Gunman Set Fire To Building And Fatally Shot Fleeing tenants

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30 Aug 2022, 11:02 am


The suspect “laid in wait” with a shotgun after setting fire to the boarding house where he and other residents rented individual room

The Houston Fire Department was the first to respond to the scene, and Finner said the firefighters were forced to take cover when the suspect continued to shoot, though he said it’s still unclear if the suspect shot directly at the first responders.

The suspect, whom Finner described as a man about 40 years old and dressed in all black, was shot and killed in the parking lot by the first police officer to respond.

He was a longtime tenant of the building and had recently been notified he was being evicted, which Finner said may have been “a trigger point.” (A witness told the Houston Chronicle the suspect was also suffering from colon cancer.)

One of the victims was the property manager, who worked at the residence for 33 years, the landlord told local television station ABC13.

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01 Sep 2022, 1:17 pm

Talk about crazy. That man has a lot of issues. Earth is getting to be more like Hell every day.

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