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14 Jan 2024, 9:07 pm

1,500 Americans dying from COVID each week despite vaccines, treatments ... 7d99&ei=41


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16 Jan 2024, 10:53 am

I bet a bunch of them are unvaccinated because the USA decided to politicize vaccination status during the pandemic. Bunch of proud right wingers who refused to let left wing science save their lives = more Americans are still dying from Covid than in other countries.

But they do have a point about people not getting more boosters for new variants as well. I've had 3 shots, my mom has had 7 I think. She's higher risk than I am. I still might go get a new one - it's just not a super high priority thing for me like it isn't for tons of people. People are just kinda over all this stuff in general.

No :heart: for supporting trump. Because doing so is deplorable.


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16 Jan 2024, 11:23 am

Most people are over it but it is not over with us.

It is not only pandemic fatigue but that so many people got COVID after being vaccinated that it helped the anti-vaxx cause. The vaccines probably saved a lot of people from worse outcomes. It is human nature to prioritize things that happened then those that were prevented.

Being in a high risk group I should not allow myself be over it. I have gotten all the vaccines and mask up when going in indoor public spaces.

COVID and other respiratory illnesses robbed my family of the holidays this year. Nobody get hospitalized or died but everybody in my family but me got something at that time. So don’t tell me it’s over.

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