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14 Jun 2021, 4:07 am

A young Sri Lankan Tamil couple and their two Australian born children are nearly ending what has been a nightmare for them. ... /100214484

The couple, Priya and Nadesalingam sought asylum in Australia in 2012 from the civil war in Sri Lanka became popular members of the local Biloela community in Queensland, Australia between 2012-2019. The couple integrated well and were well loved by townsfolk. Their two daughters Darmicca and Kopika were born in the town,

One in 2019 the then immigration minister Peter Dutton ordered Border force to storm the families house in Biloela and they were dragged away to a detention centre in Christmas island despite the two girls being born in Australia.

Dutton forced the couple and their two Australian born children onto a flight to Sri Lanka for deportation but a high court injunction prevented the immigration minister from carrying out his evil act as it was illegal to deport children born in Australia.

Dutton then put the family back in detention on Christmas island where they have been languishing for three years. The health conditions on the island are poor and the youngest girl Darmicca developed a serious infection which resulted her being flown to Perth for hospital treatment.



Community outrage has grown over the treatment of the girls and the attempt by Dutton and the current immigration minister Helen Hawke from allowing the youngest girl to recieve medical treatment in Australia. Among those who have written to the government include doctors in the hospital and even members of the conservative party both federal and state. Even I also wrote to prime minister Scott Morrison (first and only time) complaining about the treatment of these children. Morrison who claims to be christian has been called a hypocrite over his stance on allowing the family back into Australia.

What made this case unique is much of the town of Biloela has gotten behind this family


Now finally good news! The family are likely to stay in Australia as pressure mounts on Morrison. ... /100214484

The man responsible for their tortuous plight Peter Dutton should be thrown in jail after the way treated Australian born children. Dutton famously did favors as immigration minister fastracking viasas for his friends to bring in French aur pairs without proper immigration checks. ... s/10282822