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15 Oct 2020, 8:20 am

As of February this year, there are 128 million debris objects in orbit, according to the European Space Agency. Roughly 34,000 of those objects are greater than 10 cm.

Experts believe a defunct Russian satellite and a discarded Chinese rocket could smash into each other high above the earth on Thursday around 8:56 p.m. E.T. There is around a 10% chance this will occur. The objects, with a mass of roughly three metric tons, were in low-Earth orbit at an altitude of around 615 miles. "If this turns into a collision, it's probably thousands to tens of thousands of new pieces of debris that is going to cause a headache for any satellite that's going out into upper low-Earth orbit, or even beyond," said Dan Ceperley.

Source: 'Very high risk' defunct Russian satellite and Chinese rocket body will collide tonight: report

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15 Oct 2020, 8:25 am

I hope we go to Mars some day.

If I can get beyond my dislike for dehydrated food, I would volunteer for the mission.

Being on a spaceship is sort of like being on the ocean.....rather monotonous, but beautiful just the same.


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15 Oct 2020, 4:28 pm

Well... Mars...being "deep space" will soon be off limits because shallow space will soon become a shooting gallery of man made debris, if things keep going as they are. The Earth will become enclosed in a halo of metal shrapnel moving at 17000 mph destroying our GPS, weather, and communication satellites...and destroying anything we try to send beyond that few hundred miles above the earth out into interplanetary space.

I suppose that they could have a world moratorium on launching satellites and space stations into low earth orbit for some....I dunno know how many years...until all of this manmade debris gets "orbital decay" and falls back to earth (and burns up in the atmosphere).