Learning About Relationships: A Discussion

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06 Sep 2021, 11:47 am

I learn how to socially interact by watching others socially interact and then applying knowledge learned there in my own interactions.

This method has worked alright in terms of acquaintances, but has worked less so in regards to friendships, and has not worked at all in terms of romantic relationships. That this order of working is in this order has an obvious justification, in that it goes in order of the magnitude of experience I have with each 'level' of relationship.

I have a few open ended questions that I would like to pose based off of these stated points.
(1) Do you believe that my theory on learning about relationships is apt, or to what extent and in what ways is it lacking in aptness? (i.e. are there better ways to learn than this)
(2) Given my basic premise has merit, what methods do you think someone of the general autistic population could employ in order to gain more knowledge of social interactions by watching others socially interact, on the constraint that many in such populations may find it hard to get into situations where they may "naturally" learn such knowledge? (Basically how can I watch (and learn how) other people interact without being creepy. Possibilities can include watching internet videos of the right kind.)

If anyone has their own experience of learning how to socially interact with others that they would like to share (for the right/wrong reasons), and/or thinks that they have a good method/plan/etc on how to learn how to socially interact, then I would be glad to hear what you think.

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