3 D.C. Cops shot trying to serve arrest warrant

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14 Feb 2024, 5:09 pm

3 DC police officers shot while trying to serve arrest warrant, gunman still barricaded hours later

Three police officers were shot in Washington, D.C., while trying to serve an arrest warrant at a home Wednesday morning, and the gunman is still barricaded inside the house hours later, according to D.C. police.

All three officers suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and are in "good spirits" at local hospitals, Police Chief Pamela Smith told reporters. A fourth officer was also injured but was not shot, Smith said.

The gunman remains barricaded Wednesday afternoon and negotiations with him are ongoing, Smith said.

The police chief described his behavior as "up and down."

"It appears as though, during conversation, he seems to communicate very effectively with us, but then there are times he appears to be very agitated," she said.

Smith said the standoff will last as "long as it takes in order to bring the suspect into custody."

The Humane Rescue Alliance said its field services director was at the scene when the shooting unfolded to serve the arrest warrant with the officers.

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