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05 Jun 2021, 11:02 am

Hi, I haven't posted in centuries (old accounts from when I was probably way too young for online forums).

I've been struggling with the transition into adulthood / independence and finding employment has been torture. I stumbled across Mentra, an app that seems to advertise itself as a sort of service connecting "neurodiverse" individuals to employers and offering mentorship and career support.

So far, it's free but also confusing. I'm not totally sure what I have to do after completing the profile (except for the video). I'm also not sure that there will be any employers in the areas I am seeking employment — publishing, creative writing, editorial writing, and the likes never seem to be included among the options that anybody mentions for employers seeking Autistic employees.

I feel embarrassed seeking out support and accommodations in this process, but I'm finding many unforeseen barriers that an IEP never prepared me for. :roll:

Thanks, I appreciate any insight you may have on this "Mentra" app or the whole "transition into adulthood" process in general. :)