Is it wrong to be attracted to someone 10/12 years younger?

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22 Aug 2023, 7:47 am

Texasmoneyman300 wrote:
I know some will disagree me but I think as long as yall have reached the age of consent in your jurisdiction its okay.I am in Texas and the age of consent is 17 here.

Yeah, no.

A 27-year-old should not be anywhere near a 17-year-old.

dear god, dear god, tinkle tinkle hoy.


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Blue Jay
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23 Aug 2023, 11:27 am


As long as it's legal age and consenting between both people.


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23 Aug 2023, 7:52 pm

We are aspies-we turn off most people.

If you find someone who is a legal adult who is attracted to you-go for it. You might not get many opportunities like this again.