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22 Sep 2023, 1:33 pm


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25 Sep 2023, 11:33 pm

Weird. Our city/municipal mayors aren't labelled by federal party affiliation.

Some run as parties/slates and it's usually pretty clear what their ideologies/priorities are and easy enough to guess which Provincial or Federal party they'd align best with, but no city mayor that I'm aware of runs as affiliated to the federal Liberals, Conservatives, NDP or other. It just isn't a labelled/announced thing.

Pretty easy to guess that a mayor in Vancouver is likely to be liberal/left wing while a mayor in Calgary is likely to be conservative/right wing, but there aren't federal party labelled run cities in Canada. It's only through American politics news that this is even a thing.. tallying up gop vs. democrat run cities.

To a small extent we do have relative comparisons here. Northern resource towns and Alberta oil towns are going to b***h about liberals in Vancouver slowing down their fossil fuel burning in order to protect the coast, rivers, lakes, rainforests etc - Greenpeace stuff.

And, in closing, everyone else has f****d everything up so hardcore I'm thinking about voting Green again - and maybe forever. Needs to be a critical mass of people voting Against the same two sides of the coin 2 party system BS in order to focus efforts on things that really matter for the perpetuation of our species on this planet.

No :heart: for supporting trump. Because doing so is deplorable.