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04 Nov 2021, 9:22 pm

So I moved back to my old town...

I was supposed to see my old practitioner, the one who didn't think I was Autistic and even argued about it with therapists who did years ago.

But they instead decided to have me see a new doctor soon...

I'm nervous... The other county that used the ICD-10 even went as far as saying I was classic autistic, just high functioning, not Asperger's....

I had another person here in town that doesn't know me well ask if I'm autistic...

But what if this new doctor decided to you know by undiagnose me? Or do like they did when I moved to the other county and just change my diagnosis again...

A local lady suggested a neurologist because I have physical muscle problems too... But to get a referral...

Everyone agrees I'm different, but no consensus how...

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05 Nov 2021, 10:41 am

Even if a new clinician disagrees that you're autistic, they can't remove the diagnosis from your records. You'll still qualify for services based on that diagnosis.