Walking in the clothing racks when you were little

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29 Apr 2024, 4:46 pm

babybird wrote:
Never done it. Didn't know it was a thing
I don't remember ever doing that but I'm not surprised some people here do. I barely noticed clothing racks or other people. It's like I navigate by radar instead of sight. I maneuver around obstacles but don't really process what they are.

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01 May 2024, 11:51 am

Under some trees or some types of bushes is a wonderful little cave where there is plenty of room for a "little person" and it is quiet and smells good. It is easy to imagine the start of an adventure with a talking animal of one of the fair folk. There might be a coinvent branch to sit on. In some clothing stores the clothes are in round racks about 2 meters (2 yards) in diameter. the clothes are on hangers on tags and often packed so close together that it hard to take just one thing on or off. there are usually many of these "bushes". The hanger bars are about shoulder height for an adult (or a little lower). For a "little person" it is easy to sneak under (or through) these hanging garments. And lo: another wonderful little cave. There may be a coinvent steel bar to sit on. You can see the feet of people who walk by but they cannot see you. If you are lucky, you can also avoid trying on things your mother finds that you don't want, but she thinks they are your size.

(for those who don't know).

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01 May 2024, 3:12 pm

i love clothing racks i always pretend that it was a portal/hammerspace to my sopar seckret base

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