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Mona Pereth

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30 Jul 2021, 4:40 pm

Lauren Melissa posted this video on Twitter, described as follows:

Neurodivergent sitting positions should not be "corrected." We sit in ways that provide stability, compression, and stimulation for our bodies.

Forcing us to sit still often actually hinders our focus and sensory development.

Agreed for the most part, with one caveat: SOME autistic people have difficulty with interoception and thus may sit in ways that are actually bad for them.

But that's an entirely different matter from pressuring autistic people to sit in a certain way just to look "normal."

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30 Jul 2021, 4:47 pm

Thanks for the video. That's me 100% except that I don't even sit on chairs. I sit on the floor in those weird shapes.

I don't even own any chairs except for sofas or bean bags.

I did my ASD assessment sat on the floor too.


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30 Jul 2021, 4:55 pm

Being told by my 3rd-grade teacher to "Sit up straight, with your feet on the floor and your eyes forward" always made me feel that if I deviated from this posture in the slightest way, my "deviance" would be written down in my permanent record in big, bold, capitalized, red letters.  I sometimes focused so much on maintaining this posture that I often lost track of what the teacher was saying.

Mrs. Cranson ... I wonder what ever happened to her ...


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01 Aug 2021, 9:33 am

Seeing attention get brought to this is interesting. I've always sat in some "odd" positions and have had people reprimand me for doing so. I find those positions comfortable and necessary for me.

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09 Aug 2021, 5:03 am

I sit in half those positions quite often