How Much Information Do You Have to Tell Your Partner

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10 Mar 2024, 6:44 pm

I been texting my boyfriend everyday for hours, I think that the key to a healthy relationship, communication. I know about honesty & trust. How much do you tell your partner about your past? I think it’s very important to talk everyday, cuz my boyfriend lives in France, we going to meet someday. How much do you need in common too? I posted this before years ago, I totally forgot. I wonder if there new information on relationships, I don’t know, I feel so in the dark not knowing stuff I should know by now for my age, like ALOT of stuff on relationships & sex, I don’t know all of the diseases, there are millions of diseases, I know some of them. I feel like I’m not ready for an adult relationship, I had a boyfriend before, I met him at a workshop, we kissed, hold hands, but we never dated, he wanted sex from me, but I wasn’t ready, I was 20, that seems like a lifetime ago.


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10 Mar 2024, 9:05 pm

It is important to be vulnerable and transparent with a partner

That way you build and foster trust!

You should only tell him as much as you decide to tell him

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11 Mar 2024, 4:28 am

Don't ever share credit/debit card numbers and financial details that enable them to access your money.

Don't ever share something sexual (pics/videos) about you digitally, unless you have a copy of theirs too. :mrgreen:


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16 Mar 2024, 9:21 pm

You use common sense like with what Boo has said. You don't tell them things like that. Otherwise it's about what you feel comfortable telling them. You don't have to say everything about yourself, and you don't have to do it right away either. You need to share, yes but trust can take time so it is okay to hold back on some things until it feel safe to do so.

What I tend to find more important is that you share and ask about the each other equally. Or as equally as you can.

There needs to be enough in common that you are able to do things together and can have conversations. There should also be enough that you're not butting heads over every little thing. Some head butting is fine, because compromise is part of the deal. Plus it's good to have some things you can both do by yourselves, without them.

Honestly kitty I think even old married couples feel like they don't know things they ought when it comes to relationships lol It's a loooong trek of learning.

I don't think you need to know about every disease unless you're going to get into the healthcare field. Knowing how to keep yourself safe and good prevention methods would probably be more useful for you

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