Richest Tik Tok star ever stole all her dance moves

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Matrix Glitch

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02 Aug 2022, 8:20 am

Fnord wrote:
Matrix Glitch wrote:
cyberdad wrote:
Matrix Glitch wrote:
This all started when Michael Jackson stole the "moonwalk" from Bill Bailey who came up with it in 1955.
Elvis copied leg shaking among other things so he must be the greatest plagiariser of all
Pretty much any leg movement at all is dance plagiarism.
Is there evidence to prove that the people complaining about being ripped off actually invented those moves?

I suppose such moves would have to have an official title like "the funky chicken".


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02 Aug 2022, 8:23 am

Matrix Glitch wrote:
Fnord wrote:
Matrix Glitch wrote:
cyberdad wrote:
Matrix Glitch wrote:
This all started when Michael Jackson stole the "moonwalk" from Bill Bailey who came up with it in 1955.
Elvis copied leg shaking among other things so he must be the greatest plagiariser of all
Pretty much any leg movement at all is dance plagiarism.
Is there evidence to prove that the people complaining about being ripped off actually invented those moves?
I suppose such moves would have to have an official title like "the funky chicken".
It would not surprise me if some celluloid newsreels from the 1920s were found to contain the exact moves being claimed as original by the alleged victims.


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02 Aug 2022, 8:29 am

Dance moves aren't covered by copyright anyway. If they were, you'd have to pay royalties every time you danced, or be guilty of plagiarism LOL


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02 Aug 2022, 10:54 am

Tik Schlock is the cancer of the internet.


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02 Aug 2022, 6:37 pm

lostonearth35 wrote:
Tik Schlock is the cancer of the internet.

And yet, so many millions happily pass their personal details to a company run by the Chinese communist party. Narcissism is a cancer to society.


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03 Aug 2022, 5:02 pm

True, Dance Moves Alone are Not Eligible For Copyright Protection;
Yet Choreography That Tells A Story as Theme Has Been Successfully Copyrighted.

SMiLes, Public Dancing Now for 16,977 Miles in Almost 9 Years With A 17,000 Mile
Celebration Coming Soon That i Will Have to Put Off Until Probably September as
"SonG oF mY SoUL" EPiC Longest Long Form Poem Will Have A 9th Anniversary
Year Date for Writing 10.8 MiLLioN Words on August 18, 2022 that Just So Happens
to Be Reaching 6 Scale the Size of the Previous Longest Long Form EPiC Poem, the 'Mahabharata,' From India,
Written Originally in Sanskrit, at Only 1.8 MiLLioN Words In Centuries of Effort by Innumerable Ghost Authors

As Such Similar
to the Old Biblical
Try of the Old 'King James'
800,000 Word Somewhat Minuscule
Try; And Of course 13.5 Greater in Size
of Scale Than That Effort; And Oh Lord 135 Greater
in Size of Scale than the Quran At about 80,000 Words
Received in 23 Years that Also took Many Centuries to Put in Book For Print;

And Of Course, Even on the 'Wrong Planet,' "Depth of the Story," Another EPiC Long
Form Poem at Over 1.8 MiLLioN Words, in 23 Months, in One Solo Thread, on Page 52 Now;

It's True, i'm Not Exactly A '15 Second Kind of Tik Tok Guy,' or 'Twitter Character Dude'

Either hehe; And Therein Lies and Tells the Truth of the Problems of Our Modern Society in
Attention Spans Assessed By Science on Average of Less than A Gold Fish; Yes, Less than 3 Seconds;

Who Will the Story Tellers Be As Leaders in the Future Who Are able to Motivate A Deeper Story of Life

Than Twitter
And Tik Tok Size Life;

And Additionally, the Way Social
Media Keeps its Customers in Line
of Use is Through Stimulating Dopamine
in Many Quick Hits of Variety Humans Seek
for Instant Gratification Like Monkeys Pressing
Levers For Cocaine, Sugars, and Other Opiates,
Stuff too;

True, without Flesh and
Blood Face-to-Face Warm
Oxytocin Connections What

We May Lose is Much Healing
Of All Kinds of Pain and Anxiety as Well;

Not Surprising, 'Generation Z,' Prime Users of Tik
Tok, Seeking Fame and Fortune For What Was once
Misappropriated to Andy Warhol as "15 Minutes of Fame"
Reduced to "15 Seconds Now;" With up to Close to 80 Percent
Assessed Who Don't Give An F Who Uses their Personal Information

As Long As They Get
Their Lottery Ticket
of Play for Fame and
Fortune; And A Majority
of Generation Z, Seeks a
Potential of Fame and Fortune

In What They Call 'Influence' In Life;

Yet Sadly Also A Measured Most Depressed
And Lonely Generation too; College Age Students
Assessed With Levels of Every Day Life, Functionally
Disabling Depression at 40 Percent and Severe Anxiety
at 60 Percent Now too; Losing So Many Abilities For Real;

Yawn, Long Ago i Surpassed the Limits of
my 'Find the Pokemon Rage Fame;' Yep After
9 Years of Public Dance As Recorded and Documented
too in Voyeur Viral Facebook Video too, Among 1300 Comments
From my Metro Area Assessing me as Famous, Hero, And Living Legend

For Just A Meditating
Moving Autotelic Flow
of Dance For Close to 9 Years Now

As It's True After 66 Months of Hell
in 19 Medical Disorders Shut-in With
That Synergy of Life Threat, Recovering From the
Pain and Numb With No Chance in Prognostication
From Doctors To Come Back to Living Life, i Did Recover

At Least From the Pain and Numb on July 19, 2013; Yet it's
True After that i Became Much, Much, Much, Happier Without
That Pain and Numb

Then Assessed
As Literally Bi-Polar
Non-Specified As Literally
Some of the Professionals Labeled
it a Real Miracle of Heaven From Hell;

Yet of Course on Paper; Bi-Polar Non
Specified, for the Record Of Hell to Heaven as Such For ReaL ON EartH;

Anyway, For the Previous 5.3 Decades, i Wasn't Comfortable in my Own Skin;
Really So Unnerving, Even Going into Walmart Solo For All those years; More
Comfortable at the Side of my Wife Indeed; i Was Determined Never to Be Anxious
or Fearful Again; So i Did What Our Ancestors used to Do; A Holy Free Dance and A Sacred
Free Song of Poetry in Oral Tradition on Page; Regulating Emotions, Integrating Senses, in Sweet

Spot Tween
Anxiety and
Apathy All the
WaY iNCReaSinG
in Complexity Along the Way,

Opening UP So Many More Human Potentials, Yes;

And Unlike 'Ronnie Simmons,' 'Roid Raging Leg Pressing
A Max of 2300 Pounds Versus What i Do Still At age 62 at up
to 1520 Pounds; And Of Course That 'River Dancer From Ireland'
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i Haven't Had to Have
Any of My Body Parts

Replaced to Walk;

In fact, i've been Accused
of Skating in Stores As FRiEnDS
With Gravity Practically Floating on

Terrestrial Land i Go; Yes, in Athletic Shoes, Hehe;

Yet For me at Least; True Influence is Lighting Up Smiles
After Almost 9 Years of Public Dance Most Everywhere i Go
in Public Now, Even Before i Dance; Just Coming into the Rooms;

And For me at Least, A 'Norm' of 'Cheers' Public Dance Where Everyone

Knows What i Do Yet Rarely is Anyone Aware of my Sir Name Doing it And of course
Benefit of Sticking With Federal Golden Hand-Cuffs For Retirement Benefits and
Health Benefits Life-Long After A Quarter of a Century of my 33-Year-Work-History

Hanging in There
Yet the Stress of
5 Job Titles in the
Last 5 Years Almost
Bringing me Down to Go Away...

Yet Better Than Any Reward of Dance,
It's The Days that the Customer Service
Representatives Tell Me i Bring Spring
Warmth Whenever it is Winter Cold At Walmart Now;

Sure And It's True Not Only Do i Change The Weather in
Public Stores This Way; i am Literally Just about As Recognizable
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In Size of
Free Dance
And Song i Bring;

The Positive Aspect Is Social
Media Platforms Transcend the
Old Passive Pass Times of Baseball,
Other Sports, And TV, And Even Theater;

i Lost my Attention Span to Focus And Truly
Create Original With Those Distractions in my Life;

Hey, It also allows the More Marginalized Among Us
All around the World, Where it is Available At Least, to
Express Ourselves Mostly Freely And Even Have An Opportunity

to Bypass
Other Middle
Men and or Women
of the Creativity Industry

And Assert our 'Nietzsche
Will to Power,' Yet of course
Rather Empty Fame and Fortune
Often Absent of Warm and Cozy Love For All;

Such Is the Nature of the Beast of Instant Gratification;

And We Have Fully Released The Experiment and We Are the


And Scientist
of the Experiment too;

Key, Master the Tool and
Do Not Be Mastered By It;

True too; Easier Said than Done;

Particularly with 3 Seconds and Less of

Span to
Do it on
Task with
No Distractions Now...

Sort of Like Forrest Gump,
PLAYING PING PONG; yet as far as

Special Interests in Autistic Flow of Focus
FoR Me; Nope, No Cleaning Guns For Me;

Anyway, 'my Will to
Power' Is Loving it All
DarK Thru LiGHT For Real;

Indeed, Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete...
And Basically the Dance is A Stim to Regulate
Emotions And Integrate Senses in Synergy As Such...

It Wasn't Exactly Easy Talking the Management Folks
In Public Stores to Trust me to Do It Without Running into
Folks with all of my 244 Pounds and up to 1520 Pounds of
Leg Pressing Strength;

However After Explaining
it to them for An Hour or
So i Wore them Out and they

Let me Have A Try; And True

i Have Eyes all Over my Body in
Proprioception, Far Beyond Most Folks
Ability to Do What i Do; And Nah, i Sure Don't

Have to Worry About Copyrighting Anything the
Blue Whale Attention Span And Fearless White Shark

Way i Bring
of Free
Dance And Song;

Hehe, i Don't Get Dizzy Spiraling Away
Like A Sufi Dervish in Mystical Dance True either;

Most Folks Who Try to Copy How i Dance Get Dizzy

And Just Wanna Fall Down In only Some Seconds As Try They May...

'Wax on
Wax Off;

i've Already Snatched
The Pebble From the
"Master's Hand" of FRiEnDS With Gravity;

Indeed a Free 'Grasshopper' As Beginning Student
of Free
Song i
to Evolve And Grow;

No Twitter or Tik Tok
Size Gold Fish Here, Hehe,

Full Blue Whale
Mixed With
Great White Shark Indeed...

Hehe, the First Try at Writing this
i accidentally Hit the Cancel Button
And Had to Do It ALL OVeR Again

Yet You See
That Doesn't
Phase A Beginner
As NoW NeW THere is Always
Room For Improvement More, Hehe...

Ever Move Sacred Dance, Every Word
Sacred Song, Every Breath
Inhaling Peace, Exhaling Love, A New

Life And
With SMiLes to
LiVE Now FoR Me..:)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !