Your Personal Stories of Malicious Compliance

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13 May 2024, 7:19 pm

ToughDiamond wrote:
Hope this isn't too off-topic: ... rcna151928

It's not a personal story about me, but it is malicious compliance, or at least a "light-hearted jibe at officialdom" as the article would have it.
I saw it late last week.  Very clever.  It's all good.


Read the MSN Article  HERE .

A similar one (not my story) occurred when a home-owner was told by the HOA that the new paint job on his house was the wrong color, and there were only certain colors allowed.  But the HOA rules did not indicate that only one color should be used.

(Cue the Malicious Compliance)

The owner's home now looks like a Gay Pride flag, with all the permitted colors being used.  The HOA committee was thoroughly vexed, not only because of this, but because the house is one of the first in view when people arrive in the neighborhood, AND because the court sided with the home-owner in a subsequent lawsuit.  The HOA committee-members were all eventually replaced by people who were less anally-retentive, but the home-owner still keeps the same paint job.

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14 May 2024, 12:12 am

That's the one. 8) Good to see he broke the spirit of their unnecessary regulations a second time and that the control freaks were replaced. In a small way he made America great again.

If I were less self-centred I'd probably try harder to empathise with the control freaks and look into the psychology of why it was important to them to enforce those regulations. But I don't love the entire human race that much, and I have very stringent entry requirements for authority figures.