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24 Jul 2022, 6:03 pm

I havent found a thread with a similar/same subject to this, if it exists please share the link. Assuming it doesnt exist, I was hoping if you can please share something new you've learned today? Well basically, its likely you learn a new thing everyday, atleast 1 thing, or maybe even multiple things. But share 1 thing, the most important one, you have possibly learned during your day, and share it here? If you want to, of course.

I'll start, by sharing something important I have learned today. Well basically, I learned you should make the best decision you can make about something. Like, if there are better options, you should dive deep into it to research further if there is a better option out there, and if yes, go with that option, not the easier, but less suitable option. Can you guys also share what you think about what I have learned? Other than generally, sharing a new thing you learned during your day. Thanks.

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