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30 Jul 2022, 12:58 pm

Thinking back to that time period, I realized that there were a few times that teachers missed a chance to call out a student when they were being mean to me, in front of classes of 20 or so, at that. The first 2 involved the same classmate and the same teacher:

Classmate laughed at me when I was reading something out loud

Classmate said that I should be the first man on the sun

The other incident involved a girl talking negatively about me for the entire class to hear after I hinted that I was interested in her.

All of those times, the teacher in the class didn’t say anything. Aren’t they supposed to take mistreatment of others seriously?


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30 Jul 2022, 1:10 pm

I bet most kids are neglected in high school to some degree.

I used to be bullied, and nothing was done about it. Lots of other crap, too. Then I graduated, and decided to forget all the BS. I moved on. It wasn’t perfect….but it would have been worse if I reflected upon my high school days.

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30 Jul 2022, 1:25 pm

Yes, a good teacher would. However, in reality most teachers and anyone in a position of authority want to avoid dealing with problems and try to ignore them because it's easy to do so. Dealing with problems is stressful. In that way they implicitly support bullying. Many people claim to be against bullying but their actions actually support it.


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30 Jul 2022, 9:11 pm

I already know from the get go that no one will help me. No one will understand me. No one will take me seriously. And nothing about it changes.

I have needs outside basic needs, but what's the point of expressing it when no one can help give it to me or worse judge me for it?

It's been that way for me way before high school.
Not teachers, not any friendly students... I see them all as helpless. Not even my parents.

So I burned out. Not because of academics but because of emotions and dealing with puberty.
I just became increasingly reactive since the 5th grade and did not get better later.

The only thing that DID helped me, because everything around me IS limited and cannot help due to sheer ignorance around me, is simply quit school until I can at least emotionally handle it myself.

So I spent my internet addiction days playing games and reading about AS.
I explored the latter because I simply conclude no one will.

If there's any good teacher, if there's a good parent... I wouldn't able to find any. Not in this life time's childhood.

If there's no one, I would have to do it myself. To parent myself.

But I'm aware not a good one myself -- if I imagine myself and my irrational self as a separate person, I'd still beat the heck out of that part of me or ignore it.

Just as at loss, just as clueless inside. And I hate it.

I still had a lot of growing to do in high school, I still had a lot of catching up now over a decade later.

TLDR; I know what you mean.
Though in my case, I went to a different extremes. Might as well walk into sour grapes territory instead of remain hoping.

I don't expect anyone to. I gave up with that idea long before high school.
In fact, I hate the fact that I 'need' someone to 'catch' me fall or 'defend' me.

And, I don't know much about your cultural expectations or laws applied when it comes to teachers -- in which that they should pay attention and see the signs, or even cared at all.

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30 Jul 2022, 9:22 pm

Same here, not exact same but yeah I certainly got neglected in H.S

At the same time though it is not totally other peoples fault, I mean I also put up a pretty big wall around myself and didn't want to let people in so that was also part of the problem.

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31 Jul 2022, 1:53 am

I left high school early at my own volition due to overt bullying by most students and teachers (teachers contacted me later and apologized). All it did is make me realize 90% of people or more aren't nice, and most will do bad things when it's socially acceptable or just go along with it all. I remember defending some females from physical bullying themselves, and later on they joined in on it against me. What's the point? I had a couple of friends that'd join in on it all the same so they wouldn't stand out themselves.

One would ask, what'd I do? Nothing. That's it. I was that passive autistic individual that wouldn't interact with others. Which is apparently highly offensive. I shouldn't have been there. Got suspended a couple times for defending myself, but since I couldn't explain things, that's how it goes. This was when someone tried to hit me in the head with a bat and when people were throwing rocks at me. Physical bullying stopped after such.

No one cared. I don't let it bother me, because again, what's the point?


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31 Jul 2022, 7:38 am

I think a lot of the teachers when I was at school had been fighting in ww2 or had had fathers who had been fighting in ww2. A lot of them weren't very nice people. Passive aggressive and sarcastic springs to mind. Thank god they had abolished the cane when I was at high school or else I wouldn't have been able to sit down for the duration of my time there. I got kicked out of mainstream school in the end anyway and then I got sent to a residential institution by order of the court which was OK. I think the difference there was that it was run by the social services and the classes were a lot smaller and we didn't really do school work. It was more sport and dance and the occasional show. Only the chosen few did any proper reading and writing stuff.

There's not really much point in looking back at your school days with any kind of feeling. It's just a time that everyone has to get through.

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01 Aug 2022, 9:08 pm

I was picked on a lot in school. I hated my teachers. They always kicked me out of class because I was distracting the other students and not the other way around. I still remember my middle school math teacher who really screamed at me. I should've punched him in the nuts for that.

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