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15 Jan 2022, 8:20 pm

This is a good movie clip. It is no coincidence that Japan were allies with the Germans in world war two. Both allies have/had very similar mindsets.

The Japanese version of pride & sense of value & self worth is fundamentally linked with how well these peoples can impose their authority on other people. Authority is a tool that is utilised to protect and also to socially promote a Japanese or German's persons achievements. If such authority is not imposed, then there is no respect being given, in the mind of a German or a Japanese person. This lack of respect is crushing to the psyche of these people.

To someone (a British or a British-American person) on the receiving end of this authority, authoritarian people are perceived as being hateful and humourless, not really paying attention to, or perceiving in the moment - the wider context of the absurdism of even being in such a situation on this particular planet called Earth, in the particular quadrant of the galaxy, having this particular silly situation at hand.

This is why British people don't really ever lose wars. Even the worst, unimaginably horrific situation is hilarious on some level. It's all about war time spirit - not the technological superiority.

British folk never get tired of being abused by authority, or resisting that authority. And by never, I mean, literally never.

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