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10 Apr 2021, 11:11 am

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I am learning how to create software. The software is going to be a algorithm and statistics and 'log' based software community for everyday scientist's and people too share and communicate science data and findings on a infinite number of science topics and sub-projects, the software hopes to be in the format of statistic's, data, graphs, etc. All data will then be projected and updated into a final projection of data, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. The software will be quantum/infinite - never ending, a constant stream of new data, statistics and findings and projects on sub sections. To confirm - it is not a website with mainstream science articles, the software is created by the users, all projects will be created conducted by the users, to create an endless stream of 'new world' science data.

I hope for the software to be a welcoming environment and commune for all types and level of profession of scientists, and updated, new world: environmental, climate, chemistry, neurology, etc - Specific project's will be topically resembling of powering buildings with hydrogen for example, Atmosphere in a cognitive 'humanised' Mars environment, or cognitive climate development - but science is always changing - there is never not something new to discover on this planet and universe - the idea is that people who are interested in being a scientist but can't occupy mainstream science or failed science at school, including me, could commune on this software and share a lot of relevant information and data, from people all around the world in a community - and, new age scientist's generally look at the bigger picture - this hopes to be topics that can be assessed in micro-detail of data and analysis for a wide number of sources of people. For example - one project, each person could be given a atmosphere chemical evaluator through the mail - the topic is "Researching Cognitive Climate Development From All Part's Of The World" on the climate section, the project length is 3 months, and each active member who would like to participate can give in daily data - each hour, and day the software projects the findings into a final projection of data - after 3 months, the data is then saved onto the software in the Completed Projects for research purposes, general knowledge, etc - and member may return or new member may participate the project. There may be a reward system on the software - but I am not sure about that yet.

There will be a chat section on the software for users to communicate - and of course, users can create projects to do and share communally. The software will save all finished experiments, documents, data and research into the 'finished project' section for members to see at any time. New project's will be added every day, week, month.

On the chemistry section - for example there will be a LSD topic - users who want to take LSD micro-dose alone but would like to issue findings, data on the specific topic for relevant scientific research and analysis - may do so, considering LSD is still actively one of the most researched hallucigons. The idea roots from that I would like to try LSD, but I'm a loner - so I could communicate data onto the LSD sub-section on the software with fellow chemist's all around the world, this could create relevant data on safety prevention and just general knowledge and statistic's. In this new world - not everyone can become a scientist even if it is their interest, so the software hopes to be a open source software for people all around the world to participate and share data and findings on each other's projects and main projects.

On the neurology section - for those with depression and anxiety it will be as simple as logging in cognitive emotion's, mental states, etc - and creating a data base of relevant statist's on cognition and development over a length of time. Those who have phycosis for example, who would like to share cognitive data on anti-phycotic and their effects over a length of time or for example, statistic's on their phycotic symptoms, may join to create relevant research, considering the psychiatry industry is rarely examined.

The software will actively 're-new' old experiments, such as the classical "Does Green Tea Aid Weight Loss" with users who want to participate and share their data and findings on such topics.

Not everyone can go to these meet ups where they advertise and pay you for participated in an experiment. This software will be an open source software - for people to participate in relevant research from home.

"The world is a machine, "New World Science" software is condensed machine defining the possibilities."

The only term and conditions will be that no active user should give false information and no active user should troll and disrupt the software's algorithm and flow. There may have to be moderators. This software is not a forum.

Scientist's - old computer looking at bigger picture one experiment at a time
New World Science software - updated new computer where anyone can join and create a infinite stream database and looking at the detail, many projects at a time. After 1 years, for example, in context, there could be 100's of projects and research portfolios, online universities are written work - this software will be straight to the point and actually fun to do! There is no boundaries to what the project can be. The project can be simple, or complex, and every user has the choice which science experiment they will participate in.

This is the basic software proto-type I made today in HTML and other sources of coding, I have not finished this yet though and is very basic:


I've got a lot of engineering to do, editing, and a lot of pages to create.

Other add-ons may include - a meet up section where you can find fellow new scientist's near their location on the software and meet to talk and chat about science. There may be a reward system in the format off: every week most participating member does a webcam chat too all active users and presents his findings and conducts a small, easy experiment.

The hope is that the software is created by the members - to create a rich data base of information conducted and uploaded by members.

To confirm: I'll be an active member and the first too use the software - It's not a con site like Facebook where I gather everyone and hide in the background for hidden purposes, I will be an active participant - honestly I'm really excited to make this software, science has been my interest since a child.

Thanks for reading! :bounce:

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