Many Asperger's cases unrelated to Kanner's autism IMO

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10 Feb 2024, 10:56 am ... -5634-9_24 - Constitutional Aspects of Personality Beginning in Childhood: Schizoid Personality Disorder (Asperger’s Syndrome)

Summary from the page (with own markings):

Among constitutional factors contributing to the emotional, behavioral, and educational difficulties of children are schizoid personality traits. The clinical features of schizoid personality disorder in childhood (Asperger’s syndrome) are described, as well as a series of studies designed to validate this syndrome. Reference is made to its important associations with childhood conduct disorders and adult sociopathy, and to a possible link with early infantile autism. Preliminary results of an ongoing study show that a majority of boys with this childhood syndrome have the features of schizotypal personality disorder in adult life. This means that the syndrome is likely to form part of the schizophrenic spectrum. The implications of this are discussed.

I suppose that people with PDDs which are significantly different from Kanner's early infantile autism and who have not intellectual development disorder also have serious personality disorders (like schizoid or other(s) from cluster A, but there may also be preseny personality disorders from clusters C and (or) B) and are, in fact, on the schizophrenia spectrum (maybe even a large part of them have genuine schizophrenia, although with a rather unusual course, e.g. without hallucinations and without the need of longer hospitalization(s) in closed ward), these types of PDDs may usually be accompanied by other mental problems, often also starting in childhood, such as OCD or other anxiety or mood disorders, disorders associated with sexuality, CDS (cognitive disengagement syndrome), ADHD, NVLD.

I think that "Aspergerian schizopervasive developmental disorder" is genuinely unrelated to early infantile autism described by Leo Kanner, at least in some of cases of "Aspergerian schizopervasive developmental disorder" (and my case is IMO a good example of such a PDD with high IQ which is genuinely unrelated to Kanner's syndrome). I had no speech delay at all, I like some forms of change of novelty a lot and I do not need to do the things in the same way as people with "kannerotypal" PDDs need to do or strongly like to do, I have no cases of "kannerotypal" autism in my (at least closer) family.