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30 Apr 2021, 4:43 pm

Last week I saw youtuber Mark Rober's video about his son who has autism and the big fundraiser event that's gonna happen today. I thought the video was okay, but I didn't really know anything about the organization they're raising money for, Next for Autism. Has anybody heard of them? There were some negative responses to Mark Rober's fundraiser, including a petition against it by Chloe Hayden, who says Next for Autism is associated with Autism Speaks, which is already a red flag to me because I've heard bad things about them. How do I know if an organization is legit? I've run into things like this many times and it's pretty frustrating. There are so many times where I can go onto the website and it sounds nice but then I'll hear from other people that it's actually harmful. Is it just me, or does anybody else feel like every time there's a new piece of media put out in the name of autism awareness that there are always these two very opposing sides to it?