Never Learned How to Be Naked
Enough Whole And Complete Without Any Cocaine (etc) Levers

Wrench to Press...

Is There Even Any Room
In This World Left to Smile...
i Make Room As i've Lived in the Other Place
too Yep So Far Away From the Other Park Bench in The Desert...

More And Less We LiVE iN A World Now Increasingly Where there
is No Time Left For The Human Condition to Even Breathe Freely

And Sunshine
Fully in Tow Expressing
All Of Who We May Come


No Place
To Hide When Free...

Will A Thousand Books Ever Make A River Think

Will Another Layer of Clothes Warm Us Within

That No Cold Will Touch

Is Every Wave Different Yes Never
Set in Stone NoW As Even Every Grain

of Sand That Makes Stone is Different

Too Sub-Particles Spiraling to Complete

Each Atom So Uniquely True to Change

Embracing Different in All We Do

Dear Savvy No Longer

Covering Up

Human PotentialS NoW
So Free to BREaTHE NeW
Not Wound Up in Hands
of Time, Distance, And Space
When Matters Not This Breath of Change...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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21 Apr 2022, 11:09 pm

SMiLes Dear Savvy As We Close in on
Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022, Where i Live

in the United States We Use

40 Percent of the World's

Human Resources With 4 Percent

Of Humanity's Numbers of Living Breathing

Beings And Sadly Verily It Seems We Pay More Attention to

What We Consume Than Who We BREaTHE to Come to

Be Moving
And Co-Creating

With Each Other Free...

SMiLes i Am So Happy i Am
Out of the Consuming Stage

It's Amazing How Much More Fulfilling
Working As Living Is Giving And Sharing
Caring And Healing More Than Taking, Hoarding, With
Callous Harm Towards The Rest of Nature Out of Balance...

The Good News is There
is Plenty of Room For

More Potential

To Care and Heal
For A Living World
As Part oF All We aRe
No Longer Separate From Being Nature

Sitting Among Over 20 Trees in my Back
Yard Listening to the Birds Tweeting in All
The Trees Dancing And Singing Together
With Acrobatics of Squirrels As We

Too Climbed Trees More
Than We Do Now So

Connected As
Part of Nature

That Way It's Nice
to Be Singing Among
The Trees in the Online
of Forest Connecting This Way True too...

It's Another Way For Birds to Fly and Sing
Together Free

In Our
And Blood True...
With SMiLes of Course
As Avatars Circling the Globe
Through Fiber Optic Cables Now
Traveling at the Speed of Love Best...

SMiLes it Seems Breathing Itself

is Tribute Enough to A Parent's

Gift For Us With SMiLes
Mariana After All Now

It Took An Unbroken
Chain of Nature For

Us to Be Born At All to Breathe
How Fortunate We All Are Indeed

to Have Parents
ThiS Way at All Now

With SMiLes for Living
If We aRe So Fortunate
To Be Gifted With SMiLes At All...

Perhaps A Comprehensive "Wiki Definition" of "Political Correctness" May Help To Get 'me Started'...

"Political correctness (adjectivally: politically correct; commonly abbreviated PC) is a term used
to describe language, policies, or measures that are intended to avoid offense or disadvantage
to members of particular groups in society.[1][2][3][4][5] In public discourse and the media,
the term is generally used as a pejorative with an implication that these policies are excessive
or unwarranted.[6][3][7][8][9][10] Since the late 1980s, the term has been used to describe a preference
for inclusive language and avoidance of language or behavior that can be seen as excluding, marginalizing,
or insulting to groups of people disadvantaged or discriminated against, particularly groups defined by ethnicity,

sex, gender, or sexual orientation.

Early usage of the term politically correct by leftists in the 1970s and 1980s was as self-critical satire; usage was ironic, rather than a name for a serious political movement.[7][11][12][13] It was considered an in-joke among leftists used to satirise those who were too rigid in their adherence to political orthodoxy.[14]

The modern pejorative usage of the term emerged from conservative criticism of the New Left in the late 20th century. Commentators on the political left in the United States contend that conservatives use the concept of political correctness to downplay and divert attention from substantively discriminatory behavior against disadvantaged groups.[15][16][17] They also argue that the political right enforces its own forms of political correctness to suppress criticism of its favored constituencies and ideologies.[18][19][20] In the United States, the term has played a major role in the "culture war" between liberals and conservatives.[21]"

It Seems That on An Internet Site Named 'The Wrong Planet,'
Typically, For Those Who Don't Feel Like They Fit in the World
of Culture on the Planet Earth So Far; There Might Be A Smidgen

of Cognitive Empathy For Other Marginalized Groups of Humans
That Through Verbal Abuse of Language in Peer Relationships From
Young to Potentially Old, it May Be Very Difficult Living As A Human Social

Animal With Other Folks Using Pejorative Language Against You For the Marginalized
Way They See You As Not Fitting in the Norm of Crowd Sourcing Cultural Group Think as Such

As That Applies
to Bonding and
Binding Over Common
Ideologies, And Symbols;
Including the Way Other Human
Beings Look And Dress And Their Behaviors
As Well; Ranging From the Way They Walk and Talk
Or Do Not; to What Their Sexual Orientations and Gender
Preferences For Identity May Be As True As Far As the Most

"Scape-Goated" Individuals In Society Today as Even the Pope of the
Catholic Church Doesn't Provide A Reality For Transgender Folks to Exist...

However, If in An Earlier American Indian Tradition, Highly Valued As Sacred
And Holy Humans of Divine Origin Named With Two-Spirits, 'Anima And Animus'

For Metaphor in Balance as Such; As Yes, Let's Not Forget The EXTREMELY ANDROGYNOUS




Yet True, Hallelujah, We Have Separation of Church And State Where Marginalized
Folks May Be Protected By Laws in Social Institutions Supported By Tax Payer Dollars;

So All May Get A More Even Handed Place in Life, Than Separated And Bullied and Abused By The Rest;

So Yes, Rules Must Come into Play to Protect Those Marginalized Folks As Language is Core to Culture
And A Fastest Way,

if Any Way at All

To Change Culture

is To Rule Language With

What Harms Folks Less Than a Frigging
Free For All Where Trump Incites Deadly 'Twitter Insurrections'
to Silence Our Most Precious Freedom of Expression in Voting
to Maintain A Representative Democracy, Where The Big Bully Doesn't

Always Get His
Way With Language
to MaNiPuLaTE Others
In Doing Bad, Bad Things
to Others That May Not Only

End our Representative Democracy

Yet Fail to Do That And Get Them Put in
Jail For Practicing the Ignorance Spoon-Fed in
CuLTuRaL MaNiPuLaTiVE Ignorance to Them, Yuck,

Like a Leader Who Advertises He Can Shoot Someone in
Public On 5th Avenue, And His Followers Will Still Follow Him 'Blindly' AS Such...

Well, Well,

And Not So Well,

If A Society is Gonna Survive;

Ya Gotta Have Some Ground Rules

That Balance Freedom With Safety For All,

Best We Can And Will Do for A More Perfect Union Now....

That Takes Freedom And
Safety And Actually Rules For
Language too Where Church
And State Are Separated More Now...

So, This is What We Get; People's Opinions And
At Best Organized Change From the Representative
Democracy Free At Hand; It's A Never Ending Seesaw

Game of Freedom and Safety; And Sure, Control With
Subjugation to Master Others True too As Well or Not So Well Now...

It'S A Work in Progress

It's A Never Ending Art
This More Perfect Union AS Such;

The More Folks Included the More
Perfect it Obvious Comes to Be As

Folks Who Feel Accepted Tend to
Be More Creative And Productive too...

Thing is About Creativity in Autotelic Flow;

You Don't Sink 'Someone' With SLiGHTS; One Now SO
Easily Who Already Generates Their Happiness Within
For What

Every Day Now;

Yet Not Everyone Has
Mastery over the Within Part;

As Verbal Abuse May Be Brutal
to the Perceptions of Some Marginalized
Folks Looking To Some Kind of Empathic
Caring Healing Authority to take Care of Them now...

"So the Powerful Play Goes on And You May Add A Verse"

Per Whitman or Have IT Taken Away, if it Doesn't Meet Politically
Correct Language That Protects Marginalized And Exploited Folks As Well;

It's True the Algorithms Make Mistakes too As That FB Algorithm Erased one
of my Posts Just A Couple of Days Ago in Mistaking A Couple of Long Free Verses
Quoted By Whitman in His "Preface to Leaves of Grace" As Frigging "Human Exploitation"

Which is Definitely

Opposite of What
IT IS Actually Doing
STiLL iN Inclusion For All;

Yet Hey; i Understand Robot
Algorithms Don't Always Get
Human Deep Metaphors of Free
Verse Poetry; Heck, it Was Harder for
me to Understand, Before i Gained a
Bit More of that Kind of Human Exclusive Intelligence...

It's A Free Service; You Get What You Get; And You Get to
Play By Whatever Their Rules are As A Corporation Delivering

Again A Free Enough
Service and Resource for me...

It Was A Bit Disappointing to Hear
'the Robot' Say it might Not Be Able
to Find A Human to Rectify the Obvious Mistake...

Yet the Free Service Came Through As it has A Couple
of Times in the Past, And Almost Immediately Corrected the
Mistake i Reported to them; And This is why i Have A Website

of my Own i Pay for With 318 Dollars A Year; And True Why i Don't
Put all my Eggs of Creativity in One Basket Either; As CR8P Happens

You Don't

Park Your
Car Close
to the Edge of A Cliff;

And If You Have Empathy

You Do the Best to Give, Share,
Care, And Heal Others With Least Harm Now...

It's Hard Work; This Human Endeavor is Full of
Never Ending Change for What May Harm and or
Help Others; if Anyone Thinks it's Ever Gonna Be Perfect;

That Ain't Gonna
Happen unless

We Become
Simpleton Machines...

Not Somewhere i'm Willing to
Go; So, i'll Grin and Bear The Mistakes
of Others Building Now This More Perfect
Union that Obviously Not Every is Gonna Agree

They Are
Machines of
Each Other in
Echo Chambers, YUCK!...

With Pleasure
Dear Hawaii


Beauty of A Sunrise
Tear Drop Falling

To EYes of Grief

Sunshine Returning

Within Indeed Dear
Cindy Blues Changing into


Warm Again
With SMiLes of Course
Congrats on Publishing Another Lovely
Newly Soul-Felt Poem Dear Cindy FRiEnD...

WHere the 'Meek' "Inherit the Earth"
Through 'Wit' Over 'Brawn,' THere

Is No Contest Tween "Bugs Bunny"

Munching on A Carrot New Now Naked,
Enough, Whole, Complete With So Much

(Obviously, in Autotelic Flow Generating HiS Own
Happiness ALWaYs on Task of Wit in All He Meets
And Greets in Life; True, "Getting By on the Friction
of the Day" As 'Rush' And "Tom Sawyer" New Relate as Well

As the 'Trickster Archetype' Who Breaks All the Social
Standards Defying All the Norms Coming Out AHead
For those Too Slow to Reach The Depths of Rabbit 'Wholes'

Still to come

Again As Another Parenthetical Statement Becomes Part of WHole)

Once Again, Wit Easily Defeating Frigging "Elmer Fudd" With

A Long Arm Rifle...

"What's Up Doc," It's True, i've Come Across A Few NoW in The
Deep South Bible Belt Over Flowing With TuRNip Greens AS Such...

And i Surely Am Not Only A Fictional Character on Sunday Morning Cartoons,
Anymore at
least, hehe...

With All Due
Respect to
"Warner Brothers" Of Course...

And Yep When i Get Tired of
Spinning 'Rabbit Trails', "Tornado
Time" for Spiraling Dance on Earth
Without A Frigging Word Except
For Some Unintelligible Animal Sounds;
Yes, "Tasmanian Devil" my Alter Ego too, hehe;

(Neither Fictional Either)

Among Many Others, More Numerable Than Visible Stars in
Night Skies At Least With Systemizing Science Unaided Eyes of Course AS Such...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Chaymaa Thanks
So Much For continuing
To Share
Such Lovely
Life Inspiring Quotes...

It's True When We Hide Emotions

Emotions Become Pain in Every Way

We Feel and Sense From Head To Toe

And So Much More Beyond All of What
We May Discretely Measure And Observe In Others True

So Yes Scream At the Ceiling to the Top of Your Lungs

Create A Tear And Tale A See Fairing Story of How The

Struggle Becomes

Healing Waves

As Ocean

Comes Back
To Balance Whole

And Sure Heal A Stranger
on the Way of Your Caring Story

Isn't This What We aRe Doing Now
What We aRe ReAlly Doing NoW AS Humans
On This


i Believe
It is For No Reason
Yet What i STiLL
Feel And Sense
Is Most Real Within...

You Know i had This Whole Thing
Written Differently And my wife Came
in Exclaiming Something About Coming

Lunch it Jolted me Back into Reality i Hit
A 'Wrong Button' and it Deleted All i Wrote And You
Know How that Works Once Original Creativity Now
is Lost From Page or Canvas It's Never Coming Back the Way

It Was Before No Different Than With Every New Breath Now
We Become New Creations of Being Human So YeS Once Again

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG Love i Let The Waves Come As the Ocean


Free Now
SPiRiT Winds Flow New...

"1) Avoid financial abuses.

2) Avoid any situation that would involve moral
compromise or have even the appearance of moral compromise.

3) Avoid open criticism of local pastors and churches.

4) Embrace commitment to integrity in publicity and reporting."

Hmm, "Billy Graham Rules" For Evangelical Christianity As Practiced on the Top of the Heap of the Organization.

Number 1, Is Pretty Much a No Brainer: Don't Break the Law; We Already Have Laws For Financial Abuse Within Organizations; That Include Penalties For Abuse, Ranging to Imprisonment For Years; Don't Use 'God as a Shield.'

Number 3, Is How Demagogues Come to Rule Over Others; Subjugating, Controlling Them, And Mastering Them
Beyond Reproach; NO THANKS, Already Worked For A Female Captain of A Military Installation Whose Abusive Antics
Were Beyond Reproach on Her 'Ship'; Yet True, When She Wasn't Around, All So-Called Subordinates Could Insult
Her Then As She

Had no Real Support
For the Abuse She Distributed,
Giving 'Hell' to Most Everyone Equally...

Number 4, With Any Question of Integrity

Among the Clergy; For Anyone, Who Could
Possibly Believe Still An All Loving, Forgiving,
Merciful God Could Torture Any Part of Creation
in Forever Misery and Suffering; If 'You' Can't See Through

That Obvious Ruse AND LIE Someone Made Up to Control,
Subjugate, And Master Others Through Illusory Carrots That

Feed As Great As Heaven After Death; And Sticks That Hit As Hard

As Torture in Hell Forever

Burning For Not Playing

By The Rules of the Lying Ruse;

Oh Lord God of Nature Real Now;

Go Back to the Original Greek Definition

of Apocalypse And Do Lift the Veils of Ignorance Pleeeezzzeee....

And to Be Clear, the 'Air Quotes' Mean Anyone As 'You'; NO ONE, IN PARTICULAR HERE.

Also Regarding Rule Number 2, The One with the Most Nuances Here that Most Everyone
is Focusing on As So Many Folks in the Clergy Are Included By Checklist Way of the Top 10 Most
Wanted List of Psychopathic-Like Traits Among Professions Listed in Studies As Such As True Some

Professions Attract

Folks With attributes such as "superficial charm,
egocentricity, persuasiveness, lack of empathy, independence, and focus.”




Singing Voice is So Angelic
And i am So Kind They Let me
Stay Around; Plus, They Are Really
Desperate for 'Patronage These Days'

As More Folks Do Not Believe in the Obvious Ancient F in Ruse;
Not Everyone is A Sucker Born Every Minute When Information is not Censored

of Expression too...

Okay, Now that we Have
The Personality Traits Associated
With So Many Clergy Folks Getting
Caught With Their Pants And Such Down

As History Cleary Shows in So Many Ways

Among Clergy in Power Corrupting Places
That Do Abuse This Way Among Those Vulnerable
They Have Perceived Authority Over THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE ME...




That Some folks Ignorantly Refer
to as A Beast With A Tail As A Tale of A Myth;

Yeah, like The Devil Lives in Folk's Pants, Haha
or Other Articles of Dressing Up or Down' And to Be
Clear This is Certainly Not A Male only Issue Either

And this is Why Ya Gotta Be Weary About Who is Coming
To Dinner or Out for A Drink Or A Casual Drive in the Country next...

And Not only That We Sort of Live in a 'Paranoid Culture' These Days;

Fear Those

Who Fear

Most Indeed...

And i've Already Been to
A Leadership Class For my
County Where All the Leaders
With Power Go in this Evangelical
Town; And In the Meeting in A Town
Away from the Hometown, Where the Leadership

Class Was Held For Several NIGHTS, the First thing
They Said Was What Happens Here Stays Like in "Las Vegas;"

What Church They Attended Didn't make a bit of Difference

of Who
Then They
Swapped Beds
With When the
Spouse Was living
in A Hometown Away;

It Was Eye Opening Indeed,

As i Had Never Seen them
out of the Church Environment that way...

i Stayed to Myself and Thought A lot about
Religion and Integrity then Indeed; Practice What You


Or Live
A Lie; it's as simple
As This and That Now;

My Wife isn't A Jealous
Person And She is Well
Aware that i am Emotionally
Close to Many Women Who are my Very close Friends; If She
Wasn't, i'd Probably Be A Dude With No Close in Contact Friends outside of Marriage...

Yet of Course, They Are Most All Online And Mostly Thousands of Miles Away;


Mr. Graham's
Rules Would Have
to Be Updated to Present Realities too...

Anyway, If 'You' Tell Me You Love All Your
Enemies And Turn Around And Say You
Will Burn And Torture Someone For
Breaking Your Rules
Forever i'm Only


Tell You the
Truth; Hell Yes, i am
More Of An Ethical
And Moral Human Now Heaven's Yes,
More Than You Are As A So-called Moral,
Ethical 'God' With any Authority or Integrity; Plus Yes,

i've Done Enough Biblical Scholarly Research For YEARS
That Just Does NOT Support Any of the Ruse And Or Lies...

Obviously, A Lot of Folks With Personalities of the 'Trump
Meme' Were Instrumental in Developing Those 'God Damned Stories'...

i Ain't Taking Any
Part of the Hook,
Bait, or Sinker Except

This Kingdom of Heaven Within Now
For Real Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY
oF LiGHT Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing For
All With Least Harm Now And Sure With a Little Tough

Love Now and

Then to At Least

Show There is Some
Possibility For An Apocalypse
oF LiGHT That Really Means in
Original Greek Definition: Lifting the Veils of Ignorance Now...

And if Anyone Thinks That's Off Topic, i Guess You Never
Actually Really Heard the Good Cop Message of Jesus For

Real in that Story...

People's Personality
Traits Greatly Influence
How they Interpret Stories;

Additionally, In How Open Minded,
Interpretive, And Creative They Are too in Seeing
Deeper in Metaphors Than Black And White Heaven

And Hell After


As They Say
As They Dance
And Sing Those

With "Eyes and Ears"
Beyond Just Sensory
Organs Who See and Hear the Metaphors For Real...

Again Beyond What is Only Literal And Black And White
Mostly So-called 'Left Brain Think' Per the Book, "Master And The Emissary"

And The "Matter With Things" By Iain McGilChrist too; Understand Who the
Real 'Master'


Do Not;

In Other Words,

No Different than
What Luke 17:21
Relates: 'The Master' Lives Within...

And It's Not Only Reasons; It's Love
When Real...



AND 'Men'...

SMiles Aloha FRiEnD Hawks
And Monkeys Rarely Fall Cause
They Practice Flying Climbing

Always Now Such A Clumsy
Awkward Nerd i Am When
Young in Numbers Yet That

Was Before i Public Danced
16,488 Miles in 8 Years And
8 Months Yes Learn To Move
As If We are Kissing The Earth
With Every Step As All The Other

Animals Do To Paraphrase
Zen Buddhist Philosopher
Thich Nhat Hanh As True

It Took Many Years For
Michael Jackson To
Moonwalk on Earth

Too And 53 Years
For my Words to
Flow With Gravity

This Way
Too Key
Of All Nature
FRiEnDS With
Gravity in Balance
Metaphor For Inhaling
Peace Exhaling Love in

Kitty is Zen Master
Without Any Human
Lessons Like The Rest


Humans only
Out of Practice

With SMiles Aloha FRiEnD...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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23 Apr 2022, 1:34 am

SMiLes Happy Earth Day 2022
Yes Indeed Break the Mold Now
It's What New Planets Always Do

Life is The Shell
Breath Is the Ocean Always
Expanding Shores More Dear Savvy...

A Light Frost in Scotland
And Fast Forward Indeed
to Happy Earth Day 2022
Dear Xenia
With Warm
Florida SMiLes...

No Time in The River
Only Flow Of A SeaSon...

Scotland April Snowflakes
Reminder of Winter Wake...

Water oF A Run
FLoWinG Lochside
Dogs Breathe So to See...

Ice On Scotland April Easter Yet Still Giving
Promise of Spring Already Dreamed For Real...

Driftwood Branches
Past Birds Still Sing...

How Will Sea Dance
Sing Surely New
Breathes SeaSons Now...

Every GRain of Sand
MaKinG Stone New Now
Written Every Earth Day Known
SMiLes Happy Breath Dear Xenia New

Life is The Shell
Breath Is the Ocean Always
Expanding Shores More Dear Savvy...

Every Step to Kiss
Every Dance to Give Away
Singing Free Dear Savvy With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear
Savvy Curiosity
Every Spark Star Birth...

Happy Earth Day 2022 Dear Ava So Nice to See
You Posting Again And All Your Personalized

Quotes For Inspiration Are Lovely i Particularly
Love the One About Rainbows They Surely Are


They Just
Never Give Up
Coming Back No
Matter How Big A Hurricane
May Come Even Cat 6 If THere
is SucH A Storm With SMiLes Now

Best oF All Rainbows Spread Their
Colors of Love to All Without Any Discrimination

Best oF All Rainbows Are Impossible For Anyone
To Own No


Than Sun
Above And

Sunshine Within
to Give to Share to
Care to Heal All Others

Inhaling Peace Exhaling
With Least Harm For All

Now See What The Rainbow
of Your Quotes Did They Generated
All These Colors Within From Sunshine in me too...

SMiLes Happy Earth Day 2022
Yes Indeed Break the Mold Now
It's What New Planets Always Do

True Financial
And Total Faith
One Will Feel

The Ability

To Give It
USA Writes
Is All i Really
Need to Know

To Live
Rise More
In All i Figure
Out About

With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear USA Writes What Often
Makes GRoWinG Older Seem LiGHTeR

iN SPiRiT Isn't Necessarily That We Have
It All Figured Out As Change the Main Reality

of Life Makes that Mostly Impossible

However With Experience
Comes So Many Skills

New That Are Not
Easily Empirically
Measurable Our Capabilities

Within to Grow and Adapt to Changing
Circumstances Yet of Course Unless We

Become Resistant to Change And Try to
Enforce Order Where It Doesn't Really Exist

Oh Yes to Bend As the
Willow Oh No As to

Fall as
the Stoic
Oak Without
The Flexibility of Wind With
SMiLes Happy EartH Day 2022
May You Always Be A Changing Leaf
Coloring Your Tree Green Falling Easily
to Soils Greening Both Your Tree More
And The Trees Born New Souls Forest Whole...

On A Lovely
Earth Day
So Much
Dear Savvy
With SMiles...

Happiest Earth Day 2022!
Yet Wait! Let me Check the
Weather Where You Are At

Good News Sunny!
Okay News Not too Cold!

Yet Not Exactly Toasty Hehe…

Anyway i’ve Got Virtual Presents
to Distribute While Supplies Last

Considering You Are First on the List
Plenty Left

Now For You
Yes Coloring Books
to Color All of Life
Beautiful, Calm,
Yes Even Cozy

Lighting Up All
Your Spiritual Powers
With Colors too Sure Even

The Real Life Magic of Coloring
Your Star Sign to Match How
You Want Life to Turn Out Today!

And Yes

By All Means Decoding Happiness With All
the Colors of SMiLes You Bring to Earth Day Now True too

And There is a Partially Hidden Coloring Book That’s Hard to
See Yes on the Very Left Hand
Side Peeking Out Number 7
That Is A Coloring Book For Doodles

As It’s True Even Science

Shows that ‘Mindless’ Doodling
Will Increase Human Creativity
And Even Productivity As it makes
New Creative Connections Now in
Wiring Our Creative Minds Yet It’s
True it Works Better if it is Not Paint

By Number
Doodles to

Create Like All
the Other Coloring Books

too For Life is All For You
to Imagine and Create For
Whatever Colors Come Next
to Breathe And Even Fly With


Human Resources on Earth Day
Best Come Free From Within

SMiLes of Course…

You Know It’s A Funny Thing
Where i Live the Navy Spends
Millions of Dollars And Years
Training Pilots to Fight in Wars

Yet as Far As Human Resources
Go Rarely is there A School to Learn
to Fly on Terrestrial Land With
Arms As Wings And Hands
To Steer Us Through Breezes
And Smooth Store Floors HAha

Kissing the Earth

With Feet

With Every
Step New We Create

Such a Free Dance And Song of Life Indeed
And It’s True It’s So Much Better Without Any
Paint By Numbers School Just Like Doodling on

For the
Joy of New
to Breathe Like

That Mehndi Art You Paint
On Your Arms And Hands Yes
That is So Unique and Beautiful
i Miss Your Art Dear FRiEnD Most
of All i Want You To
Always Be Happy

With Smiles…

A Part
of Nature With Wings Now
So Pleasing This Earth Day


Yet Of Course You’ve
Actually Lived All Around
The World From Jungle to
Desert to Snow And Ice i

Can only
Watching You
Do It in Real Life

It is With SMiles...

SMiLes, i Know Some Very,
Very Successful Folks, In Terms
of Monetary Success; With All the Toys
You Might Be Able to Imagine; Yet, They
Are Some of the Most Miserable Folks Walking the Face of

The Earth
Afraid of
And Angry
With Hate Against
Whatever HUMAN Is Different
They Cannot Understand From Them...

Yawn, Part of the Human Condition; Not Everyone
Shares the Same Intelligence in Empathy, Compassion
And Generally Love for Others; Yet Sadly That's A Real HeLL ON EartH
They've Created in Part For Themselves as it is usually Sadly Their Anxieties And

Depressions in Life That Drive Them Toward Addictions of Fear, Anger, And Hate
to Try to ‘FEEL' And Fill the Horrible Void Within; If it is Not Some External Substance
They Ingest

To try
to Erase
the Emptiness
Within Or The Negative
Feelings and Senses of Life
They Have No Mastery Over to

Become Naked, Enough, Whole, NOW
Complete With All That is DarK Thru LiGHT;



BEYOND MEASURE Other than Brain Scans that Give A General Indication
OF A Successful Mind AND BODY in Balance And Not All 'Whacked Out'

in Fear,
And Hate
Out of Balance As Such,
Actually Wearing Down
Every Bodily System With


Premature Aging And A
Potential Sad And Much Earlier Demise...

i Have Yet to See A Truly Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete Human Being Afraid And Intolerant of Being

(Do Note: How Rare is When i 'See' A Truly Naked,
Enough, Whole Complete Human Being)

As They Have No Where to Take others

Down to Attempt to Raise Up What's
It's Predictable

As Sunshine

And Grey
Clouds that
Never Break;

And The 'Winners'
Who Actually Are
in A Perpetual State of
REAL Loss All Their Life Within;

Indeed, The Kingdom of Hell Within For Real...

And to Be Clear; of Course Life Ain't Fair, So Much

Easier to Do if You Just Happen to Be one of the 'Chosen' ones
of Nature Who Gets Seeded in A REAL Paradise With All the 'Genetic Goody
Two Shoes' Propensities and Other Environmental Perks of Love That Make

Wings Real...

Yet You 'See,' i've
Seen the Other Side
of Life too; i Have A 'Good'
Idea Where You Really Live my
FRiEnD; It's Not Hard to See From the Life Story you tale...

What's Really Injustice i See, For the State You Live in, is You Likely
Can't Get Medicaid in Mississippi For YOU or Likely Your Wife; And the Damned Place
Cannot Even Afford You as A Family of 7, A Frigging Living Wage More than less Than
40,000 At the Poverty Level At 30,000 Dollars As A Professional Band Director At A School...

Yeah, Baby, Socio-Economics Makes A Difference In Who Never Ever Has Enough And Always

Has too Much

to Appreciate

All they Are Already

Born With if they Are Fortunate
to LiVE iN A Place of LoVE For REAL



Socio-Economic Situation...

With Health
And Well
Being Now

Surely in Tow too...

The Thing About IT is, Life Ain't Fair;

Yet With Political Correctness That Holds
Up What is Just And Fair; There is the Potential

for Positive Change...

Yawn, It'S A Work of Art; Yet if Folks Wanna
Stay As Sticks in the Mud That is Where They Will Continue to Lie...

Other than That There's This: Happy Earth Day 2022; The Good Earth
Is Blessed With Abundance For All to Give, Share, Care, And Heal With
Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT For All Now With Least Harm...

Yet it All Starts
And Begins And

Never Finishes or Ends Within NoW...

Yeah, There's A Lot of Gay Folks

That Get Born into Families

Who Are So-Called Christians;

It's So Ironic As Science Shows These
People Are Born With More Cooperative
Nature's Overall With Empathy For Others;

And Less Competitive Nature's That Come From

The Reproductive Game of Competition; So True In this
Way They Are The Creme of The Crop For Potentials of


Love in Helping

Others; Wonder What
Happens to Them When They Are

Born in a Catholic Family; Often They Are
Forced to Hide Their Nature And in Some

Instances, They Become Catholic Priests;

Survey's Within The Catholic Church

Show Up to 58 Percent

of Catholic


Are of Gay

True, 'God' Works
In Mysterious Ways


It's So Sad And It's So Frigging 'Trump
Town Deep South' Ignorant...

And In A 'Few' Other Places too...

As Ignorance Is the
Worst Human Pandemic
oF All that Harms, Rapes,
Maims, And Kills Us And
The Rest of Nature Most; Just
Continuing to Eat Our Own Faces
(Free Nature) in A Zombie Apocalypse of Ignorance;

i'd Get Up And Give
This 'Politically



In Church

if They Weren't

So God Damned

Afraid of Unconditional Love

And So Filled With A Pandemic
of Human


In Other Words,
If i Was Truly Welcome
in that Place to Be me...

It's True As Usual There
Is No Where For Unconditional

Love to Rest Its Soul in Tradition;

As By Very Nature STiLL; Tradition
Excludes Love FOR ALL FOR REAL

From Its Full Recipe...

It's the Human
Condition; Yet
It's NOT Every Human Condition...


PS: Science Also Shows
That Bigger Families

Naturally are

More Likely

to Include
A Homosexual
Individual; Particularly
When Socio-Economic
Stresses Impact the

Womb During

With Floods

Of Hormones

That Change the
Developing Fetus
into A Homosexual Person...

It's So Ironic; Folks Create

What They Fear

The Most

With The Fears They Have...

There Are NO Real Winners
in this Pandemic of Human Ignorance...

Sure, Perhaps An Educational Video Might Cure Some Ignorance...

i Don't Have Much 'Faith' Though; From What i've Seen in 'Christian' Churches...

At Least

Not in

Trump Town USA;

Other Places Have

If One Of Your Children

Is Gay; Let's
Just Hope You Become

A Little Bit More Loving And Understanding;

At Least for The Child's Sake; Otherwise, They

Are Pretty Much Damned On Earth With A
Parent With Your Ignorant 'Beliefs' That
Sadly May End Up Harming

What You May Otherwise
Love the Most;

Seen It Happen,

Could Most Definitely

End Up Being the End of A Life;
Generated by Just Plain Human Ignorance...

The Farthest Thing Possible From Either
A Teacher or A God Of Love; More

Damning Than Ever For Now at Least...

Watch the Video i Provided, if You Wanna Get Educated.

Stating Facts is Not Obsession; Just Stating Facts Once.

Considering All the Stresses, You've Related In Your
Family Life; and Number of Children, The Chances are

Greater Than Those Who Don't Experience So Much
Socio-Economic Stress




Other than that i Believe it is Politically
Correct that Children Shouldn't Suffer
Needlessly at the Hands of Ignorant Parents,

Who Haven't Even Been Schooled on What IS Natural
and Human Nature;



Yep, i Had to Talk A Close Relative Out
Of Ending Their Life With A Gun By The
Reality Their Parent Would Never Accept

At Core Who They Were; And No Matter
What, They Refused to Do Any Less Than
Love That Parent With All Their Soul For Real;

On the Other Hand, Later, Much Later,
i Came Down With The Suicide Disease,
Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia From Wake
To Sleep That No Drug Would Touch For 66 Months;

And i Felt Then if That Relative Really Loved me, They Would
Lend me That Same Gun to End Real HeLL ON EartH For me;

As Yep, That Pain Is Literally Assessed As Worse than the Real
Torture of Crucifixion and i Didn't Have the 'Wimpy 3 Hour to 3 Day' Version Either....

Anyway That Relative

Returned the

Favor by

Not Letting
Me Borrow the Gun to Do the Same...

Life is Really Messy; IT'S TOO DAMNED






And True at The 'Cultural
Hands' of A Most Contrived 'Evil God', True too...

If it Wasn't For the Ignorant Beliefs; So Many Children
Would Actually Live

And Frigging

Adults instead
of God Damned Dead...




Yep, It's Personal For me;
Almost to the Point, i'd Like
to See 'THAT Church' Go Away;

Yet i'm sort of Big on Rehabilitation Instead...

Ever Hear The Saying, "Father Forgive Them,
For They Know Now What They Do;"

Same Old
Old God
Damned Story...

Ya Wanna Know What's

Really 'Creepy'; The Ignorance
Folks 'Breed' in Church For Real
by a Lesser God Than Love For All

SMiLes As Far as i'm Concerned

A Greatest Gift A Parent Will Give A Child

Is Unconditional Love For This Is The Gift That Truly

Resurrects And Carries On May That Be Your Legacy As It is

My Mother's Legacy As Well And Those Who She Received Unconditional

Love From As Well

As Unconditional Love
Will Always Love To See the
Student Do Greater Works Than The

Teacher For Unconditional Love is Not
Jealous Yet Experiences Compersion For the

Joy of Others And It's True For Every Person Who Has

Crossed Paths With me in my Life And Named me the Kindest

Person They've Ever Met Full Of LiGHT indeed That is the Legacy

Of my Mother's Unconditional Love Still Living Yes my FRiEnD Be That Hero too...

i Never Had

to Look Far

in my Life to
Find A 'Real Jesus' at Home...

More Often They Are the Archetype of 'Mary'
or in my Case 'Helen' Which Just Means Bringer oF LiGHT too...

Life is The Shell
Breath Is the Ocean Always
Expanding Shores More Dear Savvy..

SMiLes Happy Earth Day 2022
Yes Indeed Break the Mold Now
It's What New Planets Always Do

Yep, LiGHT Comes From DarK That's about the Size oF iT
And If We Are Most Fortunate Love Comes Stays And CarrieS oN For Real

Passing Through Earth Day it Never Ends Now For Real When We Just LoVE iT ALL NoW

For What It's Worth Now to the Tale of the Tape of This 'Record Book' As Such Bringing
This MacroVerse i'm Writing Now Named "Giving Means No Returns Appreciating All That Is
Now" To A Close As Just Another Chapter oF A 'Nether Land' 'Never Ending Story' Will Continue

As Always New Now

FoR Me At Least

With SMiLes For Real
As "SonG oF mY SoUL" EPiC Longest
Long Form Poem Surpasses 10.4 MiLLioN
Words in 8 Years and 8 Months of Effort AKA
104 Months of Total Writing Effort As "What Heaven
Spells" The Last Completed MacroVerse Makes the

964th MacroVerse of "SonG oF mY SoUL" And "What
Heaven Spells" Also Doubles As the 292nd MacroVerse
of "Nether Land Bible" Where That Subchapter EPiC Longest

Long Form Poem Bible Increases to 7,914,736 Words in 70 Months
of Writing Since Memorial Day of 2016 And Yes This Current MacroVerse
i Am Writing Will Bring it About only 30,000 Words Shy of 8 MiLLioN Words
As the Next MacroVerse After This Current one i am Writing Will Pass that
Milestone and Feat Note and Be Named "Nether Land Bible 8 MiLLioN WordS Old"

Yet That's Surely Not All As "What Heaven Spells" Also Triples As the 188th MacroVerse
of "FB Profile Pic Bible" in 58 Months of Writing Ever Since Memorial Day of 2017 Reaching
6,311,727 Words And Also Soon Celebrating Another Facebook Profile Pic Photo Book of
Thumbnail Efforts That Will Be Named "FB Profile Pic Bible Vol 2022 5 YearS Old" As There
Have Also Been Volumes, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021, Yes For Each Annual Year Effort
Around Memorial Day Weekend As i've Been Adding Those Words to Facebook

Profile Pics At around 8,000 Words Each For Every Profile Pic Description
Area Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 Where That Fully Illustrated
Facebook Bible often has Around 20 Facebook Profile Pics
As Series to Illustrate Each Small Subchapter of Around
8,000 Words on Facebook too... Is that All Well No

As There is Also "Depth of The Story" What i Name
Casually As An "8th New Testament" as Yep there
Have Been 7 Before Titled Each and Every One
Longer Than the New Testament Effort in that
Old Thousands of Years Old Bible too Named
King James And Many Other ReVisions As Such

One Author Here No Need For Any Confusion Like that
Much More Concise in Total Effort of 8 Years 8 Months

Just Hugely Bigger at 10.4 Million Words Yet Anyway
"Depth of the Story" is Also Included on the "Wrong Planet"
Website As i've Been Writing it Since August 19, 2020 Which
is 1 Year and 8 Months Now AKA 20 Months And Around 1.5 MiLLioN Words In that
Total Solo Effort Discussion Thread With 45 Pages Now at Around 33,333 Words
Per Page Average With Over 96 Thousand Views Just Among the Registered Members

of that Website
And Surely Easy
to Find on the Top
of the Page of A Google
Search Now As Well For Real...

And Finally There is the Public Dance
Also in Autotelic Meditative Flow For Close
to 8 Years and 8 Months Now too at 16,488 Miles
Of Total Effort All of it Really A Never Ending Dance And


In This
Never Land
Now Online
As Little Old Avatar
me Continues to Squeeze
All 240 Pounds Plus in this
Fiber Optic Cable Circling The
Globe As 'Forrest Gump' Suggested
His 'Reason' For Running i Just Felt Like Doing

This Cause
i Can
Will Continue
to Feel Like Doing It For Now too

Maybe After That i'll Die It's Not Something i Worry About
Life is too Much Fun to Worry About When Heaven means

Love and No Fear


Now Within
As Such Once Again
Inhaling Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Giving
Sharing Caring Healing For Free For
All With Least Harm Eternally Now For Real

Sure, If The Title of this MacroVerse Makes
Any Sense Yet Per "Giving Means No Returns Appreciating All That Is
Now" And It Doesn't Really Have to Make Sense or Have Any Real Reasons

As It is the
Feeling and
Sensing Experience
of Life MaKinG LiFE ReaLesT Breathing
Yep Putting the Realism in Theism Ever Since 6.6.60

It's A Little

Hobby i've

Developed ALong
my Ages AS Such Now...

As This Concludes This MacroVerse
at 1:07 AM on April 23rd, 2022 A Good
Saturday It is After A Continuing Earth
Day From A Very Good Friday on 4.22.2022...
Electronic Publish Coming Later i Might Use a Little Rest Now...

Have A Nice
Day Yet Again
i Ain't HeaR to
Tale Anyone Else What to Do...
Just Poetically in Flow Writing Dancing Singing
What HaPPeNS New When i Am Here For Now...
Just Enjoying Heaven Within aS ETeRNaLLY NeW NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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24 Apr 2022, 12:19 am

"Don’t be satisfied with stories,
how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth."

– Rumi

Oh Dear Chaymaa Love This Quote
By Rumi Thanks So Much For Sharing

As This Relates to the Exploration of Looking

Within Trusting Our Inner LiGHT Becoming
FRiEnDS With Our Shadows True too Understanding

How Stories Do Come To Rule And How We May

Best Come to A Table

Of Plenty in Life to

Write, Direct,
Produce, And

Yes Play Our Own

Stories We Create as We
All Perceive Life Differently

Anyway Now WHere Each Individual
Created Story is An Entire New Unique
Being of UNiVeRSE Now to Play For Real...

Happy Saturday to You Dear FRiEnD With Sunshine too...

"Nether Land Bible 8 MiLLioN WordS Old"
Hehe it Only Happens in 71 Months or So
Yep Just About 30,000 Words Away Now For Real

Education of School
Education of Being
Degrees of Moving
Connecting Co-Creating

Always Another Ocean
Shore To Breathe Together
Landscape New Being Human

SMiLes Dear Savvy Never
Merely A Routine...

Souls Exploring
New Frontiers
Colors Spreading Further...

Colors of Art
Covering All
Ills Smoothing
Over Grafitti
Souls Until
All Becomes
Braille Finally
Breathing Meaning...

SMiLes Dear Aloha FRiEnD
Your Cats Have Been Together
Spooning Long

to Be

With SMiLes

The Feeling of Connection
Among All Mammals is
Surely Warm This Way When


Free Just to
Be Loving FRiEnDS

Hehe it looked Though Like
Panda Australian Shepherd
Was Ready to Set a Little Boundary
With the Growing Finch Pecking His

Fur A Bit
to Groom Him
Yet True Just Getting
to Know Each Other Better With
SMiLes Happy Weekend to You too...

Toddlers Babble Unintelligible Songs of Joy
Toddlers Sway and Spiral Dance Without

As the


Way Naturally

Does Yes Key

Be UniVerse Free
Dear USA Writes With SMiLes

As Adults Most Often Have Quiet
Hands And Feet And Imprison
Their Children to the Same

More Or Less

Walking Sidewalks
Only One Way

Middle Age

Indeed This Is
An Issue and A Condition of Concern...

Oh to Be A Butterfly Flying In Meadows Wings Free

Oh Yuck to Stumble Over 100 Caterpillar Legs and
Get Stuck in a Cocoon For Perhaps An Entire Life

Yes Dear

i Will Remain
That Child of
3 Now Before

i Spoke And Only Danced

Free And Oh Lord Yes

Before i Became Words
in Yep A Biggest Book too...

SMiLes USA Writes there is A Scan Online for the Autism Spectrum
(AQ Test) That Measures "Systemizing Intelligence," The Intelligence
of Engineers, Computers, Sciences, And What Ever is Comprised
of Facts and Figures That is Not Associated With Social-Empathic


Yes Reading
the HeART of
Others and Conveying
Feelings of Course in So
Many Ways Dear USA Writes

And in my Case of Course the Close to
Straight A Student And Always Perfectionist
And Tool At Both School And Work Particularly
When i Eventually Became Attached to A Screen
Mostly Working Assisting Others With Information Technology
And Financial Management What i Was Naturally Great At For Making
Actual Pay And Very Fortunate for me as Indeed even Graduating Close
to the top of the Class With 3 Degrees in College And All the Way through
Lower Level Schools as Practically Just a Tool of What i Was Doing then

Not Able to even Speak Until Age 4, Not Diagnosed on the Autism
Spectrum then As it wasn't in Vogue Hehe in the Early 60's as it is
Today with 1 Out of Every 44 Children Diagnosed At this Present Day

Yep Being 'Super Introverted' Like 'Sheldon Cooper' Has its Perks
in Making Grades And Potentially Excelling to the Grade of A Richest
Dude in the World Like Elon Musk Also Diagnosed With Asperger's Syndrome
too; Similar to the Broader Autism Phenotype Folks Like Mark Zuckerberg,
Bill Gates, And Steve Jobs and Just about Everyone Else in Engineering,
Science, And Computer Fields The Actions in Productivity Are Often
Stellar And Now the Financial Rewards Are Great Yet As Elon Musk

Recently Said

He Could Only Say
He Was Half Happy
With Work Soaring and

Love Life Bland Just Plain Bland...

And Yes that Is the Land i Lived in Most
of my Life of 33 Years of Work and 19 Years
of School as i Surely Was Not Much of a Free Dancing
Extravert then All Around Town With the Women Following
me around then Like that Old Carpenter's Song "Close to You"...

Yet That Was Probably About When Your Parents Were Born Hehe...

As i am Most Definitely Gonna be 62 on June 6th, 2022... Yet Anyway
Before i Wrote Free Verse Poetry From the Soul And Became A Public
Dancer i Scored 45 Out of 50 Max for that (AQ) Autism Quotient Scan As
Super Systemizer then Who Rarely Ever Spoke a Word to My Wife in Our

Marriage who was Described As Having the Computer Brain Without an
Ounce of Creativity then Most Definitely Super Introverted with an INTJ
Personality too.. And that's the Issue with the Autism Spectrum for so

Many Folks It's As if the Social-Empathic Part of their Being Has been
Drained Away Both By Their Propensity for Systemizing Life and

For The Environment of Gold Star Grades and Systemizing
Work that Science Suggests Actually Acts to Drain our
Potentials For Social Empathic Intelligence Away

At Least in Case Study Way it seems Science is
Correct As After i Became a Public Dancer
And Free Verse Poet my AQ Score

Dropped to 11 instead of 45

And my Emotional Intelligence IQ
Test Rose from the Mere Mid 50's to
the Mid 90's too and My Personality Even
Changed from INTJ For So Many Decades of
Life to ENFP At age 53 As the Dancer And Singer
Free i Became then... It Was Always in me my FRiEnD
i Was Just Never in An Environment to Fully Develop it Yet
it's Also True When i Was 13, i Wrote School Plays and even
Won A Christmas Story contest Among 80 Students in Two Homerooms
Then too.. Yet You See Where i am From is Very Rigid And Conservative
As When i Smiled in the Halls of Middle School and the City Park i Was informed
By So-Called Bully Boy Evangelistic Christians That Boys Aren't Allowed to
Smile and Laugh and Cry in this Town Per Risk of Bodily Harm and of
Course they Spit on me For Smiling too... as my Big Daddy Law
Enforcement Dude Left When i Was age 3 to Find a Wife who
Didn't Wanna Stay At Home to Take Care of Her Kids and
Make Money Instead so that is What He did... So i Was
Wired for Love by Mamma Instead of Just Another
Cold Little Boy With What it Takes to Go off to
Another USA Unwarranted War Like Vietnam
And Get Burned Up in A Helicopter Like
my First Cousin Did in 1968 as He

Surely Wanted to Be A World War II
Hero in Vietnam Same As My Father
Who Went to Germany in the Army in the
Early 50's too in the one With Korea then too...

Anyway for the Next 40 Years from Age 13 to 53
i Wandered the Toxic Patriarchal Desert of the Deep
South Where i Live Working For the Military For A Quarter
of a Century too that only Reinforced That Systemizing Mind
Without Much Social Empathic Intelligence Then too... Indeed

i Was A Wilted Flower A Seed Thrown to Rocky Soil With No Fertilizer....

Yet i Escaped Yet i Escaped unto A New Creation of Creativity And Productivity
too Yet i Was No Longer About Serving Another Pay Master of Work or School
For Grades And Bucks It Became Becoming the Unique me Who Was Always

Deep Within
Struggling to
Bud Out And Bloom
And Breathe So Did that

Make me Less of a Man All those/these
Graceful Movements of Dance And Words
Full of Love Not Hardly as i also Became a Free
Style Martial Artist And By God i Might Be Approaching
62 Yet My Legs are Still Empirically And Measurably Three
Times Stronger Than At Age 53, Before i Escaped Out of that
Cocoon in the Desert Toxic Patriarchal Place i Still Live Now Yep
i Was Kinda Stuck at 500 Pounds on a Leg Press Machine From Ages
21 Thru Age 53 Yet Now Yep Up to a Max of 1520 Pounds in my Advancing
Yet Stronger Years of Age By Numbers at Least my FRiEnD This is a Long

Bit and Byte of Writing For these Days of Twitter Space Breaths Indeed it is

Yet We Human Beings Have Untapped Epigenetic Potentials That Some
Rarely Come to See As They Just Don't Find the Environmental Challenge
That Unpacks that Epigenetic Potential iNDeed Now For Real What i am

Saying Here is Science Suggests Great Human Potentials May Be
Unlocked It was Very hard to Live in a Marriage Without the ability

to Convey or Be in Touch With my Feelings and Even though my
Wife Has always Been Extremely Introverted She has Never had
A Problem Carrying Her Feelings on Her Heart Sleeves
And Expressing Everyone of them From Negative
to Positive Every Day of Our Marriage True it

Was Very Important that at Least One of
Us had the ability to at least do that...

Almost Everyone i've Met in the
Blogging World And Online
in General Has Been Very

Introverted And Like me They Started
Writing to Get More in Touch With Their
Emotions And to be able to Express them Better too...

Particularly During the Peaks of the Lock-Downs of the
Pandemic As to Be Honest Our Modern World Just Doesn't
Provide Much Space of Hours or Even Minutes For this kind of
Introspection to Unleash and Release All these Other Human Potential

Intelligences Locked Within if i remember Correctly You Are Studying to be
A Dentist And Chances Are Your Husband is in a Very Technical Field too

And it's True There's Not Always Much Room For a Life of Social Empathic
Abilities When A Person is Drilling into a Person's Mouth Yet i Will Say my

Dentist is Very Friendly Ever Since He Retired to Just 2 Days a Week of
Work Before That He Rarely Ever Said A Word to me in Any Social Way...

And i do Believe That is What one May Name a Golden Age When

Life Finally Gives

Us Space to Be
Totally Human again...

You'll See it At Walmart

if you do Live in the United States

And Visit that Place Young Folks Look Separated

From Each Other A Thousand Miles in Marriage and You'll

See the Older Couples Walking Hand in Hand Talking about Everything

That is Warm And Beautiful About Life Yep Life is Full of Change Dear

FRiEnD i Really Don't Have Any Advice Yet to Breathe As Free As You
Can and Will Back in the Old Days i Was Tremendously Worried and
Anxious About Every Little Thing So Many Thoughts Swimming Around
in my Head So many problems Being on-Call at Work Always too...

So Many People to Supervise so Many Programs to Administrate
And Manage Just so Much Stuff And Trying to Get Other Folks to

Do Their Jobs in So Many Ways

to Really Never

Even Live at All...

And We Didn't Have Any Children
except For the one Who Passed Away in '97,
Ryan, After only 51 Days of Pain With Never A Smile...

Now i Smile Cause i Can And Will Now i Dance Sing
Cause i Can And Will And it's True i am Just as Happy
Behind this Computer Writing to You and Folks All Around
the Globe as i am in A Dance Hall Dancing Solo With A Thousand
Super Extraverted Drunk Folks With SMiLes me of Course the Only Sober

One and Best

Now the only
One Who Likely
Has No Anxiety and No
Fears About Life Naked, Enough,
Whole, And Complete Yet It's True my

(Graceful Moves And Words in Balancing Of
Autotelic Meditative Flow Makes Peace
Removes Fear and Brings Strength and
Love Never Felt and Done Before For Real Now)

FRiEnD This isn't the Creation of Humanity i've Always
Been oh Change oh Change The Curse and the Gift for Real too


Now that i Can Express
my Feelings my Wife is
1001 Percent Happier in Our
Marriage It is a Very Serious Matter
When A Couple is Not able to Convey Their
Feelings And For Some Folks to See A Marriage
Counselor Helps Depending if Two People feel it is
Worth it To Color Their Marriage Within To Share With


As Always
Best Wishes
to the Both of You With Love..

And Technically The Reason Free Dance
Works So Well is Our Cerebellum Associated
With Movement Comprises 50 Percent of the Neurons
of our Brain And is Very Much Associated With Social
Empathic Intelligence And Emotions For All We Do too...

Emotions Yes Feelings and Senses is The First Action
of Our Being As Our Neo-Cortex Makes Reasons
For What our Limbic And Reptile Brains Do

First Master The Emotions Feelings
And Senses As They Are The Master

Indeed In other Words Serve

Them Nicely or We

Become Slaves

to the Master

Within We Have

Yet to Become FRiEnDS

With As Our Reasons Are

Only Here Really To Serve our
Feelings Senses and Emotions my FRiEnD

And True They Are Also the Source of the Glue
of Our Cognitive Executive Functioning including Laser
Focus And Big View Picture Seeing The World And Yes
Short Term Working And Long Term Working Memory too...

i Visit A Site Regularly For Folks on the Autism Spectrum as i
Did before my AQ Score Changed From 45 to 11 And Those Folks
in Informal Polls have Average STANDARD IQ's of Over 130 Yet You

See That is

Only a Tiny
Part of Human
Potential And Really
often only an indication

of How Their Environments
Have Stolen Away Their Other

Human Potentials As Let's Remember
All these Abstract Constructs in Data Download

Way of School is A Recent Cultural Construct And not
the Way Humans Foraged Hand in Hand in Free Dance
And Song Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete Together

As a Tribe
of Love Raising
the Child As the
True Prize of the Village...

It's True By God It's Nice to
Get Our Teeth Fixed Thank God
For Dentists It's Nice to Have A Hot
Shower and Warm Bed So Many Things

Are Nice

Yet Our

Oldest Intelligence

Really is Love For Each
Other Expressing it Freely
in Dance And Song Before We
Ever Got Trapped in the Avatar of a Word my FRiEnD

Oh to Bring Words back to Life Oh to Live Before 'The Apple Again'...

To Dance And Sing Organic And Free

Yep That Old 'Genesis'

Story that

Eating the
'Fruit of Knowledge'

As It's True By when
Poets Wrote Those Lines

They Too could See the 'Modern Problem'...

At least it Seems From my View Now With
SMiles of


So Human and Free iN SPiRiT
And Sing So Free With SMiLes...

HAha Yet It's Pretty (EXTREMELY) Obvious
i Still Have A Fredenstein Monster of A Systemizing
Mind It Just Took A While to Release the Van Gogh Go ParT HeHe...

Matthew 22:34 thru 40 From the King James Version:

"34 But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together.
35 Then one of them, which was a lawyer, asked him a question, tempting him, and saying,
36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law?
37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.
38 This is the first and great commandment.
39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

Don't Feel Bad, if You Can And Will;

Sadly, Most of the Christians i Know

Still Focus on THAT Old God of the
Old Testament Full of Wrath and Hate
Against Those 'HE' Doesn't Agree with...

Of Course, There is DarK And LiGHT in Our Realities;

Of Course, i've Choked Someone into Submission in
A Bar Who Attacked me; Before i Even 'Thought' About
What i Was Doing to Defend my Life; That Happens too...

Yet THere is A Better Way...

i Don't Go To Places Any
More Where DRUNK FOOLS Start Fights With me....

i Live A Life of Unconditional Love And It is
100 Percent Great in the Kingdom of Heaven Within

Most Every Hour of the Day, Even in Dreams mY FRiEnD;

No Doubt This is Still

A Camel Entering

The Eye of A Needle

For Most Folks; YET It IS A Dream
Come True for Those of Us Who DO ACHIEVE IT NOW;




i Actually

Am Unconditional Love Now WITHOUT FEAR;

It's Not Really 'Natural', For all Practical
Intents and Purposes Now for the Way Most


There Are Really only Tiny Seeds
of Unconditional Love in the Old
Bible AS WHOLE, like the Ones above
From Matthew; My God of Love, Look

Around at the Human Condition is that

Any Surprise:


This is a Place

With Teeth Gnashing,

A Whole Lot of FOLKS Weeping, With

Folks Consuming Each Other

And The Rest of Nature too;

Yet It's True, THere is the Other
World HeaR, i LiVE iN For Real too...

i Don't Expect You To Come Here;

i Don't Expect You to Live Here;

i Am No Fool on A Cross Willing

to Give my Life to the

Blind and Ignorant

Who Refuse

to Come, Who Have
No Way, Even if They want to either...

The Old Cliches Bringing The Horse to A Trough to Drink...

Giving Pearls to Swine; Even though Pigs are Lovely Creatures....

As i've already Been to the 'Other Places,' Devil Yes, i Understand
The HeLL ON EartH, The God of the Old Testament Represents too...

And Even in the Matthew part, Where the Unconditional Loving Jesus Changes

into the Old Testament God And Becomes A Villain Again, Instead of Loving Hero and
'PSYCHOPATHiCaLLY' Burns the Once Unconditionally Loved Enemies Forever in Misery
And Suffering And

You Know

What i am

No Fool

i Understand

That Could Happen
to me again; So True,

i Always Keep a Certain Distance From 'The Other Place' now too...

True, Online is As Close or Far Away As We Make Life Now Indeed too...

If We Are the Essence of Unconditional LoVE iNCaRNaTE For Real Now Affects/Effects

Every View

of Life We

Have Heaven,
Purgatory, or Hell Now
On Earth; i Surely Am Not
Powerful Enough to Carry Hell
For The Rest of the World; You
Are Right, the Place You Live Now is as Real as the Place i Live Now;

It's Part of Reality; Love for you to come and Visit; Yet i'm Not Here

to tale

else what
to Do; Oh, the
Measure of Free
Will; Hell to Heaven
We All Consume and Give Eternally Now...

Yeah It's True, Hell and Heaven and Purgatory
Exist Right HeaR Now Baby; Clear For Some of
Us to See For Those of Us Who Have Existed in All

Those Places For

Real Now...

i'll Stay in the
Place of Unconditional

Love; You Are Surely
Free to Go to Wherever You Will
And Choose Within the Parameters
of What This Life Gives That is Surely Not Fair...

Yet it is what it is...

Yet Only A Real Fool

Doesn't Make the Best of What is Now...

And Every Human Sees A Different Hell
to Purgatory And Heaven and For Some

Folks My Heaven

Would Surely

Be Their Hell...

It's Just the Way it is...

It's Just the Way It is... For Now at Least...

Meanwhile, Some Folks Are Counting on A
Brochure Attached to The Back of A Toilet they
Find in A Fast Food Joint in the Deep South That
Discusses A Magic Incantation of Romans 10:9 to:

Just Believe

A Dude Who
Died Comes
Back to Life

And Is the Entire
God of the Universe

And You Get A Free Ticket
to Heaven After Death Unless

You Don't Believe And Go to Hell
By the Back Page of the Brochure with
A Beast With A Tail With Horns in A Place of
Coals and Fire...

It's True, So
Many Folks

Choose That Place
Now; So Many Folks

Never Even Look Within
to Find the Kingdom of Heaven
of Unconditional Love As They Are
So Damned Busy Focusing on that Beast with
The Tail in the Fire on The Back of the Brochure...

Or 'Trump' (the Meme)
at Least in
Real Life for
'The God'

on Earth Now

Yep, We Become
What We Consume...

We Become What We Consume...

i Consume Flowers And Spit Out Fire
Occasionally too...

Depending on the

'Crowd Source'

i Hang Around With of Course...

Your Attitude about Life You Express Here is Prevalent
Where i Live; It's Usually Accompanied With Great


Luck, Whatever

You Choose Next For Life and Or Love;

Or Whatever You Fall-In-Line Behind of Course too...

Dude, i See 'the Old Bible,' Overall, About As Valuable As
That Brochure on the Back of The Toilet Seat in the Fast Food Joint
For How it is Used Where

i Live at Least...

i AM


And That's About IT, Other than Luke 17:21 And John 14:12

AS i
Do See FiT.

"Don’t be satisfied with stories,
how things have gone with others.

Unfold your own myth."

– Rumi

Oh Dear Chaymaa Love This Quote
By Rumi Thanks So Much For Sharing

As This Relates to the Exploration of Looking

Within Trusting Our Inner LiGHT Becoming
FRiEnDS With Our Shadows True too Understanding

How Stories Do Come To Rule And How We May

Best Come to A Table

Of Plenty in Life to

Write, Direct,
Produce, And

Yes Play Our Own

Stories We Create as We
All Perceive Life Differently

Anyway Now WHere Each Individual
Created Story is An Entire New Unique
Being of UNiVeRSE Now to Play For Real...

Happy Saturday to You Dear FRiEnD With Sunshine too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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24 Apr 2022, 11:41 pm

SMiLes Dear
Savvy The Push
Of Nature The

Pull of

Still All
Part of
Ocean Whole Water

Particles, Waves, Fields
of Dreams We BRing to Fruition

ReaLiTy New

Like Certain
Aspects of
Our Bodies

We all Have 'ONE'...

To Be 'Politically Correct,' at Least

SMiLes Dear Akshita Thanks For Bringing
to my Attention "World Book Day," Belatedly
Celebrating it Now From April 23, 2022 on

Sunday, Yet True That's the Day, Saturday, i Started
Celebrating A MacroVerse i Am Writing NoW As

Just A Subchapter of mY Longest Long Form
Poem "SonG oF mY SoUL" Now at 10.4 MiLLioN
Words in 8 Years and 8 Months of FLoWinG Effort

Hehe, Yet That's Not the Book i am Celebrating
Now For This is Just A Subchapter of That Biggest
One Named "Nether Land Bible" As A Subchapter Book
of "SonG oF mY SoUL" Yes It is Vaulting Toward 8 MiLLioN
Words Now in Almost 71 Months of Effort; So Yes, Yes, It's

World Book
Day Now to
me Always
With SMiLes

As Yes There is
Another Subchapter
Almost 59 Months Old
Titled "FB Profile Pic Bible"
As These Are All Casual
Personal Bible EPiC Long
Form Poems As Such Now
As That One Approaches 6.4 MiLLioN Words too
Also Included in All my Facebook Profile Pic Description Areas
Ever Since Memorial Day Weekend of 2017 And Yes The Tune


Even More...

And i Have No Idea
Why i Do it; i Don't
Have to; It's All Just
Blissful Flow Doing it Eternally
Now Along With 16,500 Miles
of Public Dance in 8 Years and
8 Months too; Everyone Needs A

ReTirement Hobby


or More
Hehe For Sure...

Anyway, if you Ever
Catch Up with School
And Work And Everything
Else Lit Up At The Other End of
the 'Train Tunnel,' Look Forward
to More of Your Poetry my FRiEnD With SMiLes
As There Was No Way i Could Have Done This
With Either Work or School Responsibilities Before

And All
That Stuff too...

Or Any Worries
About Making Money for Sure,
Pleasing Any Target Audience; And 'Stuff' Like That...

SMiLes Life is an Ink Blot
Test i've Always Enjoyed
Seeing Mind Professionals

To Test
With SMiLES...

As Aren't We All...

Aww You Look SO Lovely
And Joyful on Your
Sunset Hike
Thanks i Really
Appreciate This SMile Today...

All Peaceful
Colored SMiLinG
With Only Good Vibes

Are More
Of A Challenge
Never the Less
Colors Do Break Thru...

HAha, No One Can or Will Ever Be Sure What So-called Jesus or Yeshua Said as He Was an Illiterate
Carpenter (If We Can Even Be Sure of What He Did for a 'Living') Who Spoke Aramaic Along With
The Rest of His Disciples Then; Yes, Again It's All Just a Story Handed Down in Changing Oral
Tradition From Decades; Since, The Reported Crucifixion of the Dude Jesus; As Creme of the Crop
Greek Writing Romans Cherry picked the Oral Traditions and or Changed Them to Their liking

And Wrote as Ghost Authors Then, Many Centuries Later Assigned Pen Names like Luke, John,
Matthew, And Mark; And Sure, It's Likely That a Dude Paul once Named Saul Existed and Used
The Story From His Visions That May Have Come From Either A Seizure as Often Attributed to
Mohammad And His Versions Plagiarized in Part From the old Stories too; Or Some Other Kind

of 'Mental' Anomaly As Such; and true He (the Muslim Dude) Was Illiterate too; And Actually Never Wrote
A Word Either As there is Controversy By His Closest Housemate That His Sayings Were Put Into Words Of

Print Inaccurately too;

Similar Issues are Attributed to the Probabilities We Actually Have Anything Written By An Actual
Human Being Anciently Reported As Socrates, Buddha, Krishna, And Lao Tzu as Well; All We Can

Be Sure Of In all these Cases Is We Have Stories That Comprise the Efforts of Innumerable Ghost
Authors NoW As Such and others; Given the Authority of Pen Names Much Later on; However

THAT Doesn't Mean the Stories are Any Less Valuable For The Wisdom They Do Bring,

We Can Agree on or not That Brings Greater Purpose and Meaning to Our Lives;

Yes, Like Living in a State of Unconditional Love Where We Have the Mercy

And Forgiveness of the 'Good Samaritan' Who Doesn't Reduce A
Stranger on the Road of Life

Less Worthy of Loving

Attention Now to Give,
Share, Care, And Heal

In An Altruistic Way Seeing

Humanity as One Big Family;

Seeing the Rest of Nature As One Big Family;

Where Indeed, the 'Wisdom Eye of the Pyramid,' if Ya
Wanna Use a Metaphor From Another Old Story of Horus

And Isis And Osiris; And Even Paraphrase it A Bit in More Liberal

Open Minded Ways that Do Naturally Bring Changes to Stories; Yes,

When We Come to Realize There is No Separation; There is No Separate
Self and Ego;

We Are All

All That Is And

Indeed We Are All God

This Way too; In the Sense

And Feel That We Hold All of Existence
DarK Thru LiGHT, Sacred And Holy in Meaning

And Purpose; Even if it Means With Due Respect, We Must Kill Another

Living Mammal and Eat it For Nourishment; Yet True, Like the Old 'Lion

King Movie' and the newest Rendition Related, The Lion May Eat the Antelope;

Yet The Lion One Day Will Fall to The Grass And Fertilize the Soils With its 'Timely' Decay

And Then The Antelope's Offspring Will Consume The Grass Fed By The Lion's Decay And The

Circle of
What is

Whole and

Never Separate

Will Continue on Eternally Now

DarK thru LiGHT; DarK Makes LiGHT;

DarK iS LiGHT; There is No Separation Of All That is...

It's True, Not Unlike Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, and Socrates,

Per All Probabilities as Fictional Characters, Per the Stories Attributed

to them at Least, For the Most Part; Even Though the 'Lion King' is A Fictional

Character; It Doesn't take Anything Away From the Wisdom of the Story; Just

Like The Hope Any Myth or Non-Fictional Story Brings to Other Human Beings;

Story is Important; Stories Are The Source of Many Religions That Through
Similar Ideologies and Symbols, Humans Bond And Bind Over to Stick
Together The Best They Can And Will to Survive, Even Thrive;

Yet Humans Tend

to Vault Stories, Tribally into

Idols to Worship And Separate Themselves
in illusion From the Rest of Nature; Instead, of Just

Stories/Messages to Learn From in Wisdom Stories Bring...

And of Course, Everyone Has Their Interpretations of Stories

As All Stories Come By Metaphor that may be interpreted in Many Ways...

Not Everyone Interprets the 'Good Samaritan Parable' the Same Way; What You

Remember of that Parable in Meaning is Dependent on Your Unique Interpretation
Very Much Colored By Your Perceptions of Existence...

You've Already Said things Here Like You Don't
Much Like Unconditional Love and Altruism;

So It's 'Heir' Apparent That

You Don't View Existence

The Way Most Folks Do; (And That's
Okay; i Surely Do Not Either As Well)

As its Very Odd to Hear a So-Called
Christian Say They Don't Much Like

Unconditional Love or Altruism; Yet It's

(It's Very Odd Where i Live to Hear Anyone
Going to a Christian Church admit Jesus
Is Likely Only A Story Where Wisdom May Be derived)

True, it May Even Be More Rare to See 'Christians' where i live,

Ironically, Actually Offer a Buck to the Robust Homeless Dude
on the Side of the Street Likely Seeing Visions, Similar to Paul too...

(Even though Later on in Matthew, the Penalty for Not doing that
is Burning Forever in Torture and Misery By Judgement of 'Jesus';
That's totally Contradictory and Ridiculous of Course for anyone
Who Suggests You Love The Enemy and Do Greater Works
As the Teacher As That Relates to Mercy, Forgiveness,
And Unconditional Love too)

It's Rather


It's All Rather

Ironic; Yet With Cognitive

Empathy And Greater Understanding

of 'the Beast' That Can And Will Be Human too...

It makes IT Easier

to Understand

'They Know Not
What They Do'

And They Feel
And Sense Not What i Do...

It's True, The Old Bible Needs Loads
of ReVision For Wisdom AS Humanity

Has Gained Much Wisdom Since That
Very FLaWeD Effort Was Put Forth Thousands

Of Years ago; Along With all the Revisions and Changes Since...

We Continue to Evolve And Progress; Those of Us With Open Minds Enough to Do it in change...

And i am Beginning to Celebrate 8 MiLLioN Words of Just One Sub-Chapter of my Personal "SonG of
mY SoUL" Bible As Sub-Titled "Nether Land Bible" As That Close to 71 Month Effort Is Just A Part of
The 10.4 MiLLioN Word Longest EPiC Long Form Poem Endeavor That is "SonG oF mY SoUL" Accomplished in

8 Years and 8 Months;

Yes Indeed, Do The Math, i Knock Out the Size of 10 King James Size Efforts in 70 Months
So Far, if One Adds A Few Words to the Old King James Size Effort as Yes, it takes me

On Average Now

7 Months For 800,00

Words Now For Then

What took All Those

Innumerable Ghost Authors,
Scribes, And Editors and the Such

Thousands of Years to do; That's
(Granted, 'They' Didn't Have the Technology, i Do Have)

What You (me at least) Call John 14:12, BABY, FOR REAL;


One Will

Hope at

Least With


Love; And Altruism Fully in Tow;

Where Does All this Energy Come From;

How Do i Still Leg Press up to 1520 Pounds

at Close to 62 Years-Old now; How to Do i Public
Dance 16,500 Miles Now in Close to 8 Years And 8 Months too;

The Good News is i am only A Man; The Good News is i Was Born
Functionally Disabled in Many Ways; The Good News is if i can Do this

Imagine What

Other Folks Will Do;

You Don't have to look

Far, my Efforts are only A Tiny

Drop in an Ocean of Human Potential,

Since the Old Dusty Days of the Old Imperfect
Writings of the Old Bible Were Done; It's True, Not Everyone

Stayed in the Cave
And Just Worshipped

That Book; Others Went Out

into Fair Winds, And Following

Seas And Found Paradises and Edens

New to Flourish and THRiVE iN More; And
Yes Indeed, Wrote Innumerable Stories of THeir
Own And Actually Did Them Too For Real As Well;

And Yes, This is 'the Condition'; This Human One
We aRe All Part of As the 'Guardians of the Galaxy
Volume Two Bible' Also Related in Theatrical Way;

'There Are Those

Who Dance;

And There Are

Those Who
Do Not;' Now,

In Short, i Dance
And Sing Free; i Love, i Breathe
Free Unconditionally Without Fear;
Naked Enough Whole Complete; Yes,

Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Now;

Yes, Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing For Everyone

i meet and Greet in

Life, Particularly

Those Who Have
Struggled as i have

In Life; Indeed, There Are

Many Views in Life my FRiEnD;

i Am Just Someone Who never gives up...

Considering the Shoes You Wear Now, it Seems
You are doing Okay enough to me, All STuFF Considered;

i Don't Agree
With Much of
Any Way You
Interpret the
Stories of the Old Bible;

Yet On the Other Hand;

That Applies to Most Everyone
i Will Be Sitting Next to in Church today;

i Only Go for the Dance And Song of Love;

i Tend to Discard The Rest As Chaff From Wheat...

It's Not Hard for me to Do; As i am Slave to No One Else's Story of Life...

At Core Really
That's Basically
The Story of Jesus
in A 'Nutshell' too;

He Felt the Old Story
Needed Revision; And It's
True Back in those Days Then
Without the Freedom of Expression

We Have today; Someone Would Have
Surely Been Crucified For Rising Against

the Old Tide...

i Am Not
With 'Alabama Football'
Either; If You Can't See The Metaphor, i do...

These Are Different Days; These Are 'Twitter
Days'; i am too 'Big' to For Any of 'Those Folks' to see...

And Totally Safe
This Way for

i Relate,
From the
HEaRD of Past;

It's Also A Way
of A 'Bard' and 'Fili';

It's Nothing ReAlly 'New'...

Yet the Messages of Change Do still
Get Delivered to Other Audiences, Free at Hand;

Just Old Irish in A New World Again With 'Lucky Charms' Free...

Anyway, it
Sunday (May Day)
Is Next Sunday, Hehe...

And i'll Be Celebrating that
on a Southern Baptist Pastor's
First Sunday Dinner on the Grounds of His Farm...


Church Coming Next...

After That Dancing At
the Mall And Barnes and
Noble Bookstore Reading
Another Book For Free Listening
to Meditative Music Entertaining
the Star Buck's College Student
Crowd With Free Dance; After That i'll
Probably Visit Egypt and India Through This

Fiber Optic Cable too...

These Days are the Best Now, So Far, i've Seen
or Known For Damned Sure...

There is Almost

Nothing i Do

That is

'Politically Correct'; HAha,
i'm in A Best And Only Real Company (Change).

Dude, i Interpret the Poetry
Of The Bible Written By
A Bunch of Unknowns
Thousands of Years

Ago Much


Than You
As i Really
LiVE iN Paradise
On EartH, Both on
The Outside And Yes
Within; You’ve Already

Described Your ‘Randian’
Inspired Reality; Is It Any Surprise

You Interpret JeSuS As A
Selfish Human: Short Answer: No

Poetry isn’t up
For Debate; Only
Interpretation; And
Your Views Surely
Reflect The You

You Describe As
Mine Naturally
Do Too; THere

Is only
One Person
To Debate
In This

If You Want to
Hold That Debate
With Your ‘Randian’

Inspired Views; Not Too
Far off From The Other

So-Called Christians i ‘View’…

Okay; Somewhat
Disappointing; Yet

What IT IS;
Yep, DarK Thru LiGHT,
In Terms of Love

Than DarK…

Considering, There is 45,000 Plus Denominations, Globally of Christianity,
Most All of Which, Believe They have the Correct Interpretation of The Bible;
And Considering, If one Goes to the Same Church With Different Pastors or

Priests Preaching, One May Also Receive Drastically Different Interpretations
From Those Two or More Ministers; And Considering One May Interview Many

Congregants As i Have Done in the Past As An Anthropology Participant Observer
in the Many Churches in my Local Area; And Many Other Religions; And Yes, Among

Many Other Folks Within Different Sects of Those Religions, Globally, All With Different Interpretations

Of the Same Poetic Texts, No Matter What Their Holy and Sacred Valued Book or God is Called....

Yes, Interpretation

Is What One Gets When
One Asks Someone Else

What They Believe in Life;

And It's Fascinating As One Poem

May Work Very Similar as a Personality
And Or Rorschach Test; Smiles, i Consider 'the

Source' When it Comes to 'Ink Blot' Interpretations;

In Other Words; More Or Less, the Whole Bible is an Ink
Blot, When it Comes to Religious, Denominational, in Sect,

And Individual Interpretations; And As Much as One Might like

To Think They Have the One True Interpretation; Go Ahead And Believe
That As They May;


i'm not
Buying it as
my World View

is Much Different
Than Theirs; Obviously,

Like Night and Day; And that's
Okay with me; i Find Ink Blot Test
Results Fascinating; Yet There is No

Way to Measure Poetry Interpretations
in Any Real Discrete And Scientific Way;

It's Kind of Hilarious, When Folks Try to
Make a Science of it And Put 'God and Poetry'
in a Straight Jacket of their Own MaKinG; It's like


Wind in

A Jar Prisoner

And Feeling the Breeze...

And No, That's Not supposed to make sense...

Dude, Typically, Most Everyone Thinks Someone

Else Who Has A Different Interpretation of Their
Holy and Sacred Book Has An Irrelevant Opinion;

That's Certainly
No New News to me...

Ad Nauseam As Such as

Many Interpretations and
Folks Who Consider themselves
The One True Jailor of This or That Poem...

Even The Writers of Many Poems Won't Give

You the Original Meaning of Their Poems;
And Some of them Are Intended With No Meaning at all;

Although, You'll
Still Find Folks Insisting
They Have the One True Meaning;
And Hold On to it Like a Dog with
A Nice Juicy Steak Bone; For Whatever Reason...

However, Science Shows it's Typical of More Literal,
Black And White, More Left Brain Restricted Minds;

As Current Science Suggests That Intuition and Interpretation
Is More A Gift of the Right Hemisphere By Process at Least in
Current Research;

By Iain McGilchrist,
Considered an Expert
on the Topic, Modernly As Such...

It's Fascinating As Literal Thinking Folks
Who Did Paint By Numbers Poetry in Online
Poetry Clubs Had Has Much Difficulty Understanding
my Metaphors as Some Folks Do on this Internet Site;

And That's Not Surprising That Systemizing Minds Would
Have Difficulty With Metaphors, Poetry, Intuition, Imagination,
Social-Empathic-Artistic-Spiritual-Emotional-Intelligences All assessed

More in the Realm
of Right Hemisphere
Processes and it's True
When i Scored 45 On the
AQ Scan, So Much More Difficult
For me, Until i Unpacked those Right
Brain Hemisphere Processes Scoring 11 Now;

It Seems, Simon Baron Cohen's Research is Good for
that; However, Not Every Person Diagnosed on the Autism
Spectrum Scores High on that AQ Scan Either; It's Just A Screening tool...

i Write As An Exploration of my Soul Within; Response is Inconsequential to me...

Yet i Surely
Do Not Mind
It as it only
Serves LiGHT
or DarK Muse For
Additional Soul Exploration...

Great Sunday
To You as
Well Dear
Yes Your
Your Life...

SMiles Dear
Aloha FRiEnD
So Much Love
For Cappuccino
Kitty From His


His Human
Mama And
Daddy Too
18 Years of
So Much Love
Priceless Life
With Whiskers
Dear FRiEnD Yes
Surely i Will Pray
For Cappuccino Kitty’s
Recovery So Will my Wife

His Best
Is The Gift
Of Love Surrounding
Him In The Best Paradise

We All Give
Share Care
And Do Heal...

SMiLes Dear
Savvy The Push
Of Nature The

Pull of

Still All
Part of
Ocean Whole Water

Particles, Waves, Fields
of Dreams We BRing to Fruition

ReaLiTy New

Catholic Mass Readings
From April 24, 2022 Something
About Myths; Yes, Vehicles and
Vessels Used As Hyperbole that

May Help Expand An Empire or
Done Sincerely For Soul Growth
Carry Deeper Messages in Metaphors

That Land Within Among Deeper Souls than
Most ACross the Ages if they Are Designed
Metaphorically Enough to Pass Over the Heads
of those Not So Spiritually, HeART, And SoUL Felt Blessed

In Other Words
Those More Left
Brain Restricted
Folks Without the
SoUL Juice More Interested
In External Rewards of Mammon
in Power, Status, Material Gains
And The Psychopathic Joy of
Subjugating, Controlling and
Mastering Other Human Beings Under Their Thumb...

Other than that perhaps i'll get Around to Putting the
Parts of the Last MacroVerse Together and Electronically
Publishing That One Before i Finish Writing This Yet Creativity Just Won't Wait

As It's
Last For Real Now...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !